Non-Alcoholic Beverage List

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Additional Services & Rentals

Substitutions may occur from time to time if products become unavailable from our distributors. we will inform you in advance if this should need to take place

Popular Food Catering Items

this is a small sampling of some of our most popular food catering items. your sales representative can assist with other food options including plated service & food truck/cart options

Bar Inclusions

Beer, Wine & Champagne

  • Mobile bar station
  • Back bar station
  • Full ice service
  • Bio-degradable plastic ware
  • Bar Essentials (napkins, straws, picks)
  • Bar Equipment (openers, bar mats, etc.)
  • Beverage Tubs
  • Coolers and storage 
  • Garbage & Recycling of all waste
  • Insurance Coverage

Standard Mixed Drink Cocktail Bar

  • Everything from Beer, Wine & Champagne
  • Soft Drink Mixers (coke, diet, sprite)
  • Juice mixers (orange, grapefruit, cran)
  • Other mixers (tonic, club, ginger ale)
  • Condiments (grenadine, sweet & sour)
  • Garnishes (lemons,limes, cherries)
  • Additional Equipment (jiggers, bar spoons, speed pours, etc.)

Full Cocktail Bar

  • Everything from Standard Mixed Drink
  • Additional Condiments (bitters, Rose's lime juice, simple syrup, kosher salt, rimming sugar, triple sec, sweet & dry vermouth)
  • Additional Garnishes (olives, oranges)
  • Additional Equimpment (boston shakers, strainers, muddlers, citrus strippers, rimmer caddy)

Signature Cocktail Bar

We have a huge collection of Signature or Craftsman style cocktails that can be added to any type of bar set-up. Ask your sales rep about our latest creations and pricing

Cash Bars

If you're looking for a "no-host bar" or cash bar option, great. We can take any type of bar setup and provide it as a cash bar with guests paying for their own drinks instead of you

Something Else?

We've done just beer service, or champagne only services so if you're looking for something that doesn't quite fit, contact us, we've probably done something similar in the past