Our Custom Bars

For every event we use our own custom mobile bars that can be linked together to create a wide variety of setup options accommodating crowds of 25 to 2,500 people. Back bars or side tables are also included and necessary at virtually every event.


Beer and Wine Bar

Our standard beer and wine bar comes complete with everything necessary and includes beer service by the keg or bottle. When serving by the keg, we utilize a pressurized Co2 system for maximum quality and freshness of the beer you’ve selected. Our wine service never incurs any corkage fees – like many traditional caterers charge. Non-alcoholic beverage packages are also available for those guests that do not drink.

Cocktail Bars – includes Beer & Wine Service


A wide variety of options are available for those clients wanting to offer cocktails in addition to beer and wine service. You can choose from our standard cocktail bar set-up; a full cocktail bar arrangement; a signature cocktail bar offering or a hybrid of any of these. Cash bars are also available if you’d like your guests to pay for their own drinks. Minimum service amounts will apply on cash bars versus hosted bars.


Our standard cocktail bar is ideal for those clients wanting to offer a simple mixed drink offering to guests. Basic mixed drinks such as: gin & tonic, vodka & cranberry, whiskey & coke, etc., are available with this type of service. Any drinks that require shaking are available with our Full Cocktail Bar service.


Our full cocktail bar includes shaken drinks in addition to the full mixed drinks above. Martinis, Cosmopolitans, Lemon Drops, Manhattans and many more can be achieved with this expanded and all-inclusive setup. We’ll bring all the necessary components such as bitters, vermouth, triple sec, specialty syrups and mixers for a well rounded selection of cocktails.


Our signature cocktail bar is an excellent way to stand out from the ordinary. We’ll customize a menu specific to your event with our handmade craftsman cocktails made to order. Your guests will be able to select from a variety of sweet or savory cocktails using fresh local ingredients, unique mixers and custom garnishes for that one of a kind experience.


You can turn either our standard or full cocktail bar into a hybrid bar by adding any number of signature cocktails to the mix. Simply choose the bar type that fits your event best and then add a selection of craftsman cocktails to the menu. The number of signature cocktails your guests will have available is completely up to you and can be tailored specifically to your event.


While a hosted bar is most commonly requested, your event might be better served by a cash bar. The cash barĀ option gives your guests access to the same high-quality cocktail offerings as described above while paying for their own drinks. This type of bar works best if your guest count is large but your budget is tight. Certain minimums for services will apply and particular food requirements as dictated by the OLCC, must be offered during the course of your event.

Lime Ricky Sangrias Mojito