Featured Cocktails

Pina Colada Cocktail

Piña Colada

Everyone has heard of, and likely tried, a piña colada. It is a simple cocktail with only three basic ingredients and a great introductory cocktail for those just learning how to mix drinks. This sweet and tangy delight...

Different delicious popular rum cocktails on black table

10 Most Popular Rum Cocktails

Whether you’re looking for ways to use rum you already have or planning a tropical-themed party, the most popular rum cocktails are real crowd-pleasers. Though many of these cocktails highlight sweet elements, there are...

delicious grape cocktails on white marble table

Top 10 Grape Cocktail Recipes to Try

One of the most common fruits and flavors, the grape is a year-long favorite. These are some of the best grape cocktails to mix. For many drinks, you’ll have to put together a grape puree you can freeze in advance...

Boozy Rum Dark and Stormy Cocktail with Lime

Dark and Stormy

If you’re looking for a cocktail that’s spicy, refreshing, and bold, the Dark and Stormy is a fine choice. Mixing dark rum and ginger beer, it’s a delicious and simple-to-craft cocktail that is...

Classic Bloody Mary Recipe

Bloody Mary

The classic Bloody Mary is one of the most famous cocktails of them all and has a lot of history behind it too. Easy to spot in a line-up with its distinctive red color and famed for its fiery, flavorsome nature, this...

st. germain cocktails made ready to drink

Top 7 St. Germain Cocktails

St. Germain is a distinct liqueur, also known as elderflower liqueur, with a sweet, floral fragrance and taste. Many people liken the flavor profile to chamomile or roses, but it’s made with elderflowers from France...

Cocktails By Spirit

Browse our selection of cockail recipes below, organized by your favorite spirits!
gin served in a glass with lime


dark rum served in a glass


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