Alcohol Purchasing

My Bartender is the only mobile barteding company that is  fully licensed by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.  Translation:  this means we’ve taken the hassle, worry and guess work out of purchasing the alcohol for your event.  Any alcohol purchases made through My Bartender are eligible for return of any unopened product.  And since we deal directly with every major distributor in the Portland area, we are usually cheaper than most retailers.  This means never having to worry if you’ve purchased too much, or worse, not enough.  Simply tell us the items you’d like to have available and you’ll only be charged for the actual amount consumed during your event.

So for example, let’s say you plan on serving 2 white wines and 2 red wines at your wedding reception.  The big day comes and everyone is enjoying the reception but instead of most guests drinking the lovely wine you’ve supplied, everyone is drinking beer because the weather is so warm.  Now you’re stuck with bottle after bottle of wine and have spent way more money than you needed to.  If your alcohol purchases were made through My Bartender, that wouldn’t be a problem because you won’t be on the hook for any unopened bottles.  We’ll bill you appropriately for only what is consumed with the remainder going back to our distributors.  It’s that easy!

Plus, think of the convenience of not having to run all over town to make your purchases…time that could probably be spent on more important things.  Oh, and let’s not forget about delivering all of that product to your event.  We’ll store and deliver your selected beer, wine and spirits at the appropriate temperature, ensuring your guests receive their beverages at their peak of quality.  Now for the obvious – beer kegs are not eligible for return of unused product, however beer by the bottle or can are, so long as it’s by the full case.  Wine and spirits can be counted by the individual bottle or case.