Gold Rush

A Gold Rush is not particularly complicated, as cocktails go. It is basically a whiskey sour but with honey replacing the sugar. It is made with a honey syrup with bourbon and lemon, so you could also describe...

Cocktail Recipes by Spirit


White Negroni Cocktail

White Negroni

If you are looking for a traditional yet sophisticated cocktail that dates to the beginning of the 20th century and was allegedly created by an Italian Count named Camillo Negroni, look no further than the Negroni and...

jungle bird tropical cocktail with rum

The Jungle Bird

There are some classic tiki cocktails out there, and many of them are absolutely delicious. However, most of them are also very sweet. This type of cocktail in general has a reputation as a line of trashy nightclub...

Scotch Godfather Cocktail with Amaretto

The Godfather

The epic, Oscar-winning mobster film The Godfather inspired this classic 1970s drink. Although it’s not as popular as other drinks that you can readily get at the bar, this one is a true winner and well-worth...

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