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Top 13 Breweries in Atlanta to Visit

Welcome to a hoppy adventure through Atlanta’s craft beer scene!

friends clinking beer glasses at breweries in Atlanta

In this article, we’ll raise our glasses to the best breweries in Atlanta, where creativity and craftsmanship blend harmoniously.

From crisp lagers to bold IPAs and unique stouts, these local gems offer a tantalizing array of flavors to satisfy every beer lover’s palate.

Join us as we explore the top-notch breweries that have made their mark on Atlanta’s thriving beer culture.

Cheers to a taste of the city’s finest brews!

Arches Brewing

3361 Dogwood Dr, Hapeville, GA 30354
Phone: (678) 973-0252
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Arches Brewing is a small, laid-back brewery located five minutes northeast of the Delta Flight Museum.

Like many bars in the area, they offer outdoor seating in their beer garden.

They’re open every day except Sunday. They also have live music.

Besides offering rotating draft beer, Arches Brewing encourages visitors to choose four beers to create custom beer flights.

I recommend sampling their Mexican Empire or Queen’s Weiss.

This pub doesn’t accept cash, so don’t forget to bring a credit card.

Monday Night Brewing

670 Trabert Ave NW, Atlanta, GA 30318
Phone: (404) 352-7703
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Monday Night Brewing is one of the top destinations in the West Midtown neighborhood to visit if you don’t know where to get a drink.

This casual, spacious brewery is a great place to unwind after visiting the nearby attractions.

They have a dog-friendly outdoor patio and host trivia nights every Tuesday.

Their taproom offers 20 rotating beers on tap that go great with their wood-fired pizzas.

I like ordering their Taco Tuesday, a crisp and light Mexican-style lager.

Eventide Brewing

1015 Grant St SE, Atlanta, GA 30315
Phone: (404) 907-4543
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Eventide Brewing is one of the best breweries in Atlanta, offering beer lovers a casual, homey setting.

It’s in the Grant Park neighborhood, a mile south of Zoo Atlanta.

They have a dog-friendly patio, trivia nights every Thursday, live music, and a few arcade machines.

Eventide Brewing offers a wide selection of beers, from IPAs to pilsners.

You can’t go wrong with their Coorswell, Arbor Ale, or Alpha Gal. They also offered packaged beers to go.

Halfway Crooks Beer

60 Georgia Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30312
Phone: (678) 705-5530
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If you’re looking for fun places to get drinks in the Summerhill neighborhood, look no further than Halfway Crooks Beer.

It’s a short walk from Center Parc Credit Union Stadium. This casual, no-frills brewery’s main entertainment is live music and DJs.

They offer limited outdoor seating on their rooftop patio on Fridays and weekends.

This pub’s beer selection includes German, Belgian, and Czech-style brews for anyone eager to try something different.

I usually order an Active Low, a German-style pilsner.

Wild Heaven West End Brewery & Gardens

1010 White St SW, Atlanta, GA 30310
Phone: (404) 254-2232
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Wild Heaven West End Brewery & Gardens is one of the top places to go out for a drink in the historic West End neighborhood.

It’s across the street from Rose Circle Park. Besides offering a casual atmosphere, they have an outdoor patio.

They host game nights every Monday, encouraging guests to bring their favorite board games to the lounge.

Like many bars in the city, they offer seasonal and year-round beers. Try a Sunburst IPA or Euro-Style Pilsner with hummus or loaded tots.

Fire Maker Brewing Company

975 Chattahoochee Ave NW Suite A, Atlanta, GA 30318
Phone: (678) 705-8777
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You can find Fire Maker Brewing Company south of the Channing Valley neighborhood.

It has a relaxed, industrial ambiance, perfect for enjoying quality beer. Their covered patio has a dynamic mural with a dragon.

They host trivia nights every Wednesday and have several TVs for watching sports.

Their taproom has over 30 taps of beer guests can pair with Scottville Hot Chicken or outside food.

My go-to brews are their Blackberry Crumble Ale and Tangerine Sour IPA.

Steady Hand Beer Co.

