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Gin & Juice

Sometimes keeping it simple is the way to get the best results. You can’t get much simpler than the Gin & Juice when it comes to cocktails. Everything you need to know about it is in the name. Two ingredients, super simple, and deliciously easy-drinking; it’s not hard to understand why even Snoop Dogg venerates this classic beverage.

About the Drink

There’s not a whole lot of preparation required to get this one right! You can pick your favorite fruit juice and your favorite brand of gin to make the perfect beverage to suit your palate. Even though it is so easy to make, you can still give it a little personal touch. Why not put a little thought into which style of gin will make the best flavor pairing with your chosen fruit juice? There is a huge selection to chose from on the market.

A London dry gin is a dry and juniper-led gin that will suit a range of fruit juices but works particularly well with citrus. You may like to experiment with grapefruit or orange juice for example. Try a slightly sweeter, softer gin with a range of citrus botanicals to balance out acidic fruit juices such as lime or grapefruit. A spicier gin will also add a new layer of flavor to your final drink, look for something with lots of coriander seed, for example.


Variations on a Theme

You can even experiment with blending your fruit juices to add more layers of flavor. Try a dry gin with one part blood orange juice and one part grapefruit juice. Or why not add a dash of lime to give a note of tartness to the drink. Whatever combination you opt for, you’ll end up with a refreshing drink that will help you beat the heat.


You might see a recipe asking for simple syrup. Adding a small amount of simple syrup, just a half-ounce or so, will result in a sweeter drink. This can help to balance out sour fruit juices like lemon and lime. At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong and you will easily craft an enjoyable cocktail. Mix it up for your friends and get the party started.


Ingredient List

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out what you need to make this particular cocktail, or the quantities you use!

  • 1.5 oz of your favorite gin
  • Enough fruit juice to fill the glass


Directions to Make

  1. Put ice into a tall highball-style glass
  2. Add the gin
  3. Fill to the brim with juice and stir


Simple but delicious, this is a modern classic that will always raise a smile.  Even better, there is plenty of room to adapt the recipe to suit your taste, so you can pretend you are Tom Cruise in Cocktail even though you are mixing the easiest cocktail in the room. Impress your friends by jazzing this easy cocktail up with a custom blend of freshly squeezed fruit juices paired with the perfect choice of gin with complementary botanical notes.

Written by My Bartender

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