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11 Drinks to Mix With Stoli Peach Vodka

Stoli Peach vodka brings sweet flavors to your cocktail glass, and with our guide you can find the perfect mixer to pair it with.

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beautiful frozen cocktail glass with ice, mint and pineapple on a dark wooden bar counter, bokeh bright background

Crafted with the velvety embrace of Stoli Peach vodka, this drink exquisitely mingles with a variety of companions to ignite your taste buds. Whether sipped under the moonlit sky at an upscale rooftop bar or enjoyed amidst the lively chatter of a summer soirée, this cocktail transcends occasions. Its bewitching blend of succulent peach notes harmonizes effortlessly with citrusy undertones, creating an unparalleled symphony of refreshment that leaves an indelible mark on the discerning palate. Welcome to the world of Stoli Peach, where sophistication meets sumptuousness.

Iced Tea

Iced Tea

Pairing Stoli Peach with iced tea creates a delightful concoction that dances on your taste buds. The mellow, earthy undertones of tea seamlessly blend with the sweet, fruity essence of Stoli Peach vodka. This cocktail is elevated by the infusion of lemon slices and fresh mint, resulting in a harmonious balance between the warmth of tea and the coolness of ice. Best enjoyed on balmy summer afternoons or during laid-back gatherings, this fusion of flavors offers a unique twist on the classic iced tea, making it a memorable choice for any occasion.

Ginger Beer

Bottle and glass of fresh ginger beer on light background

Ginger beer, with its robust ginger punch and subtle heat, marries delightfully with Stoli Peach. The spiciness of ginger complements the fruity sweetness, creating a harmonious balance. A splash of citrusy lemon juice elevates the experience, lending a zesty twist to this dynamic duo. Best enjoyed on a balmy evening, this fusion showcases the best of both worlds – the lively kick of ginger beer and the velvety allure of Stoli Peach. Uniting in a simple yet extraordinary union, it offers a refreshing alternative to conventional cocktails.

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Red Bull

cold Red Bull Energy Drink with cold ice insight.

Pairing Stoli Peach with Red Bull is an electrifying fusion of zesty peach and the robust energy of the iconic energy drink. The vodka’s peachy essence harmonizes seamlessly with the familiar, citrusy punch of Red Bull, offering a vibrant and revitalizing concoction. Best enjoyed during a night out with friends or as a pick-me-up during a lively gathering, this dynamic duo infuses your palate with a burst of bold, fruit-infused vigor. Its simplicity lies in its popularity, making it the go-to choice for those seeking a spirited and flavorful boost that stands out in the crowd.

Lemon Lime Soda

Aluminium can of 7UP lemonade soda drink with fresh lemons and limes.

Lemon Lime Soda, when mixed with Stoli Peach, transports your palate to a citrusy paradise. The vibrant flavor of fresh lemon and lime juices marries seamlessly with the natural sweetness of the peach vodka. Best enjoyed on a sun-drenched afternoon, this concoction offers a refreshing twist on a classic highball. Its uniqueness lies in the harmonious union of zesty fruits, making it an irresistible choice for those seeking a fruity and fizzy delight.

Orange Juice

Fresh orange juice

Orange juice, with its bright, citrusy charm, is the perfect partner for Stoli Peach. This classic combination showcases the sweet, sun-kissed notes of the peach vodka, enhancing its natural fruity essence. A dash of pink salt enhances the overall balance, while a hint of ginger adds a gentle warmth that elevates the experience. A subtle pepper kick lingers in the background, adding depth to this delightful duo. Best enjoyed poolside on a warm afternoon, this mix brings a tropical twist to your gatherings, setting itself apart with its simplicity and vibrant flavors.

Club Soda

soda being poured into glass

Club soda, with its crisp and slightly salty profile, is a secret weapon for enhancing the Stoli Peach experience. When paired with Stoli Peach vodka, the sparkling fizz of club soda elevates the drink to new heights, creating a bubbly symphony that dances across the palate. The mingling of peach’s juicy sweetness with the mineral-infused, sparkling club soda strikes a harmonious balance, making it the perfect refreshment for warm, sun-kissed afternoons. The marriage of these two humble ingredients ensures each sip is a delightful revelation, showcasing the natural elements that set this combination apart.

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champagne being poured into glasses

Champagne and Stoli Peach combine to create an sparkling symphony of flavors. The crisp, citrusy notes of champagne elegantly dance with the succulent sweetness of Stoli Peach, yielding a delightful harmony of taste. To craft the perfect Peach Champagne cocktail, simply blend these two exquisite elements with a dash of fresh lemon juice and a sprig of fragrant mint. This sparkling creation shines as a quintessential choice for celebrating special occasions or adding a touch of glamour to an evening soirée. Elevate your gatherings with this sparkling pairing that effortlessly marries French sophistication with Russian allure.

Pineapple Juice

Delicious pineapple juice in glass on white wooden table

Pineapple Juice, when mixed with Stoli Peach, elevates your palate with a harmonious blend of tropical sweetness. The luscious pineapple infuses a sunny vibrancy, while a dash of pink salt and a hint of ginger add a tantalizing complexity. A subtle black pepper undertone brings a gentle spice, making this combination a delightful choice for those who crave a well-balanced and fruity cocktail. Best enjoyed on a lazy afternoon by the pool, this concoction brings a touch of the Caribbean to your glass, setting it apart as a warm and welcoming sipper with a tropical twist.

Ginger Ale

Schweppes Ginger Ale against rustic wood background

Ginger Ale and Stoli Peach make a delightful duo, infusing the rich warmth of ginger ale with the luscious peachy embrace. The soda imparts a gentle sparkle, while lime juice adds a zesty twist, elevating this blend into a refreshing sipper. Best savored on balmy afternoons or as a prelude to a vibrant dinner gathering, this blend offers a unique and satisfying alternative to the conventional cocktail choices.


tonic water

Tonic water, with its vibrant blend of citric acidity and subtle sweetness, offers a lively partnership with Stoli Peach. The sparkling carbonation adds a delightful tickle to your palate, enhancing the peach’s juicy vibrancy. Its distinctive citrus notes effortlessly intertwine with the vodka’s peachy embrace, creating a harmonious symphony of flavors. Best enjoyed on a balmy evening, this combination elevates your moment with a refreshing and zesty twist. Its simplicity, requiring only these two common ingredients, allows you to savor the Stoli Peach and tonic’s unique fusion anywhere, from relaxed gatherings to sophisticated soirées.

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Two mason jar glasses of homemade lemonade on a rustic wooden table

Lemonade, the timeless classic, dances harmoniously with Stoli Peach. Its vibrant lemon flavor creates a symphony of sweet and tangy. The addition of ice provides that brisk chill, making it an ideal companion on scorching afternoons or at sun-drenched picnics. What sets this duo apart is the seamless marriage of zesty citrus and succulent peach, rendering it a flavorful masterpiece, far superior to any store-bought alternative. Sip, savor, and relish the simplicity of this homemade delight.

11 Drinks to Mix With Stoli Peach Vodka
Please drink responsibly, be fully accountable with your alcohol consumption, and show others respect.

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