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Submitting your cocktail recipes to our platform, with its impressive reach of over 1 million monthly readers, offers a multitude of benefits for both creators and brands. As a creator, this is a golden opportunity to showcase your mixology skills and creativity. Your recipes will be viewed by a large, enthusiastic audience, increasing your visibility and establishing you as a thought leader in the cocktail community. This exposure can translate into a growing social media following, where your personal brand or business can gain dedicated followers, potential customers, and valuable industry connections.

For brands, especially those in the beverage and hospitality sectors, contributing recipes is an effective way to engage with a targeted audience. It’s a unique form of marketing, allowing you to showcase your products in action. By featuring your ingredients in these recipes, you subtly influence consumer preferences and buying decisions. This kind of exposure can be especially beneficial for emerging brands looking to establish a foothold in the market or for established brands aiming to maintain relevance and engage with new demographics.

Our platform is not only a hub for cocktail enthusiasts but also a community that fosters interaction and collaboration. Joining is completely free, and so is submitting your recipes. This accessibility ensures that no matter the size of your brand or your experience level as a creator, you have an equal opportunity to shine. By becoming part of our community, you’re not just sharing a recipe; you’re embarking on a journey to inspire, influence, and connect with others who share your passion for mixology. So, seize this chance to expand your reach, enhance your brand, and be part of a thriving cocktail community.

Death in the Afternoon cocktail with ingredients in the background