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9 Most Popular Sports Bars in San Jose

When it comes to the perfect blend of camaraderie, passion, and sports excitement, San Jose’s sports bars hit the bullseye. The city has a fervent love for both tech innovation and sports, making it an ideal destination for sports enthusiasts of all kinds. We’re diving into the realm of high-energy venues that transform game days into unforgettable experiences. Join us as we explore the best sports bars in San Jose that turn every game into a major event.

cheering matches at sports bars in San Jose

Rookies Sports Lodge

1535 Meridian Ave #10, San Jose, CA 95125
Phone: (408) 445-2121
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There are a few Rookies Sports Lodge in San Jose, but this one is south of the city center. It’s one of the most fun places to go out when you want to be surrounded by TVs and a unique ski-lodge aesthetic. Rookies Sports Lounge is the perfect spot for watching the game, grabbing a bite to eat, and trying some Californian beers. If I were you, I’d go with Drake’s Hefe Weissbier or the Firestone Walker 805.

Britannia Arms Almaden

5027 Almaden Expy, San Jose, CA 95118
Phone: (408) 266-0550
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You’ll find Britannia Arms Almaden in Robertsville Square, in the Robertsville neighborhood. It’s an English pub that offers live music, TV, beer pong, darts, and trivia nights. It’s a welcoming environment that makes everyone feel comfortable. Britannia Arms Almaden has a fully stocked bar, so you can get it here whether you want beer, a mixed drink, or a glass of wine. Most people choose something simple here, like a local beer or a vodka soda with lime.

Yard House

300 Santana Row Suite 101, San Jose, CA 95128
Phone: (408) 241-9273
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Yard House is a great sports bar in Santana Row Shopping Center. It’s a higher-end sports bar with plenty of TVs on the walls, a lively atmosphere, and some delicious food to enjoy while the game is on. This is another sports bar that has a fully stocked bar. I love popping in here during happy hour because all their pizzas are half off. Plus, you can get beer, wine, spirits, and cocktails cheaper than average. I recommend getting whatever drink you want in a yard glass.

Stanley’s Sports Bar

1500 S 10th St, San Jose, CA 95112
Phone: (408) 999-6786
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Stanley’s Sports Bar is one of the most fun places to get drinks in San Jose. It’s also one of the coolest because it’s inside the Tech CU Arena. It has a rustic aesthetic and offers views of the ice rink in certain spots. Stanley’s has a fully stocked bar, but most people come here to enjoy a domestic or craft beer. You’ll see people drinking Coors Lite while enjoying their fantastic burgers.


167 E Taylor St, San Jose, CA 95112
Phone: (408) 287-5225
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Jack’s is a great sports bar in Japantown. Locals love visiting here, but you’ll see tourists too sometimes. It’s a down-to-earth joint that features live music, TVs, and even beer pong games you can participate in. You can get almost anything at Jack’s. While there’s nothing wrong with ordering a beer here, I highly recommend checking out their cocktails. The Black Manhattan and Hot Dog on a Stick are great, but the Snuggler is a Rumple Minze hot chocolate and is perfect if you’re chilly.

Stevie’s Bar & Grill

2705 Union Ave, San Jose, CA 95124
Phone: (408) 559-0904
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If you head towards Cambrian Park, you’ll find Stevie’s Bar and Grill. I love this best sports bar in San Jose because it’s low-key, has ample TVs, and a small patio you can sit on when the weather’s nice. Stevie’s Bar and Grill is where you go when you want to watch the game with a nice cold beer. They have a heavy collection of craft beers from California and the surrounding states. A few worth trying are the Effigy Pilsner and Heavy Vibrations IPA.

Grill ‘Em Pizza & Sports Bar

497 Reynolds Cir, San Jose, CA 95112
Phone: (408) 320-1179
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One of the best sports bars just north of Downtown San Jose is Grill’ Em Pizza and Sports Bar. It’s an unassuming joint that is easy to pass if you’re not looking for it. It features sports memorabilia and TVs throughout the space. Besides ordering a cheesy pizza here, you must look at the drink menu. They have a smaller selection than some other sports bars. You’ll usually see people drinking beer or a mixed drink like rum and Coke.

Coach’s Sports Bar & Grill

2240 S Winchester Blvd, Campbell, CA 95008
Phone: (408) 379-2654
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Coach’s Sports Bar and Grill is a few blocks from Downtown and is super cozy. It’s a local favorite because of the great staff, laid-back atmosphere, and pool tables that they have inside. This bar is fully stocked with beer, wine, and spirits. Like the other sports bars, most people come here to drink beer, but as an Irish joint, Jameson is also popular.

SmokeEaters Hot Wings

5018 Almaden Expy #30, San Jose, CA 95118
Phone: (408) 267-1430
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If you’re wondering where to get a drink with amazing wings, SmokeEaters Hot Wings is the place to be. You’ll head to Robertsville to find this sports bar, and I promise it won’t disappoint you. Beer is the main drink at SmokeEaters. They have all sorts of beer, so you can find something you’ll enjoy regardless of your preference. Whatever you order, you can’t leave here without trying their wings.

Please drink responsibly, be fully accountable with your alcohol consumption, and show others respect.

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