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16 Must Visit Breweries in San Diego

Welcome to a journey through the hoppy haven of San Diego! In this article, we’ll explore the top breweries that have made the city an epicenter of craft beer culture. From crisp IPAs to rich stouts, prepare your taste buds for an unforgettable experience. Join us as we raise our glasses to the finest brewmasters, unique flavors, and the vibrant beer scene that makes San Diego a must-visit destination for beer enthusiasts. Cheers to the best breweries in San Diego!

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Pure Project

9030 Kenamar Dr #308, San Diego, CA 92121
Phone: (858) 252-6143
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Pure Project is an innovative brewery with a commitment to sustainability. This local business is making a difference by using high-quality ingredients sourced ethically. It’s one of the best breweries in San Diego, with its incredible selection of stouts, ales, and IPAs. You can even find original creations like hard kombucha. I recommend visiting the Miramar location if you’re looking for fun places to go out. It’s north of San Diego, near the Miramar Memorial Golf Course.

Stone Brewing Tap Room – Kettner

1202 Kettner Blvd #101, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: (619) 450-4518
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The Stone Brewing Tap Room is one of my favorite spots in Downtown San Diego. This brewery stands out thanks to its creativity and dedication to quality. Between canned margaritas full of flavors, bottled hard seltzers, and chilled IPAs, there is a fantastic selection of year-round products and small-batch beers. The brewery is on the corner of Kettner Boulevard and Locomotive Plaza. You can easily access this brewery by taking a trolley to the nearby Santa Fe Depot for a unique experience.

Eppig Brewing Waterfront Biergarten

2817 Dickens St, San Diego, CA 92106
Phone: (619) 756-6825
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Eppig Brewing Waterfront Biergarten is one of the most fun places to get drinks in San Diego. With a stunning view of America’s Cup Harbor and Naval Air Station North Island, it’s the perfect spot for spending a lazy afternoon near the water. The brewery has a rotating selection of beers. You’ll find lagers, ales, stouts, and sours. A lot of the brews are modern creations with unique flavors, but you can also find traditional lagers with German-inspired flavor profiles.

Societe Brewing Company

8262 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92111
Phone: (858) 598-5409
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Society Brewing Company is my top pick if you’re new to the world of craft beer. While some breweries have a selection that can feel overwhelming, this small business offers a limited line of award-winning beers. I highly recommend trying the light beer or the India Pale IPA. The simple product lineup is easy to navigate, and it’s a great introduction to the different types of beers. You’ll find this brewery in Kearny Mesa, not far from the intersection of Clairemont Mesa Boulevard and Industrial Park Driveway.

Belching Beaver North Park

4223 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104
Phone: (619) 282-1062
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Belching Beaver beers are served at over 300 bars and restaurants throughout the San Diego area. You can also enjoy a freshly-brewed beer at the Belching Beaver tasting room if you’re looking for a fun and laid-back experience. It’s one of the best breweries in San Diego, with IPAs, blondes, and stouts that feature original flavors like chocolate, peanut butter, mango, or PB&J. The brewery is on 30th Street, next to the iconic Welcome to San Diego Mural.

Pizza Port Ocean Beach

1956 Bacon St, San Diego, CA 92107
Phone: (619) 224-4700
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Pizza Port Ocean Beach serves pizza, salads, chicken wings, and other traditional pub fare. The drink selection includes beers on tap and bottled creations from the brewery. I recommend this brewery if you’re an ale lover. With India pale ales, amber ales, and blond ales, the beer selection allows you to explore a wide range of sweet and full-bodied brews. The Ocean Beach location is on the corner of Bacon Street and Santa Monica Avenue, within walking distance from the Ocean Beach Veteran’s Plaza.

Karl Strauss Brewing Company in Scranton

9675 Scranton Rd, San Diego, CA 92121
Phone: (858) 587-2739
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The Karl Strauss Brewing Company is one of my favorite places to go out in San Diego, thanks to its fun atmosphere and excellent selection of food and drinks. The kitchen serves pub fare with a twist, and I can’t recommend the beer sausages enough. The brewery mostly offers IPAs, but there are a few ales and stouts available, as well as seasonal brews. This brewery is in Sorrento Valley, not far from the Mira Mesa Open Space.

AleSmith Brewing Company

9990 AleSmith Ct, San Diego, CA 92126
Phone: (858) 549-9888
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The AleSmith Brewing Company is a cozy tasting room with a mix of American, German, and Mexican-inspired beers on tap. It’s been around since 1995 and it’s quickly become a popular spot for going out in Miramar. Check the event calendar in advance since the brewery organizes trivia nights as well as a recurring line dancing event. There is also a rotating selection of food trucks. The brewery is on AleSmith Court, near Miramar Road and the Miramar Memorial Golf Course.

