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The Top Rated Russian Vodka Brands

Russia takes vodka seriously. The drink has played a pivotal role in daily Russian life since 1386.

The high-proof alcohol comes in many flavors and varieties. However, the purest forms use only purified water and grains to create high-quality vodka.

ready to drink russian vodka in frozen shot glasses

The Russians perfected the distillation process and refined the recipe into its best form.

The companies in this article use the finest Russian ingredients to honor tradition and produce the best Russian vodkas you’ll hope to drink.

Best Russian Vodkas

In this article, we discuss these great Russian vodkas:


If you want your vodka done right, make sure to try one of the superior Russian vodkas listed in this article. Each recipe honors the methods, ingredients, and history that make the spirit unique.

Did we miss your favorite? Leave us a comment telling us your favorite Russian vodka or your favorite Roundup product!

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