Top 16 Bars in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Besides the rich art scene and amazing history, Sioux Falls is a stunning town that is also home to intriguing hangout spots where people come to pass time over some good food and endless enjoyment. Sioux Falls bars have got you sorted when it comes to burgers and french fries to cold craft beers and cocktails. Want to be let in on the fun? Below are the best bars in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.


130 S Phillips Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Phone: (605) 338-7283
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I was a bit skeptical about exploring this downtown location, but sure glad I did because Pave turned out to be a hidden gem. Pave is one of the first places I visited in Sioux Falls. The staff willingly answered my questions, letting me in on some nice hotels for accommodation and places I should visit. The music was awesome, the food was equally great, and the drinks were even better. The weekends can get quite busy, but if you’re patient, you’ll enjoy it here.

Carpenter Bar

215 S Phillips Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Phone: (605) 271-0983
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Carpenter Bar hosts Oyster Friday on the last Friday of each month. I made a point to visit the bar on the particular day when the oyster special was scheduled because I craved a good oyster meal and wanted to see more of the Sioux Falls night scene. It was pleasant to discover that this rather small bar had a huge reputation that barely did it justice. The bar has an expansive drink menu featuring craft beers and cocktails which I couldn’t have enough of.

The Hello Hi

120 S Phillips Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Phone: (605) 275-4544
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Most bars here tend to play super loud music. While that’s great when I want to let go and have some rowdy fun with friends, this time was different. I was out looking for a laid-back yet nice bar for some light food and drinks. The Hello Hi bar is a cool place with plenty of drinks but no food. I asked for a bite and was directed to a pizza place next to the bar—a great place for a simple evening drink alone or with friends.

Vinyl Social Club

3609 S Western Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57105
Phone: (605) 271-7300
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Vinyl Social Club is the ideal hangout spot for some good old-school tunes and lots of games. I was like a kid in a playground with all the games waiting for me to try out. They’ve got a life-size Jenga, miniature bowling, shuffleboard, ping pong, and pinball games. Their specialty drinks are a worthy try too. I will be back again with a couple of friends in tow.

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Wiley’s Bar

330 N Main Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Phone: (605) 336-0054
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Wile’s Bar has enough space to accommodate everyone, even during peak hours when people flock here for dinner. The staff works like a well-oiled machine, and the food is unparalleled. The bar plays nice music and the atmosphere is quite welcoming. I liked the wide array of drinks and couldn’t look past the pocket-friendly prices for such a high-end joint. Wiley’s Bar will surpass your expectations if you’re looking for a hustle-free bar to visit after work or with friends.

EightyOne Arcade Bar

221 S Phillips Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Phone: (605) 271-6686
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EightyOne Arcade Bar mixes my two favorite things, drinks, and games. When you hear arcade, you think of games. Now, blend that with over 50 games, and you have a clear mental picture of your experience here. This 40-year-old joint has a wide array of drink options, including six craft beers on tap, iced tea, soft drinks, brand beers, and more. It’s a bar that brings warmth and character to adults on a quest for some weekend adventure.

The Treasury at Hotel on Phillips

100 N Phillips Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Phone: (605) 679-5708
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I’ve yet to see a bar that looks as mind-blowingly beautiful as The Treasury at Hotel—my time here made me feel like I was in the lobby of a luxury resort. It turns out this bar sits on what was formerly a bank vault. The bar has an excellent drink selection, welcoming staff, and nice food. I can’t wait to be back again; that Lox flatbread had me spellbound.

JL Beers

3623 S Western Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57105
Phone: (605) 275-3623
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JL Beers can get crammed super-fast—a hint at the great atmosphere and service you can expect to find here. As you wait for a table to become available, Vinyl Social Club is a great place right next door where you could pass some time over a few drinks. The staff took my number and texted me once my table was ready. I killed two birds with one stone as I experienced Vinyl Social Club for its lively vibe and JL Beers for the superb service and delicious food.

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Blarney Stone Pub

333 S Phillips Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Phone: (605) 274-0103
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Blarney Stone is a popular Irish Pub in downtown Sioux Falls famous for its great Irish and American food and extensive drink menu. With a classic pub and indoor/outdoor courtyard area upstairs, and a lively basement bar area known as “Blarney Underground” open on weekend only, this place has something for everyone!

McNally’s Irish Pub

6211 S Old Village Pl, Sioux Falls, SD 57
Phone: (605) 271-7170
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McNally’s Irish Pub is the perfect hangout spot for dog parents. This is one of the many fun places to get drinks in the city because of its unusual Irish menu, comfortable indoor and outdoor seating, brilliant staff, and yes, you can bring your dog. I tried the Irish bacon and BLT sandwich for lunch. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and must be back soon for dinner. Rumor has it that Fridays and Saturdays here are the most fun.  

Stogeez Cigar Lounge

201 E 11th St, Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Phone: (605) 274-3810
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If you’re a sucker for the finer things in life, Stogeez Cigar Lounge will take your breath away. Stogeez Cigar Lounge is ideal for the mature crowd that wants a laid-back space where they can chat, drink and smoke without too much distraction. I loved the fire pits outside, which keep you warm, especially at night when it can get super cold. The cigar store usually has a nice selection, but due to high demand, you may have to settle for whatever’s available.

The Attic Bar and Grill West

5213 W 12th St, Sioux Falls, SD 57106
Phone: (605) 275-0005
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The Attic Bar and Grill West is one of the most comfortable spaces in this part of South Dakota and a great place to enjoy happy hour and delicious food. Paying particular attention to the comfort of the patrons, the owners of The Attic Bar and Grill West go above and beyond with their professional staff and beautiful interiors. Even better, the food comes at surprisingly affordable prices. The taste of the fried Portobello mushrooms will be etched on my mind forever.

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Gateway Casino & Lounge

3408 S Gateway Blvd, Sioux Falls, SD 57106
Phone: (605) 361-1137
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The Gateway Casino & Lounge is yet another amazing location revered by the locals explaining why it’s almost ever full. If you’re looking to visit with friends, especially during the weekend, avoid the inconvenience of waiting for hours by reserving a table before getting here. I looked forward to experiencing the place but was disappointed by all the waiting for my friends and I had to endure before a table was available. Still, I enjoyed the food and drinks and had a great night out.


214 S Phillips Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Phone: (605) 332-5333
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Crawford’s has done a great job of preserving what used to be an old butcher’s shop in the 1890s. Some interior decorations you’ll come across are original pieces, including the butcher’s meat cleaver, cowhide panels, and the repurposed railroad track to rest your feet on under the bar. The bar has a variety of beers, wines, and cocktails, plus serves a seafood and steak-based menu—the perfect ingredients for the perfect evening in Sioux Falls.

Detour Bar

2501 W 10th St, Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Phone: (605) 271-0138
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If you’re not a fan of the loud music heard in most bars, you’ll feel right at home here at the Detour Bar. The crowd that frequents here is more composed and mature, only out for a good time playing the slot machines, shooting darts, or playing at the pool table. I had delicious pizza and a couple of cold beers, occasionally chit-chatting with the bartenders, who were happy to indulge me.

18th Amendment Neighborhood Bar

1301 W 41st St, Sioux Falls, SD 57105
Phone: (605) 271-1409
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The signature loud bar music welcomes you from across the road to the 18th Amendment Neighborhood Bar. I liked that this place was super clean, had a decent tap beer selection, and served the tastiest BBQ wings and hot fries.

Please drink responsibly, be fully accountable with your alcohol consumption, and show others respect.

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