19 Popular Cocktail and Bar Gifts

cocktail gift box

Find the perfect gift for a cocktail lover in your life. Whether you’re shopping for a home mixologist or a bartender looking to enhance their skills, these bar gifts will give you plenty of ideas. From quality cocktail shakers to mixology books to infusion kits, there’s a gift for enthusiasts at every skill level. These cocktail gifts are perfect for the holidays or birthdays, or they make great housewarming gifts.

Elevated Craft Hybrid Cocktail Shaker

elevated craft cocktail shaker

Upgrade their cocktail shaker this holiday season with this shaker from Elevated Craft. This stainless steel copper cocktail shaker is vacuum sealed, so you don’t have to worry about leaking and it keeps your drinks chilled. The twist-lock lid also means it doesn’t get stuck, so the cocktail lover in your life can improve their cocktail-shaking skills.
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Cocktail Codex

cocktail codex

Cocktail Codex is one of the most popular mixology books, so it makes a great gift for any home bartenders – or professionals! It covers the fundamentals of cocktail making and offers plenty of recipes, while also giving you the knowledge to riff on classic cocktails and create your own creations in mixology.
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Scrappy’s Bitters New Classics and Essentials Gift Set Bundle

scrappys bitters

This bitters sampler makes a great gift for anyone who loves crafting cocktails. It comes with eight different bitters flavors so you can experiment with your favorite cocktails. These bitters are made with all organic ingredients and no artificial flavors, so you’ll be gifting a high quality product.
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Godinger Coupe Glasses

godinger coupe glasses

Give the gift of elegance with these Godinger coupe-style champagne glasses, perfect for bubbly or for cocktails. This four-piece set is made with lead-free crystal, and its ornate style is perfect for anyone who loves a vintage look.
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Cocktail Smoker Kit

cocktail smoker set

Elevate their cocktail game with this cocktail smoker kit. It comes with everything you need to create impressive smoked cocktails at home, including a torch, wood smoker stand, and six different types of wood chips to infuse cocktails with different smokey flavors. This is a great gift for whiskey lovers or anyone who loves making a fancy cocktail.
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Ice Cube Mold Combo

ice mold combo set

This simple gift will really improve home-made cocktails. It comes with both square and sphere molds so you can make big ice cubes to keep your cocktails cold with less dilution. The flexible silicone molds are easy to use and wash.
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BruMate Glitter Flask

brumate glitter flask

Pack some spirits on the go with this festive flask! BruMate is known for keeping drinks cold, and you can count on this high-quality flask to stay closed without any leaks. With holographic glitter and a rhinestone cap, it’s a fabulous gift and addition to your purse.
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Stanley Legendary Classic Flask

stanley flask

If the glitter flask isn’t your style, consider this understated option from the Stanley brand. This stainless steel flask is perfectly sized for pockets, and it keeps your drink insulated.
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Mixology Bartender Kit Bar Set

bartending set

Give them everything they need to be a successful home bartender with this full bartending kit! This 14-piece set comes with a cocktail shaker, two-sided jigger, two types of strainers, muddler, corkscrew, mixing spoons, and more. It all fits in a bamboo organizer, and it comes with 35 recipes to get you started. It even comes in different colors, so you can pick the style that best fits your loved one’s aesthetic.
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Marquis by Waterford Markham Double Old Fashion Set of 4

old fashioned glasses

A good set of old fashioned glasses is an excellent present. These Waterford crystal glasses are heavy-bottomed and feature a classic cut pattern that’s elegant and timeless. They’re made in Italy and they have an 11 oz capacity, so you can enjoy a double.
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DIY Vodka Infusion Kit

diy vodka infusion kit

Give the gift of a home-infused vodka! This kit comes with 12 botanicals along with jars and funnels, so you can infuse different flavors into your preferred vodka for a truly craft cocktail experience. For anyone who loves creating their own recipes and flavors, this is a fun and creative gift.
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Lewis Ice Bag & Mallet

lewis ice bag and mallet

For those who like doing things the old-fashioned way, this Lewis Ice Bag and Mallet is a great gift. Classic bartenders swear by this method for crushing ice – you add ice to the bag and crush it yourself with a mallet. There’s something fun about this old-school method.
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Luxardo Gourmet Cocktail Maraschino Cherries

luxardo cherries

Luxardo cherries are the favorite classic for good reason. These timeless cocktail cherries add the perfect syrup-y flavor to your cocktails, and they make a beautiful dark red garnish. Add these to your cocktail-themed gift basket and they will go to good use!
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Gold Cocktail Picks

gold cocktail picks

Pair these gorgeous gold cocktail picks with the Luxardo cherries above, or with a good jar of cocktail olives! Cocktails look better than ever with these reusable, stainless steel cocktail picks. Add an extra touch of elegance to your glass and garnish like a pro.
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Copper Moscow Mule Mugs

moscow mule mugs

For the friend who loves a Moscow mule, get them these copper mugs for the classic Moscow Mule look! These copper-plated stainless steel mugs will keep your drinks cool, whether it’s a classic mule or another cocktail of choice. The set also comes with 4 pure copper straws, a copper jigger for measuring spirits, and a copper bottle opener.
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Godinger Cocktail Mixing Glass with Stirrer

godinger cocktail mixing glass

Many people have a cocktail shaker, but not everyone has a good cocktail mixing glass. This glass is made specifically for stirred cocktails, with plenty of room to stir and a long bar spoon to combine your ingredients. This crystal mixing glass from Godinger will look elegant on any bar cart.
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Tippleman’s Variety Pack Cocktail Mixer Set

tipplemans cocktail syrups

Mix up creative cocktails with this variety of cocktail syrups from Tippleman’s. Featuring unique flavors like burnt sugar syrup and double-spiced falernum syrup, any cocktail connoisseur will have fun experimenting with these flavors in both classic and original cocktails.
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Punch Bowl Set with Tumblers

punch bowl set

For that person who loves to entertain, this punch bowl set is an excellent gift. The crystal punch bowl comes with 8 matching tumblers for serving, and of course, the glasses can be used even when you’re not making punch. This is an elegant gift for any home.
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Whiskey Stones

whiskey stones

For the whiskey lover in your life, you can’t go wrong with a good set of whiskey stones. These stones will keep your drink cool without diluting the drink, perfect for anyone who likes sipping a high-quality spirit straight up. They also come with a nice wooden box for storage.
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Please drink responsibly, be fully accountable with your alcohol consumption, and show others respect.

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