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Top 7 Bars in Montgomery to Check Out

Known as the “Birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement,” Montgomery, Alabama, is a charming city rich in history, culture, and Southern hospitality.

young people cheering at bars in Montgomery Alabama

It also has a mouthwatering culinary scene and a whole slew of great places to grab a drink ranging from speakeasies to trendy rooftop bars.

Whenever I’m in the area, I love visiting different bars to soak in the atmosphere and explore what they offer.

So if you’re looking for a particular type of bar or a place that serves your favorites, check out the following list of the best bars in Montgomery, Alabama.


2752 Boultier St, Montgomery, AL 36106
Phone: (334) 356-7127
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Located near the Cloverdale Community Center, Leroy is one of the most fun places to get drinks if you like a wide variety of beverages, as they have great beer, cocktails, and wine all under one roof.

My favorite choices at this bar include the Chardonnay when I want to sip wine, Double IPA when craving a beer, and a Negroni when I want a cocktail.

KRU on Mt. Meigs

2118 Mt Meigs Rd, Montgomery, AL 36107
Visit Website

KRU, in the Capitol Heights area, is a cool bar with a funky design and a comical, friendly atmosphere.

I love the bartenders there, as they’re always so welcoming and helpful. Plus, they seem to make a great White Russian every time!


166 Commerce St, Montgomery, AL 36104
Phone: (334) 387-3333
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AlleyBar, near the Hank Williams Statue in the Downtown area, is one of my favorite spots to hang out at night because of the intricate, bright, colorful indoor lighting.

Beyond the design, this buzzy bar has decently priced drinks. My favorite is the Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

Taste Too!

79 Commerce St, Montgomery, AL 36104
Phone: (334) 523-8703
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Taste Too! is one of the best bars in Montgomery, Alabama, for wine, as they have an extensive collection of reds, whites, and pinks.

You can go to this spot, across the street from The Hank Williams Museum, with friends or on a date for a wine tasting.

In addition to wine, this relaxed spot serves cocktails as well, such as the Old Forester Sour.

GTSouth Geek & Gaming Tavern

2015 Cong W L Dickinson Dr, Montgomery, AL 36109
Phone: (334) 356-9833
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I love to go to bars with lots of games that bring out my inner kid, so it’s no surprise that I think GTSouth Geek & Gaming Tavern is one of the most fun places to go out in Montgomery.

In between sipping Woodchuck cider and munching on nachos, you can play video games, try a new card game, or participate in a tournament if you’re feeling competitive!

Charles Anthony’s Restaurant At The Pub

10044 Chantilly Pkwy, Montgomery, AL 36117
Phone: (334) 281-3911
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Charles Anthony’s Restaurant At The Pub, located near the Arrowhead Country Club, is an easygoing, comfortable spot only open for dinner.

It’s a great place to celebrate a birthday, as they have delicious seafood like red snapper and seared ahi tuna, as well as tasty beer and vodka martinis.

Pies & Pints – Montgomery, AL

7216 Eastchase Pkwy Suite D-31, Montgomery, AL 36117
Phone: (334) 694-9161
Visit Website

Pies & Pints is a chain pizza restaurant with a location in Montgomery, on the other side of the highway from the Auburn Montgomery Wellness Center.

If you’re looking to eat pizza while sipping on an array of craft beers, Pies & Pints is the place to go!

Final Thoughts

If you’re planning a trip to the vibrant city of Montgomery – whether for a business trip, a family visit, or to explore the landmarks of the Civil Rights era – I hope you look forward to a great, well-rounded time.

After checking out my list of where to get a drink in the Heart of Dixie, let me know what you think about the best bars in Montgomery, Alabama, in the comments below!

Best Bars in Montgomery, Alabama

  1. Leroy
  2. KRU on Mt. Meigs
  3. AlleyBAR
  4. Taste Too!
  5. GTSouth Geek & Gaming Tavern
  6. Charles Anthony’s Restaurant At The Pub
  7. Pies & Pints – Montgomery, AL
Please drink responsibly, be fully accountable with your alcohol consumption, and show others respect.

Written by Rocco

Rocco is a Florida State University alumnus with years of bartending and hospitality experience. From slinging hundreds of vodka sodas a night in jam-packed college bars to serving carefully crafted cocktails in upscale restaurants, there’s not much he hasn’t done behind a bar. Now, Rocco shares his knowledge and passion for all things alcohol-related here on My Bartender for bibulous readers everywhere to enjoy.

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