Can You Bring a Drink Into a Restaurant?

Customers sometimes inquire about bringing their own drinks to restaurants, particularly those who have particular beverage preferences or dietary concerns

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While some diners might like to bring their own bottle of wine to restaurants to enjoy with their meals, others could have a favorite soda or other non-alcoholic beverage.

This article will examine the issue of whether you are permitted to bring your own beverage into a restaurant as well as any potential guidelines or restrictions that may be relevant.

Is It OK to Bring Your Own Drink to a Restaurant?

The rules of the particular establishment and regional laws and regulations will determine whether or not it is acceptable to bring your own drink to a restaurant.

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While some restaurants may have strong rules against bringing outside drinks, others may allow patrons to bring their own wine or other beverages to enjoy with their meal.

Generally speaking, it’s a good practice to ask the restaurant beforehand before bringing your own beverage.

Bringing your own drink may not be permitted or may be subject to additional expenses at many restaurants, which may have their own wine lists or beverage menus with a choice of selections.

Is it Rude to Bring Your Own Drink to a Restaurant?

In general, as long as you abide by the rules of the establishment and applicable local laws and regulations, bringing your own drink to a restaurant is not seen as impolite. 

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To make sure that bringing your own drink is permitted and to make sure there are no complications, it is usually a good idea to call the restaurant in advance.

Why Do Restaurants Not Allow Outside Drinks?

For safety or liability concerns, certain restaurants may have policies in place that forbid patrons from bringing in outside alcohol.

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When selecting whether or not to bring your own drink to a restaurant, it is also important to take into account regional rules and ordinances.

In some places, it may be forbidden to bring outside alcoholic beverages into a restaurant, or there may be stringent guidelines that the establishment must adhere to when selling and serving alcoholic beverages.

What is It Called When You Bring Your Own Alcohol to a Restaurant?

Bringing your own alcohol to a restaurant is commonly referred to as “BYOB” or “bring your own bottle.” This term refers to the practice of bringing your own bottle of wine or other alcoholic beverage to a restaurant to enjoy with your meal.

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In some cases, restaurants that allow BYOB may charge a corkage fee, which is a fee that is charged to customers for opening and serving their own bottle of wine.

The corkage fee is typically used to cover the cost of providing glasses, ice, and other amenities needed to serve the wine, as well as to compensate the restaurant for any lost revenue from not selling their own wine.


That’s all you need to know about bring your own drink to a restaurant! Some places don’t allow it, and some places encourage it, so it’s always best to call ahead and check before you BYOB!

Please drink responsibly, be fully accountable with your alcohol consumption, and show others respect.

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