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Houston Bars You Should Visit for a Fun Night Out

Houston has some great bars, and while everyone has their own opinion on what the best bar is, here is a list of some of our favorites.

Whether you’re looking for a place to watch the game or dance the night away, these bars have something for everyone. So put on your party pants and get ready to explore Houston’s nightlife scene!

Best Bars in Houston, TX

  1. Anvil Bar & Refuge
  2. Axelrad Beer Garden
  3. Better Luck Tomorrow
  4. Eight Row Flint
  5. La Carafe
  6. Captain Foxheart’s Bad News Bar & Spirit Lodge
  7. Julep
  8. Monkey’s Tail
  9. Poison Girl
  10. Secret Garden HTX
  11. The Toasted Coconut
  12. Tongue-Cut Sparrow
  13. Under the Volcano
  14. Trash Panda Drinking Club
  15. Lei Low
  16. McGonigel’s Mucky Duck
  17. 13 Celsius

Anvil Bar & Refuge

1424 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006
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At Anvil, they’re dedicated to making the best drinks we can with the highest quality spirits and ingredients we can find.  

Bobby Heugel and Steve Flippo opened Anvil in 2009 as Houston’s first bar devoted to classic cocktails and developed a list of 100 of their favorite classics they think you should try. There are always eight original cocktails on the menu, as well as a small, well-edited selection of beers on tap. 

When I came to this spot my friends ordered the Southside, Princeton, and Shaken Alaska. I went for the Gimlet which was absolutely amazing. It’s a cocktail with dry gin, lime, and sugar.

Axelrad Beer Garden

1517 Alabama St, Houston, TX 77004
(713) 597-8800
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Axelrad is about celebrating Houston, being outside, and relaxing. Housed in a renovated building constructed by David and Gertrude Axelrad in the 1920s, Axelrad is a sprawling garden filled with neon trees, hammocks, live music, cold beer, cocktails, and frequent special events.

I got the Dreams of Peace cocktail which has Ukrainian vodka (горілка), orange juice, orgeat, and blue curacao! Other drinks I would recommend are the Good Clean Fun, Sour Monkey, and Pecan Porter.

Better Luck Tomorrow

544 Yale St, Houston, TX 77007
(713) 802-0845
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Better Luck Tomorrow is a neighborhood bar with great cocktails and an outstanding wine list backed up by food that meets a restaurant standard. They are open seven days a week and serve food every single day until midnight.

My favorite drink is the Mimosa with sparkling wine, and improved orange juice. Or you can try the Intello, Lady Earl, and Salty Cat.

Eight Row Flint

1039 Yale St, Houston, TX 77008
(832) 767-4002
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Eight Row Flint is a new concept from Agricole Hospitality. It is a Houston Heights neighborhood bar that celebrates whiskey mash and masa. The upscale icehouse also serve rare bourbons, craft beer & margaritas, & tacos from a food truck.

If you’re looking for one of the best spots to go out for drinks, this is the spot! I had the West Texas Red Eye with Marfa Chihuahuan Sotol, house bloody mix, fresh lime juice, Valentina, and serrano tincture.

La Carafe

813 Congress St, Houston, TX 77002
(713) 229-9399

La Carafe is a candlelit place for sipping wine & ghost hunting inside the oldest commercial building in Houston. This is also a cash-only establishment.

This is one of the most popular bars in the area, so you’ll be sure to have a good time. I ordered a few drinks, but my favorite ended up being the Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2019.

Captain Foxheart’s Bad News Bar & Spirit Lodge

308 Main St, Houston, TX 77002
(718) 387-6962

Bad News is a comfy neighborhood bar teaming its booze with an upstairs patio offering urban vistas. They are a cocktail bar with a large selection of well-made spirits. They also have a small menu of craft beers.

This place is one of my favorites! I came here with a group of co-workers and had a great time. I ordered the Ritual Awakening with Bacardi Ocho, banana, coffee, lime, and Corazon bitters and loved it.


1919 Washington Ave, Houston, TX 77007
(832) 371-7715
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Julep is a down-home cocktail bar with a roster of cocktails from the South & a laid-back vibe to match. They also serve fine spirits, wine, and fare.

My favorite drink on the menu is their Cherry Bounce Sour with bonded whiskey, cherry bounce, lemon, turbinado, angostura bitters, egg white. Other cocktails that looked amazing were the Tepache Julep, Ela Milk Punch, and Comstock Toddy.

Monkey’s Tail

5802 Fulton St, Houston, TX 77009
(713) 842-7188

Monkey’s tail is a funky & modern bar with cold beer, fun & fresh cocktails, and easy-going grub like pizzas & tacos and home of the Chango Burger.

The bartender at this spot recommended the Santa Muerte with hibiscus infused hornitos, beet infused ilegal mezcal, lime, tiki spiced agave nectar, so I had to try it! The group of friends I was with ordered the Kachanga, Tommy’s Margarita, and Basil Sandia Gimlet, Pepino Sour, and Fool’s Gold Rush.

