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Who We Are

At MyBartender, we’re more than just an online platform – we’re a global celebration of the art of mixology. As a leading digital media company and online magazine, we delve deep into the vibrant world of cocktails and liquors, offering our audience an intoxicating blend of engaging content, expert insights, and curated reviews.

Proudly boasting over 1 million monthly visitors, our website is a testament to the world’s undying passion for the art of the drink. Every story we tell, every cocktail recipe we share, and every tip we offer is a tribute to the artisans, enthusiasts, and connoisseurs who breathe life into the spirited world of beverages.

Beyond just information, MyBartender serves as a virtual watering hole for enthusiasts from all walks of life. From the seasoned bartender seeking inspiration for their next signature drink to the curious novice looking to craft a classic cocktail at home, we provide content that is as diverse as it is deep.

Our team of seasoned writers, mixologists, and industry experts continually strive to push the boundaries of content creation, ensuring our readers remain at the forefront of trends, techniques, and tantalizing tastes.

Join us on this spirited journey and let MyBartender be your guide to the ever-evolving, always intoxicating world of cocktails and liquors. Cheers!

Founding Journey

MyBartender, a beacon of cocktail creativity and expertise, was conceived in 2020 by Paul Kushner and Brian Nagele, two seasoned veterans of the food and beverage industry. With a shared passion for mixology and a combined experience of over 40 years in bartending, bar management, and bar ownership, Paul and Brian have immersed themselves in the intricate world of liquors and concoctions. Their extensive knowledge and innovative spirit have allowed them to craft unique and memorable cocktail menus that resonate with a diverse audience.


The inception of MyBartender is rooted in Paul and Brian’s desire to share their wealth of knowledge, experience, and innovative cocktail recipes with the world. It is not merely a platform but a community where enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike can explore, learn, and contribute to the ever-evolving realm of mixology. Our mission is to enrich the global cocktail culture by providing a space for discovery, innovation, and conversation around the art of drink creation.

Our Expertise

Paul and Brian bring to MyBartender a profound understanding of the beverage industry, honed by their years of hands-on experience in various roles. Their insights into the nuances of different liquors and their ability to create balanced, flavorful, and aesthetically pleasing cocktails set them apart in the industry. MyBartender is a culmination of their dedication and passion, offering a treasure trove of recipes, tips, and tricks for both novices and seasoned mixologists.

Meet Paul Kushner

paul kushner mybartender

Paul Kushner embarked on his journey in the beverage industry as a bartender at a popular local bar in Southampton, PA. With dedication and a passion for the craft, he swiftly ascended the ranks, earning the role of bar manager.

His leadership and innovative approach to mixology became the cornerstone of his career, leading him to open Steam Pub in 2012, also located in Southampton. Steam Pub, under Paul’s meticulous guidance, has flourished into a highly successful bar and restaurant, renowned for its eclectic and refined beverage program.

paul making a drink

Paul’s role at Steam Pub goes beyond ownership; he is the creative mind behind the beverage program and menus, crafting a diverse and compelling array of drinks that cater to a wide range of preferences.

His profound understanding of beverages and his innovative approach to creating cocktails have established him as a sought-after beverage consultant. Over the years, he has lent his expertise to numerous bars and restaurants, aiding them in elevating their beverage offerings and overall customer experience.

Now, Paul brings his extensive knowledge and innovative spirit to MyBartender as the resident beverage expert.

His commitment to sharing his insights and passion for mixology is instrumental in shaping MyBartender into a hub for all things beverage, where enthusiasts and professionals alike can learn, explore, and create.

Meet Brian Nagele

Brian Nagele, a visionary entrepreneur and marketing maestro, initiated his first online venture in 2000 with the launch of philly2night, a pioneering website dedicated to showcasing bars and nightlife in the Philadelphia area. The platform’s resounding success led to its expansion into various cities, including Denver, New York, and Baltimore, evolving into cities2night. During this venture, Brian collaborated with some of the most prestigious beverage brands globally, including Coors Brewing Company, Bacardi, Diageo, Brown Forman, and Constellation Brands.

Brian’s innovative marketing strategies were groundbreaking, conceptualizing influencer programs before the advent of social media. His forward-thinking approach and deep understanding of the beverage industry have significantly impacted brand positioning and market penetration for numerous companies.

In 2011, Brian ventured into the hospitality industry, opening his first bar and restaurant, Kings Oak, in Philadelphia, followed by the inception of a private swim club, North Shore. Brian’s passion for curating cocktail and beer menus became a defining feature of his establishments, creating unique and memorable experiences for patrons. Although he exited the hospitality industry in 2016 to return to digital marketing, his love for crafting beverage menus continues to be a driving force behind his involvement in MyBartender.

Brian’s extensive experience in both the digital and beverage worlds converges at MyBartender, where his passion for menu creation and his innovative marketing strategies contribute to shaping a dynamic and enriching platform for beverage enthusiasts and professionals around the globe.

Feel free to reach out to us if you are interested in working with us for content creation and recipes.

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Editorial Policies

MyBartender is devoted to providing our readers with delightful, reliable, and captivating content centered around drinks and cocktails. We collaborate with experts and connoisseurs in every piece we curate, be it a renowned mixologist breaking down a complex cocktail technique or a seasoned enthusiast sharing a cherished drink recipe for those sipping it for the first time. Expertise manifests in diverse ways, and we leverage all its facets. Our “Top Mixologist” recognition and our expansive coverage of the drinks scene are rooted in a meticulous selection and review process. Every article, recipe, photograph, and illustration is fine-tuned and supervised by our dedicated editorial team.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We recognize that the essence of editorial distinction and business prosperity lies in embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our dedication lies in delivering content and experiences that resonate with inclusivity and equity, be it in print, on digital channels, social media, videos, or our events. We champion individuals and entrepreneurs pioneering shifts towards more inclusive, diverse, and progressive global culinary cultures.

Across every platform, we strive to capture the vast mosaic that makes up the culinary world, encompassing individuals from all genders, races, nationalities, faiths, body shapes, capabilities, ages, and the LGBTQ+ spectrum. We’re not just about telling stories – we’re about ensuring they’re rooted in every corner of the globe. Each narrative, recipe, image, and video we curate is designed to provide a space that feels welcoming, enlightening, and respectful for our diverse audience.