1611 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd NW UNIT F, Atlanta, GA 30318
Phone: (404) 458-5981
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Nestled within the Blandtown neighborhood, Steady Hand Beer Co. is one of the top places in the city to enjoy year-round and seasonal beers.

Its casual atmosphere and live music entice guests from near and far. They host trivia nights every Wednesday and offer outdoor seating.

Their taproom offers a wide selection of draft beers with excellent flavors.

I like ordering a Steady Hand Mexican Lager, Blushing Wheat Ale, or Creekside Kolsch whenever I stop by for drinks with my friends.

SweetWater Brewing Company

195 Ottley Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30324
Phone: (404) 691-2537
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SweetWater Brewing Company is a lively, casual brewery in the heart of Atlanta’s Midtown neighborhood.

They offer seating in their taproom and outdoor pet-friendly beer garden.

The venue offers live music and brewery tours and tastings for guests looking for a fun time.

Like most of the best breweries in Atlanta, SweetWater Brewing Company serves several year-round and seasonal draft beers.

I like ordering their 420 Extra Pale Ale or Goin’ Coastal IPA with boiled peanuts or fried pickles.

Bold Monk Brewing Co.

1737 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd NW suite d-1, Atlanta, GA 30318
Phone: (404) 390-3288
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Bold Monk Brewing Co. is a casual, intimate brewery in the Underwood Hills neighborhood.

Like many breweries, it offers indoor and outdoor seating.

Its decorative rooms make it one of the most popular destinations for private events.

Their drink menu offers a wide selection of beers to pair with appetizers or entrees.

I prefer ordering their Umibozu Premium Lager or Resurrector Doppelbock with a hummus platter or cauliflower, but I also recommend sampling their Westside flight.

Hippin’ Hops Brewery

1308 Glenwood Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30316
Phone: (678) 713-2739
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One of the best breweries in Atlanta, nestled within the West Atlanta Village neighborhood, is Hippin’ Hops Brewery.

Its atmosphere is laid-back, eclectic, and casual. The venue has several wooden picnic tables for anyone who prefers outdoor seating.

This brewery’s beers are hand-crafted to perfection, free of added sugars and unnatural flavors.

Consider trying their Baby Momma Drama, a tropical IPA, or Spade’s & Lemonade, one of their signature sours.

These beers taste great with their Southern appetizers, like catfish nuggets.

Best End Brewing Company

1036 White St SW, Atlanta, GA 30310
Phone: (470) 391-0999
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You can find Best End Brewing Company in the West End neighborhood.

The brewery’s brick exterior, wood-paneled interior, and hanging lights emphasize its rustic yet cozy ambiance.

They have outdoor seating, TVs for watching local sports, and live music every Sunday.

Best End Brewing Company offers an extensive list of refreshing beers, from lagers to stouts.

Their Jorts and Birks, Rancho Cucamonga, and Blushberry Sour taste great with an order of wings, loaded tots, or pretzel bites.

Atlantucky Brewing

170 Northside Dr SW suite 96, Atlanta, GA 30313
Phone: (404) 594-4314
Visit Website

Another one of the best breweries in Atlanta is Atlantucky Brewing.

It’s in the Castleberry Hill neighborhood, less than half a mile from Clark Atlanta University.

It has a stylish yet casual atmosphere, enhanced with plush chairs, wall art, and leather couches.

Many patrons love enjoying their beer while listening to live music.

Atlankcuky Brewing’s beers on tap are flavorful and brewed to perfection.

Don’t miss out on their refreshing Not Just, a hazy New England IPA.

Torched Hop Brewing Company

249 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30308
Phone: (404) 835-2040
Visit Website

If you’re looking for fun places to go out, consider stopping by Torched Hop Brewing Company in the Midtown neighborhood.

The venue has a roomy and trendy ambiance, perfect for a night out with friends.

They have a bocce ball court and several games to pass the time, including Jenga.

Like many of the best breweries in Atlanta, they offer an extensive beer list.

I recommend their Hops De Leon or Chico Malo. Guests can also customize a beer flight with four five-ounce pours.

Please drink responsibly, be fully accountable with your alcohol consumption, and show others respect.

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