Poison Girl

1641 Westheimer Rd suite B, Houston, TX 77006
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Poision Girl is an eclectic bar serving cocktails amidst red walls, female-inspired art & pinball machines.

The Jameson Irish Whiskey was absolutely delicious. Other great whiskies I tried were the Joh Barr, Macallen, and Suntory. This spot is a must-visit!

Secret Garden HTX

409 Travis St, Houston, TX 77002

Located in the heart of downtown, Secret Garden brings craft coffee and cocktails to Houston’s highly anticipated Bravery Chef Hall. Featuring one of the biggest patio bars, experience a modern twist on classic and frozen cocktails this Spring.

I really loved this place, so I’ll be coming back soon. When I was here I ordered their Daquiri. Some other drinks that the bartender recommended were the Old Fashioned, Margarita, or Frosé.

The Toasted Coconut

1617 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77006
(713) 485-4775
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The husband and wife team, Martin & Sara Stayer, of Nobie’s Restaurant offer Houston a new tropical twist, The Toaster Coconut, an island inspired restaurant.

Sarah Troxell, named Bartender of the year 2019, will amaze you with her innovative cocktails. You will find classic tropical drinks and many new creations using fresh fruits and lighter spirits.

We had so much fun at this place! My friends ordered the Captain’s Grog and Tropic Like It’s Hot, and I opted for the Mai Tai. My drink came with rum blend no. 1, almond orgeat, orange Curacao, fresh lime juice, and bitters.

Tongue-Cut Sparrow

1424 Westheimer Rd Ste B, Houston, TX 77006
(281) 888-6121
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Tongue-Cut Sparrow is Bobby Heugel’s formal cocktail bar and event space that seeks to provide unrivaled service and perfectly crafted classic cocktails. It is a Ssophisticated option for classic cocktails in an elegant setting with classes & event rentals.

We dropped by this spot one night and had a blast! If you end up visiting this bar, I would try the Collins Royale, The Dot and the Line, or The Batida.

Under the Volcano

2349 Bissonnet St, Houston, TX 77005
(713) 526-5282
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Located at 2349 Bissonnet, between Kirby and Greenbriar, Under the Volcano is a Day of the Dead themed neighborhood bar that opened in 1989.

As the first craft cocktail bar in Houston and with an emphasis on Latin America, only fresh squeezed juices and fresh herbs are incorporated to create drinks like the Strawberry Basil Margarita, Paloma, Añejo Old Fashioned, Caipirinha and others.

I highly recommend trying the Malta Fizz, Mojito, and Whiskey Smash. My favorite cocktail was the Old Fashioned with bourbon, orange, sugar, and Angostura bitters.

Trash Panda Drinking Club

4203 Edison St, Houston, TX 77009
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Located in the center of Houston, Texas, we at Trash Panda have been serving up refreshingly-unique drinks since 2021.

They offer a relaxed indoor space with an atmosphere that acts as a place for friends, wanderers, and adventurers to share a drink together as equals. With their carefully curated drinks menu, you’re sure to be delighted with every sip

My friends tried the Cock & Bull, Midori Sour, and Pimp’s Cup and loved them! I had the Walk in the Woods with Martine Honeysuckle, viollete, celery bitters, brut, and rose water and it was delicious!

Lei Low

6412 N Main St Ste.C, Houston, TX 77009
(713) 380-2968
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Lei low is a mellow local tiki bar pairing imaginative, rum-filled cocktails with a vibrant Polynesian decor.

On my visit I tried the Bush Pilot with mezcal, tequila, cinnamon, orange, lime, and salt. It was absolutely amazing so I definitely recommend ordering this. Other drinks that sounded great were the Mai Tais, Singapore Sling, and Navy Grog.

McGonigel’s Mucky Duck

2425 Norfolk St, Houston, TX 77098
(713) 528-5999
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McGonigel’s Mucky Duck is an Irish pub & music venue to enjoy dinner and a show in Houston, TX. It is a modern pub/concert venue featuring diverse acts (from rock to country), beer, wine & eclectic bites.

I really loved the drink I ordered, Black Manhattan with Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon, Carpano Antica, black walnut bitters. Our bartender also recommended a few of the other drinks on the menu; The Artist, Forbidden Fruit, and Erin’s Kiss.

13 Celsius

3000 Caroline St, Houston, TX 77004
(713) 529-8466
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13 Celcius is housed in a 1920s era Mediterranean-style building in an often forgotten portion of Midtown in Houston, Texas. Their goal is to not only emulate the wine bars and enotecas of Europe, but to surpass them in quality and range of selection.

My all time favorite drink at this spot is the Renato Corino. I also tried the Château de Gensac “Pas de Deux”1 and Madai “Origen” which were equally as good.

Final Thoughts

Did we leave any bars off of our list? Let us know in the comments! We had a blast compiling this list, but there are so many great bars in Houston that it was impossible to include them all.

If you’re looking for a specific kind of bar, or want to try somewhere new, be sure to check out our interactive map. And if you have a favorite spot that we missed, let us know in the comments – we always love discovering new places to drink!

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