The Different Varieties of Wine Glasses

A guide to choosing the right glass for your wine of choice

Wine glasses are available in a range of sizes and forms, each of which is intended to improve the enjoyment of a specific wine.

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or just like a glass now and again, picking the perfect wine glass may make a world of difference. We’ll look at the various varieties of wine glasses in this post and discover what makes each one special.

Red Wine Glasses

White wine glasses are often smaller and have a more angular bowl shape than red wine glasses.

Red wines need more breathing room in order to acquire their full flavor and aroma. A red wine glass’ bowl shape also encourages the wine to swirl, which increases the aroma released.

Bordeaux Glasses

Bordeaux glasses are tall and have a wide bowl with a thin top. They are made for robust, high-tannin red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Burgundy Glasses

While the bowl of burgundy glasses is larger and more rounded. They are perfect for red wines like Pinot Noir that are lighter and more delicate.

White Wine Glasses

White wine glasses often have a narrower bowl shape and are smaller than red wine glasses.

White wines don’t require as much room to breathe and develop their flavor, which explains why. The smaller bowl also aids in preserving the colder temperature of the wine.

Chardonnay Glasses

Chardonnay glasses feature a broader bowl and a more U-shaped curve. Chardonnay glasses are wider and taller with a more noticeable curve at the top.

Sauvignon Blanc Glasses

Sauvignon Blanc glasses are narrower and taller with a less obvious curve at the top. They are made to highlight the Sauvignon Blanc’s acidity and freshness.

Sparkling Wine Glasses

Champagne flutes, another name for sparkling wine glasses, are long, slender glasses with a thin stem.

The wine glass’s long, narrow shape preserves the wine’s bubbles and improves the scent. A sparkling wine glass’ stem also prevents your hands from warming the beverage.

Dessert Wine Glasses

Because dessert wines are designed to be drunk leisurely and savored, they are often offered in smaller glasses than ordinary wines.

In comparison to red or white wine glasses, dessert wine glasses are also more slender and have a smaller bowl. This is due to the fact that dessert wines are frequently sweet and heavy in alcohol, thus a smaller glass helps to balance the flavors.

Fortified Wine Glasses

Wines that have been fortified, such as port and sherry, are served in smaller glasses with a wider bowl shape.

Fortified wines have a high alcohol content and need more room to breathe and develop their flavor.


Your ability to enjoy wine can be significantly impacted by the wine glass you select. You can choose the ideal wine glass by being aware of the many styles of wine glasses and their distinctive characteristics. There is a glass made expressly to bring out the flavors and aromas of your wine, whether it be red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, dessert wine, or fortified wine. Consider the glass you’re using and how it might impact your drinking experience the next time you pour yourself a glass of wine.

Please drink responsibly, be fully accountable with your alcohol consumption, and show others respect.

Written by Lauren McKenna

Lauren is a soon to be Temple University graduate. Her love of travel has introduced her to food and drinks from all over the world. She provides MyBartender with a global view of all things alcohol.

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