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Occasionally, the task of organizing an event can seem overwhelming, complicated and daunting. Could your event benefit from some additional services from My Bartender? Following is a list of our most widely requested services, including some you may not have thought about, that will truly enhance your guest’s experience.

Appetizers & Hors d'oeuvres Now Available!Appetizers & Hors d'oeuvres Now Available!

My Bartender is proud to announce that we are now offering an affordable and
delicious array of tray passed (butler-ed) and buffet style Appetizer & Hors d’oeuvre
platters for your next event. Uniquely designed and created with our clients’
needs in mind, our new food menu provides options for any party size and
style. Ask any of our sales team members for more information.

Non-Alcoholic BeveragesNon-Alcoholic Beverages

Don’t forget about the non-alcoholic beverages at your event. It’s important to remember that not all your guests will drink and some of them will be underage. Our huge and customizable non-alcoholic beverage offerings make it easy to select just the right alternatives to alcohol.

Alcohol PurchasingAlcohol Purchasing

We’ve taken the hassle, worry and guesswork out of purchasing alcohol for your event. With the exception of beer by the keg, any alcohol purchases made through My Bartender are eligible for return of any unopened product. This means never having to worry if you’ve purchased too much, or worse, not enough. You tell us what you’d liked served and you’ll only pay for the actual number of items that were consumed at your event.


True stemware and attractive glassware can make even the smallest of parties seem like a big deal. If elegance is what you’re after, consider renting glassware from My Bartender. Our rates are the best in town.

Champagne ToastChampagne Toast

Don’t leave that special champagne toast to chance! Our bartenders and servers will ensure that everyone has a full glass ready to go when the moment arrives for introductions, speeches or other celebratory toasts.

Bistro Tables and LinensBistro Tables and Linens

Looking to make the bar area a comfortable, relaxed and inviting area for your guests? Add some bistro tables and linens to everyone’s favorite gathering spot, the bar, for that extra special touch.

Bussing StationsBussing Stations

Will your event be using glassware, plates and utensils that need to be bussed? We can provide bussing services and equipment such as tubs, trays and bus stands to help keep the clutter to a minimum.

Bartenders for HireBartenders for Hire

Do you need an OLCC certified bartender for your next event but already have all of the tools, equipment, bar station, ice and other necessites taken care of?  If so then our Bartender for Hire option is available instead of our standard all-inclusive bar packages.  My Bartender employs a staff of highly trained professionals that can tend to a simple beer and wine pour to full on signature cocktails.

Cocktail ServersCocktail Servers

Personal, custom tailored and professional cocktail servers can really set your event apart from the rest! Our staff is dedicated to providing your guests with the best experience possible and nothing personalizes an event more than tableside cocktail service.

Tableside Wine ServiceTableside Wine Service

Is your event having a plated or buffet dinner? Our bartenders and servers can provide tableside wine service while guests are enjoying their meal or the entertainment at your event.

Wine Tastings/SommeliersWine Tastings/Sommeliers

Would your event benefit from a wine tasting? My Bartender has knowledgeable, industry experienced sommeliers that will rival even the fanciest of wineries.

Smoking AreasSmoking Areas

You may not think about it, but your guests that smoke will know they’ve been thought about ahead of time. My Bartender can provide smoking area supplies such as freestanding ash cans, ashtrays for table usage, roping and even signage to help identify designated smoking areas for your attendees.

Bachelorette PartiesBachelorette Parties

Come on girls, she’s your best friend. Why not give her an evening she’ll never forget. Our all-inclusive service comes complete with a tasty array of fresh, made to order cocktails using local ingredients, champagne service, REAL glassware, your choice of male or female bartender plus tons more.

Exotic Beer TastingsExotic Beer Tastings

Whether you want to sample local brews from the Pacific NW or exotic beers from around the world, let My Bartender create an experience for your guests that will leave them informed, quenched and hoppy.

Specialty Tasting BarsSpecialty Tasting Bars

Trying to impress a group of clients? Hold an early evening scotch tasting. Do you and your friends want to learn more about tequila? Let My Bartender school you with our knowledge of this South of the border favorite. Our specialty tasting bars will definitely wow everyone in attendance.

Bloody Mary BarsBloody Mary Bars

Whether it’s for a Sunday morning brunch or a different spin to the traditional wedding reception, My Bartender will assemble the mother of all Bloody Mary Bars with an array of delicious mixers, exotic rimming salts, specialty vodkas and an amazing garnish assortment that Mary herself would be proud of.

Licensing and Permit ServicesLicensing and Permit Services

Will your event require special licensing or permitting from local governing authorities or the OLCC? Let our team of experts help expedite the process to ensure that all the necessary paperwork is filed properly with the correct agencies.

Security ServicesSecurity Services

Will the size of your event necessitate the use of Security Services? If so, we can help with procure these services from a reputable, OLCC approved and licensed third party vendor.

Minor Control PlansMinor Control Plans

Depending on your event, the OLCC may require that a minor control plan is utilized, ensuring that alcohol will not be made available to minors and that their access to the bar area is restricted. My Bartender can provide the necessary documents assuring all authorities this has been taken into account.

Industry AssistanceIndustry Assistance

Are you an event manager, caterer or venue that requires beverage catering for clients and events? My Bartender can work closely with you to create a package that works for you and your clientele.