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greenpoint cocktail garnish with lemon twist

Greenpoint Cocktail

The Manhattan, first mixed in 1880, is a legendary cocktail that has spawned many different variations and twists on the two-parts rye, one-part vermouth with bitters recipe over the years. The second generation of...

presbyterian cocktail with Ginger Ale and Lemons

Presbyterian Cocktail

Similar to a Moscow Mule or Dark and Stormy, the Presbyterian is a whiskey-forward cocktail with some ginger flavor for an extra kick. Learn what ingredients you need and how to make one at home below. ...

full monte cocktail on the Rocks with a Cherry Garnish

Full Monte Cocktail

The Full Monte is a twist on the classic Manhattan cocktail, substituting the sweet vermouth for Amaro Montenegro and flipping the ratio on its head. Keep reading to find out more about the cocktail, and how you can...

baltimore zoo cocktail garnish with orange wheel

Baltimore Zoo Cocktail

If you are familiar with a long island iced tea, then you know that it can be an exceptionally strong drink. However, the Baltimore Zoo cocktail takes potency to a new level. If you choose to indulge in this drink, do...

oaks lily cocktail with ice cubes and blackberry

Oaks Lily Cocktail

When you think of cocktails to enjoy at a horse race, the oaks lily cocktail might not jump to the front of your mind. However, that notion might be about to change. Read on to learn more about this drink and how best...

Cocktails By Spirit

Browse our selection of cockail recipes below, organized by your favorite spirits!
gin served in a glass with lime


dark rum served in a glass


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