Small Business Saturday 2017

Small Biz Saturday

Show your love by shopping small businesses!

Saturday, November 25th, 2017 will be Small Business Saturday which is a powerful movement all over the country and you can do your part by shopping small and shopping local this weekend!  As we head into the holiday season, your Portland area small businesses rely upon you, our local consumers, to help make a difference when you choose where to shop.  Portland has long been a great place to start a new business but as more and more big box retailers and corporations take over, the less our local small businesses have of the pie.

This is where you can truly make a difference by searching out and supporting your local small business community.  In turn, the growth of these small businesses help strengthen our community by providing quality jobs and products made right here in Oregon.  For example, My Bartender recommends locally produced wine, beer, cider and spirits to all our clients before ever mentioning a national brand.  We also purchase from other local businesses like Aloha Juice Company; F.H. Steinbart; Pearl Specialty Market and many more that provide incredible products and services.

Your support of the local small business community will help to keep jobs, creativity, vibrancy and a strong economy going in Portland so SHOP LOCAL this Saturday!


Insurance for venues

Your venue space is the most valuable asset you own and protecting it from harm is paramount every time an event takes place.  Every vendor that steps onto your property should have that first and foremost in the their minds as they go about performing their services.

For us, our liquor license is OUR most valuable asset we have, which is why partnering together just makes good business sense.  The responsibility of serving alcohol to event attendees is serious business and shouldn’t be entrusted to uninsured or unlicensed individuals.  

One mishap could spell disaster for not only the guest involved but for you and your venue!  At My Bartender, we take this responsibility seriously which is why clients and venues alike seek out our services for their events.  We’re proud of the fact that we’ve NEVER had an incident; that our staff is fully licensed to serve in both Oregon and Washington states; that we’re the ONLY liquid catering company licensed by the OLCC and that we include Liquor Liability Insurance coverage to the tune of $1,000,000 for both you and your client.

Remember, a server’s permit from the OLCC or WSLCB is just that…a permit to serve liquor.  It doesn’t mean the individual has insurance; is experienced in knowing how to spot the signs of over-intoxication; and is there to protect your asset and/or guests.

If you’ve been concerned about the liquor services taking place at your venue, then let’s talk.  We’re happy to share our knowledge and expertise surrounding the proper insurance coverage’s you should be requiring and how we can make every event worry-free.


Newsletter Feedback

My Bartender would love to get your feedback on what topics we can discuss in our Industry Update Newsletters.  Please tell us about the topics that matter to you!


Vendor Insurance

My Bartender is committed to helping every client understand and solve their insurance questions so how can we help today?

  • Do you know what types of insurance every vendor should be supplying you with when booking their services?
  • What does the OLCC require when alcohol services are performed?
  • Should you be asking for a Certificate of Insurance from the vendors that will be performing services at your event?
  • Do you know exactly what Host Liquor Liability Insurance will cover in the event of an incident resulting from over intoxication?
  • Does Worker’s Comp insurance cover a vendors “contracted” employee?

If you need any answers to these questions or wish to tell us your experiences, please add a comment and let us help solve your insurance problems together.


Add-on Services

Effortless, fantastic parties are all about taking care of the smallest of details ahead of time.  This is made even easier when contracting with My Bartender because we know what it takes to make your party a complete success from beginning to end.  My Bartender has a host of additional services available to ensure your event is exactly what you hoped for.  These additional services include: true glassware (all styles available); bistro tables and chairs; bussing stations, trays and tubs; smoking area supplies; garbage and recycling centers; cocktail servers; pre-event consultations and much more.  Check out our services page or ask us for complete details regarding any of these items.


Alcohol Purchasing

My Bartender is the only mobile barteding company that is  fully licensed by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.  Translation:  this means we’ve taken the hassle, worry and guess work out of purchasing the alcohol for your event.  Any alcohol purchases made through My Bartender are eligible for return of any unopened product.  And since we deal directly with every major distributor in the Portland area, we are usually cheaper than most retailers.  This means never having to worry if you’ve purchased too much, or worse, not enough.  Simply tell us the items you’d like to have available and you’ll only be charged for the actual amount consumed during your event.

So for example, let’s say you plan on serving 2 white wines and 2 red wines at your wedding reception.  The big day comes and everyone is enjoying the reception but instead of most guests drinking the lovely wine you’ve supplied, everyone is drinking beer because the weather is so warm.  Now you’re stuck with bottle after bottle of wine and have spent way more money than you needed to.  If your alcohol purchases were made through My Bartender, that wouldn’t be a problem because you won’t be on the hook for any unopened bottles.  We’ll bill you appropriately for only what is consumed with the remainder going back to our distributors.  It’s that easy!

Plus, think of the convenience of not having to run all over town to make your purchases…time that could probably be spent on more important things.  Oh, and let’s not forget about delivering all of that product to your event.  We’ll store and deliver your selected beer, wine and spirits at the appropriate temperature, ensuring your guests receive their beverages at their peak of quality.  Now for the obvious – beer kegs are not eligible for return of unused product, however beer by the bottle or can are, so long as it’s by the full case.  Wine and spirits can be counted by the individual bottle or case.


Host Liquor Liability Insurance

Whether its a hosted bar or cash bar, without a doubt the most important piece of insurance you’ll ever need is host liquor liability insurance.  In fact, you may have already been told by your venue that they require this insurance if you plan on serving alcohol of any kind.  And, if you’ve begun looking into this you’ve probably found this one-day coverage can run between $75 and $200, depending on the event.  The great news is that My Bartender includes this coverage as standard on every full service event that we do!

While there are many online insurers that can provide you with host liquor liability insurance coverage, My Bartender is proud to include this coverage at no additional cost to our full service clients.  If you’re looking for just our Bartender for Hire services, don’t worry!  We’re please to offer this highly important insurance coverage at the low cost of only $0.75 per head for your event.

For each event, the client and venue is supplied with insurance coverage of $1,000,000 (the OLCC requires a minimum of $300,00) for host liquor liability.  And of course, My Bartender will take care of all the insurance details including contacting your venue for complete coverage information and issuing of all insurance certificates.  If you’re unfamiliar with this type of insurance coverage and need to know more, just ask, we’ll be happy to explain what this entails and why this is so very important for all parties involved.