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The French Connection

Perhaps you’ve heard of the famous 1971 Gene Hackman film with the same name as this delicious two-part cocktail: The French Connection. Unfortunately, we don’t know who to thank for this spectacular cocktail, because its creator is unknown. It consists of amaretto and cognac, which might seem like a simple combination, but its simplicity belies the complex taste and subtle flavor profile this drink offers.


How to Make a French Connection Cocktail

The recipe below combines an ounce of amaretto with an ounce and a half of cognac, which is perfect for those who prefer their cocktails a little on the sweeter side. However, you can also make a drier version of this recipe. Simply use a two-to-one ratio of cognac and amaretto instead. That ups the boldness factor and makes for a drier yet ultimately incredibly delicious drink.


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The only way to tell which one you prefer best? Experiment! Try them all to find the ratio you like. No matter which kind of cognac you use, this cocktail will impress. This type of flexibility doesn’t work for all drinks, either—typically, the ratio or type of spirit matters very much when making a mixed drink. That’s what gives this cocktail its delicious versatility that so many people love.



  • 1 1/2 oz cognac (drinker’s choice)
  • 1 oz amaretto liqueur



  1. Gather your two ingredients and fill a rocks glass with ice
  2. Add the cognac and the amaretto
  3. Give it a brief stir to combine the spirits
  4. Serve immediately, sip, and enjoy



The French Connection: Sweet, Fruity, Delicious

Amaretto liqueur lends this cocktail lightly sweet flavors of fruit and almond—the juxtaposition of those notes mixed with the fruity base from the cognac makes for one fantastic drink. If you’re concerned about which type of cognac to use, anything works.


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Whether you choose a young VS, an older VSOP, or even an XO, you’ll find that they all work for this recipe, but they all offer their own different flavor profiles. If you choose a younger VS, it lends a brighter base of more fruit-heavy flavors, and an older cognac offers its oak barrel accents of spiced vanilla. Try them both to understand the subtle nuances that come with using different cognac.


The Perfect Nightcap

This cocktail is similar to another famous drink also named after an ultra-famous ’70s movie: The Godfather. Actually, the only difference is the base spirit used in the recipe. The Godfather cocktail calls for whiskey instead of cognac. Most people choose scotch, but you can also try bourbon too.


In fact, both of those cocktails became very popular for an after-dinner drink upon their inception. They find a way to capitalize on the bold strike of a stronger spirit alongside a softer, sweeter liqueur that really seems to hit the spot as a nightcap.



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When it comes to cocktails named after famous movies from the seventies, the French Connection takes the cake. This heavenly combination of cognac and amaretto truly brings forward some light fruity flavors to make a cocktail that can be sweet or dry, depending on how it’s made. You can try any cognac in this drink to tweak the recipe and experiment with flavors. No matter how you make this cocktail, it’s sure to become one of your favorites and the perfect choice for an after-dinner nightcap, too.

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