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From National Brands to the best of the local scene, My Bartender is the go to company when the big stuff happens in Portland! Over our 15 years in business, we're proud to have worked alongside such powerhouse companies as Spotify, Zappos Shoes, World Domination Summit, T-Mobile so many more.

From product launch parties and grand openings to awards ceremonies and conventions, we've helped some of the best companies both locally and nationally achieve the vision of their event. Our staff is dedicated to serving our clients from the moment you call.

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Staffing, Insurance, Licensing & Alcohol Purchasing

Staffing your event

My Bartender Staffing

We want your event to be a success and proper staffing plays an important role in ensuring great guest satisfaction. Chat with one of our Sales Representatives today so that we can understand the most we can about your event and we'll be happy to supply you with our recommendations based on our 15 years in of experience. 

Insurance for your Event, Venue and You

My Bartender Insurance Coverage

Do you know why your venue wants to have a Certificate of Insurance from a reputable company? Because not all vendors hold the right insurance coverage nor posses proper licensing. My Bartender does and we'll gladly get the Certificate of Insurance (including additional named insureds if necessary) to your venue quickly and without any additional cost to you.

Our Licensing Credentials

My Bartender Licensing Credentials

Your venue, property management group, rental space or just about anywhere your planning on holding your event is going to want to see that your vendors are properly licensed too. Not to worry with My Bartender - we hold all the licensing necessary from the OLCC to the Mulnomah County Health Department to Compliance Depot.

Easy Alcohol Purchasing

My Bartender Alcohol Purchasing

Additionally, we created something unique in the catering industry several years ago called  a Buy Back Menu. Just like a restaurant, we keep a wide selection of beers, ciders, wines, champagnes and hard alcohol at the ready and client's that select from this list, only get charged for exactly what gets consumed. 

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Additional Services

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

My Bartender Non Alcoholic Beverages

We carry a huge selection of non-alcoholic beverages for those guests that don't drink

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Additional Services & Rentals

My Bartender Additional Services and Rentals

View a wide selection of services and rentals to help round out your reception.

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Food Catering Services

My Bartender Food Catering

From platters to hot & cold appetizers to buffet service and food trucks, we've got options

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Trusted among National and Local Companies to deliver as promised.

Short on lead time to get your event off the ground? We'll don't worry about this piece of the puzzle as our sales team is here to help at a moments notice. We've turned around an event of substantial size and complexity in less than 24 hours.Contact our sales team now if you've come to town and forgot to get everything booked ahead of time or if you'd like to schedule everything plenty of time in advance...we're here to take on the challenge.

One of the great things about working with My Bartender is the flexibility you have when it comes to the food service options at your event. From plated meals to the best of our local Food Truck/Cart scene, My Bartender has worked with almost everyone in the city.

We can also be found working at the best venues around town such as Castaway Portland and The Left Bank Annex. Because each has easy access for guests and vehicles, a collection of local food truck/cart vendors has been a great option at fundraising or auction type events while My Bartender handles the bar services.

And remember, My Bartender doesn't just live on the web, we're an actual brick and mortar establishment right here in SE Portland. We're super easy to get to and would love to have you come in for a face to face meeting with your sales representative. 

While we're more than happy to reply to general inquires about our pricing and service, no two events are alike -  so "rough" quotes are something we prefer to steer clear from. 

We'd like to hear what your vision is for this special event and provide a free 30 minute consultation. Just click on the SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT button below.

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