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7 Most Popular Distilleries in Atlanta to Visit

The best distilleries in Atlanta offer a range of incredible spirits that have elevated the city to new heights. Each offers something different, from historic brews to more unique, contemporary creations.

traditional alcohol making at distillery in Atlanta

Old Fourth Distillery

6325 McDonough Dr NW, Norcross, GA 30093
Phone: (844) 653-3687
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Old Fourth Distillery is known for producing a range of handcrafted spirits, like gin and vodka. They’re also known for taking pride in the locally sourced ingredients they use to create their products. The distillery also offers tours and tastings, giving you a chance to learn more about the processes they use and their history. They’ve been open since 1906 and are regarded as the city’s first legal distillery.

Distillery of Modern Art

2197 Irvindale Way, Chamblee, GA 30341
Phone: (404) 482-2663
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The Distillery of Modern Art is a craft distillery that offers a full sensory experience to its visitors. They offer a few different (seven total) artisan spirits, like vodka and bourbon whiskey. You can also spend time in the distillery admiring art by some of Atlanta’s best artists. I highly recommend checking out their distillery tour if you’re interested in the process and learning more. They offer a guided tour where you can learn more about their products and processes. Plus, there’s a full bar too!

ASW Distillery at American Spirit Works, home of Fiddler Bourbon, Winterville Gin & more

199 Armour Dr NE c, Atlanta, GA 30324
Phone: (404) 590-2279
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This distillery is home to the first straight bourbon distilled in the city of Atlanta. It’s known for its unique take on the spirit, advertising a reduced corn flavor. They’ve won a number of competitions, including becoming the Gold-Medal winners of Fiddler Georgia Heartwood Bourbon and Fiddler Soloist Bourbon. Their spirits include the Fiddler Unison bourbon and the Fiddler Georgia Heartwood Bourbon. They also offer gin, vodka and whiskey. Plus, they have a large selection of experimental spirits that are perfect for sipping or mixing into cocktails.

Lazy Guy Distillery

2950 Moon Station Rd, Kennesaw, GA 30144
Phone: (770) 485-0081
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Located in northwest Atlanta, the Lazy Guy Distillery has deep roots in the area’s history. It is composed of two buildings that are near the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive. You can visit Thursday-Saturday and try out their huge selection of cocktails and spirits. Lazy Guy Distillery is the perfect place to visit for both history buffs and whiskey fans. They offer some moonshine, bourbon, scotch, vodka, rum and gin. Plus, you can take advantage of their tasting flights or even get a private tour of the facility. Their cozy atmosphere makes it a great place to enjoy some drinks with friends and family.

Independent Distilling Company

547 E College Ave, Decatur, GA 30030
Phone: (678) 576-3804
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The Independent Distilling Company near Atlanta is a famous company established in 2014. They’re known for their innovative techniques. They also offer tours, tastings, and cocktails throughout the week. Making it one of the best distilleries in Atlanta. The Independent Distilling Company is part of the booming craft distillery scene in Atlanta and is constantly pushing boundaries when it comes to making spirits. If you’re looking for something unique, then this is the place to go! Be sure to check out their signature cocktails while you’re there, as they are also incredibly delicious.

Hippin’ Hops Brewery & Distillery

2380 Hosea L Williams Dr NE #1, Atlanta, GA 30317
Phone: (404) 963-6061
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The Hippin’ Hops Brewery & Distillery is another great distillery option in Atlanta. They are also home to an oyster bar where you can try out some of their fantastic drinks while dining. They bring over twenty years of experience to the table.

ASW Whiskey Exchange

1000 White St SW, Atlanta, GA 30310
Phone: (404) 590-2279
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The ASW Whiskey Exchange is located along the West End Beltline. They have won a number of gold medals for their spirits, including 2020’s Craft Whiskey of the Year. You can attend the distillery for tours and tastings if you want to learn more about their process.

Please drink responsibly, be fully accountable with your alcohol consumption, and show others respect.

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