Second Chance Beer Company

15378 Avenue of Science #222, San Diego, CA 92128
Phone: (858) 705-6250
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If you’re wondering where to get a drink in the Bernardo Village area, I recommend the Second Chance Beer Company. From tangerine-flavored IPAs to classic lagers, this brewery has something for everyone. You can even purchase canned beers that support local animal shelters! Besides serving quality beers, Second Chance Beer Company hosts trivia nights and food truck events regularly. You’ll find this brewery near Avenue of Science and Innovation Drive, across the highway from the Black Mountain Open Space Park.

Burgeon at The Arbor – Little Italy

1326 Kettner Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: (619) 432-1528
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Burgeon at the Arbor combines a taproom with a cozy restaurant. With over 15 beers on tap, you can discover German Pilsners, bold IPAs, toasty ales, and more. If beer isn’t your thing, you can order from the wine list or try the delicious non-alcoholic craft cocktails offered. The dog-friendly patio is a plus. This brewery is in the Downtown area, near the intersection of Kettner Boulevard and W Ash Street. The Waterfront Park Playground is only a block away.

Modern Times Beer

3725 Greenwood St, San Diego, CA 92110
Phone: (619) 546-9694
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Located near the Midway District, Modern Times Beer is a unique business that combines a beer brewery and coffee roastery. Don’t leave without trying the Black House Coffee Stout, a memorable brew that mixes these two crafts! The decor of the tasting room is noteworthy with its giant mosaics and vintage art, and the staff will make you feel welcome. Modern Times Beer is on Greenwood Street, between Kurtz and Hancock Street. The Sports Arena Shopping Center is nearby.

Fall Brewing Company

4542 30th St, San Diego, CA 92116
Phone: (619) 501-0903
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The Fall Brewing Company is one of the best breweries in San Diego with its selection of flavored IPAs, strong stouts, and bright India pale ales. The brewery has a seasonal rotation of brews on tap, and you can also order canned beverages. I highly recommend this brewery if you enjoy beers with fruity flavors. The apricot, watermelon, or mango-flavored beers are among my favorites. The Fall Brewing Company is on 30th Street, between Monroe and Madison Avenue, not far from the North Park Community Park.

North Park Beer Company

3038 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104
Phone: (619) 255-2994
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If you’re looking for fun bars or breweries in the North Park area, this award-winning brewery is the place to go. The North Park Beer Company stands out with some brews inspired by New Zealand beers or classic German Pilsners. It’s also a popular neighborhood spot with shaded outdoor seating options, exceptional service, and a relaxed atmosphere. The North Park Beer Company is on University Avenue, a few blocks east of the Observatory North Park.

Ballast Point Brewing Little Italy

2215 India St, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: (619) 255-7213
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The Ballast Point Brewing Little Italy is a casual spot where you can relax on the patio or watch the brewers at work. It’s also a great introduction to the San Diego brewery scene thanks to its varied selection of year-round brews. From fruity to malty or bright, you can explore every flavor profile through brews that stand out with their quality and rich taste. This brewery and tasting room is on India Street in Little Italy. Take a stroll to the nearby Waterfront Park after your visit!

Deft Brewing

5328 Banks St A, San Diego, CA 92110
Phone: (858) 799-1228
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Debt Brewing specializes in traditional European beers. With over 10 beers on tap, you can explore Belgian ales, English IPAs, and more. The brewery has a partnership with nearby businesses. There is a shaded outdoor area where you can enjoy beer, order food from nearby restaurants, and mingle with the locals. It’s one of my favorite spots in San Diego! Deft Brewing is in the Morena neighborhood, near the intersection of Banks and Sherman Street and across the highway from Presidio Park.

Thorn St. Brewery

3176 Thorn St, San Diego, CA 92104
Phone: (619) 230-5445
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Thorn St. Brewery offers popular canned beers and cocktails. With over 15 beers and seltzers on tap, there is a fun selection to explore at the tasting room. Plus, some of the beers offered support local charities. The brewery also has partnerships with food trucks and organizes weeknight events like open mic comedy shows or trivia nights. Thorn St. Brewery is in Altenada, near the intersection of Thorn and 32nd Street. The Switzer Canyon isn’t far.

Please drink responsibly, be fully accountable with your alcohol consumption, and show others respect.

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