Anthony Bourdain’s Hangover Cure

Anthony Bourdain, the renowned chef and travel documentarian, was known for his love of food and drink.


However, with all the indulgence came the inevitable hangover. Bourdain famously shared his go-to hangover cure, which he claimed worked every time. His cure may surprise you, as it includes a combination of Advil, cold Coca-Cola, a joint, and spicy Sichuan food.

Bourdain’s hangover cure has been the subject of much discussion and experimentation. Some have praised its effectiveness, while others remain skeptical. Nevertheless, the late chef’s recipe remains a popular topic among foodies and party-goers alike. In this article, we will explore the components of Bourdain’s hangover cure and examine whether it truly lives up to the hype.

Anthony Bourdain: A Brief Profile

Anthony Bourdain was an American chef, author, and television personality who became a household name thanks to his hit TV series “Parts Unknown.”


He was born on June 25, 1956, in New York City and grew up in New Jersey. Bourdain attended Vassar College but dropped out after two years to pursue a career in the culinary arts.

Bourdain worked in various restaurants in New York City before publishing his first book, “Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly,” in 2000. The book quickly became a bestseller and launched Bourdain’s career as a food writer and television personality.

Bourdain went on to host several TV shows, including “No Reservations,” “The Layover,” and “Parts Unknown.” In these shows, Bourdain traveled the world, exploring different cultures and cuisines. He was known for his adventurous spirit, his love of street food, and his willingness to try anything once.

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Despite his success, Bourdain struggled with addiction and depression throughout his life. He was open about his struggles and often spoke about the importance of seeking help for mental health issues. Bourdain tragically took his own life on June 8, 2018, while filming an episode of “Parts Unknown” in France.

Understanding Hangovers

A hangover is a collection of unpleasant physical and mental symptoms that occur after drinking too much alcohol. Hangovers can vary in severity and duration, and they can affect anyone who drinks alcohol.


The exact cause of hangovers is not fully understood, but dehydration is thought to play a significant role. Alcohol is a diuretic, which means that it increases urine production and can lead to dehydration. Dehydration can cause headaches, dizziness, and nausea, which are common symptoms of hangovers.

While there is no cure for a hangover, there are several things that can be done to alleviate symptoms. Drinking water or other hydrating fluids can help to rehydrate the body and reduce the severity of symptoms. Eating a healthy meal can also help to replenish nutrients and provide energy.

Some people swear by certain hangover remedies, such as drinking coffee or taking pain relievers. However, these remedies may not be effective for everyone, and some may even make symptoms worse.

Bourdain’s Approach to Hangovers

Anthony Bourdain was known for his love of food, drinks, and travel. However, with his busy and often indulgent lifestyle, he also had to deal with the occasional hangover. Bourdain’s approach to hangovers was straightforward, practical, and often involved some unconventional methods.

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One of Bourdain’s go-to hangover cures was a joint. He believed that smoking a joint could help calm the mind and ease the body, making the hangover more manageable. Bourdain was open about his cannabis use and even advocated for its legalization. However, it’s worth noting that cannabis affects everyone differently, and it may not be a suitable remedy for everyone.

Another piece of advice Bourdain gave for dealing with a hangover was to keep working. He believed that staying busy and focused on work could help distract from the discomfort of a hangover. While this may not be feasible for everyone, it’s worth considering if you have a busy schedule and can’t afford to take a day off.

Bourdain also recommended spicy food as a hangover cure. He believed that the heat and flavor of spicy food could help stimulate the senses and revive the body. Some of his favorite spicy dishes included Sichuan cuisine and leftover Kung Pao chicken.

Bourdain’s Hangover Cures

Anthony Bourdain was known for his love of food and drink, and he was no stranger to the occasional hangover. Over the years, he developed a few go-to hangover cures that he swore by.


One of Bourdain’s favorite hangover cures was to eat spicy Sichuan food. He believed that the spiciness helped to clear his head and get his digestive system moving again. He also recommended drinking cold Coca-Cola and taking aspirin to help with the headache.

Bourdain was also a fan of greasy foods when he was recovering from a hangover. He believed that the fat helped to coat his stomach and ease any nausea. One of his favorite hangover foods was ham, which he would eat with eggs and toast.

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When it came to recovery, Bourdain had a few tricks up his sleeve. He recommended taking a cold shower to wake up and get the blood flowing. He also believed in getting some fresh air and exercise, even if it was just a short walk around the block.

Of course, everyone is different, and what works for one person may not work for another. But if you’re looking for a hangover cure, Bourdain’s suggestions are definitely worth a try. Just remember to stay hydrated and listen to your body.

Please drink responsibly, be fully accountable with your alcohol consumption, and show others respect.

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