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At My Bartender, we aim always to provide accurate, up-to-date information. Our content is thoroughly researched and reviewed by our editorial team. Any feedback about the accuracy of our site is reviewed to ensure we meet our standards of providing precise information for our readers. 

Sources & Attribution

My Bartender aims to provide the best, most recent, and most helpful information for our readers. Whenever that information comes from a secondary source, we are committed to giving proper attribution to every source referenced. We rigorously follow all copyright laws and fair-use guidelines to ensure that our content is created ethically. 

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Our goal at My Bartender is to provide objective advice so that readers can trust our recommendations. All of our content is researched and reviewed by our editorial team. We do not promote anything we don’t believe in – if you see a recommendation on our site, it’s our true, unbiased opinions as bartending enthusiasts, not a paid placement by any brand. If we ever promote a paid partnership, it will be clearly marked as “Advertisement” or “Sponsored” content. 

Privacy Policy

We respect the privacy of our sources, contributors, and readers. We handle personal information responsibly and protect the confidentiality of our sources when necessary, abiding by legal and ethical guidelines.

Diversity & Inclusion is committed to embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our dedication lies in delivering content and experiences that resonate with inclusivity and equity, be it in print, on digital channels, social media, videos, or our events. We champion individuals and entrepreneurs pioneering shifts towards more inclusive, diverse, and progressive global culinary cultures.

Across every platform, we strive to capture the vast mosaic that makes up the culinary world, encompassing individuals from all genders, races, nationalities, faiths, body shapes, capabilities, ages, and the LGBTQ+ spectrum. We’re not just about telling stories – we’re about ensuring they’re rooted in every corner of the globe. Each narrative, recipe, image, and video we curate is designed to provide a space that feels welcoming, enlightening, and respectful for our diverse audience.

Comments & Corrections Policy

My Bartender allows, and encourages, comments on our content across all platforms. We hope to maintain a comment section that is respectful and constructive. My Bartender reserves the right to moderate, edit, and remove any comment that violates our guidelines, including any comment that is deemed inappropriate or discriminatory. 

Whenever inaccuracies or omissions are identified, we promptly review our articles to make the necessary corrections, ensuring accuracy and removing any incorrect information. Upholding accuracy is a priority for us, and we endeavor to keep our articles current whenever a mistake is identified, whether via a comment or a contact form submission. 

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Content Updates and Reviews

The editorial team at My Bartender regularly reviews and updates our content in our efforts to provide the best, most up-to-date content for our readers. Our content is subject to change regularly to reflect any new knowledge or information as we continue to grow and learn in our field. 

Alcohol Safety and Responsibility

At My Bartender, we are committed to fostering a responsible drinking culture. Alcohol should always be consumed responsibly and in moderation. If you or a loved one have a problem with alcohol, consider visiting the following resources: