A Closer Look at J-Lo’s Ready to Drink Cocktail Brand

Exploring the prasie and criticism surrounding Jennifer Lopez’s new low-calorie bottled cocktail line

The multi-talented performer, actress, and entrepreneur Jennifer Lopez recently unveiled a brand-new alcoholic beverage called Delola.

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The company sells a line of elegant, embossed glass bottles containing low-calorie bottled cocktails. Jennifer Lopez’s stage name, “Delola,” is a play on her nickname “Lola,” and it captures the carefree, jovial side of her personality.

With its first three products, each featuring strong fruit flavors paired with vodka, tequila, and amaro, the brand has already created a lot of buzz in the market, but not all for the right reasons.

What is Delola?

Delola is a line of low-calorie bottled cocktails that are packaged in stunning, embossed glass 750ml and 375ml bottles.

The Bella Berry Spritz, the Paloma Rosa Spritz, and the L’orange Spritz are the brand’s three initial offerings, each featuring strong fruit flavors paired with vodka, tequila, and amaro, respectively.

The play on Jennifer Lopez’s nickname “Lola” in the name Delola captures the carefree, playful side of her personality.

Delola Flavors

Delola, the new alcohol brand launched by Jennifer Lopez, features three initial offerings, each with bold fruit flavors paired with vodka, tequila, and amaro, respectively. The flavors are the Bella Berry Spritz, the Paloma Rose Spritz, and the L’orange Spritz

Bella Berry Spritz

The Bella Berry Spritz is a sparkling beverage made with premium vodka, hibiscus, and berries. This Delola flavor has a full body and tasting notes of citrus, hibiscus, and red berries.

The Bella Berry Spritz comes in a gorgeous, embossed glass bottle and is gluten-free. With no cutting, squeezing, or mixing necessary, this RTD cocktail is meant to be enjoyed over ice.

Paloma Rose Spritz

The Paloma Rose Spritz is a variation on the traditional Paloma cocktail that incorporates grapefruit and elderflower. This flavor of Delola has a floral scent and a wonderfully bright, citrusy, and slightly sweet taste.

The Paloma Rose Spritz is made with premium tequila, elderflower, and grapefruit, so it’s an absolutely perfect drink for the Spring or Summer when it starts to get hot out.

L’orange Spritz

The L’orange Spritz is a sparkling delight that features blood orange, aperitif, and premium tequila.

It has a bright, citrusy flavor with a hint of bitterness from the aperitif. This is the ultimate ready to drink cocktail for your next beach day, that’s for sure.

The Controversy Around Delola

Several sources stated that Jennifer Lopez has faced criticism on social media for launching a line of alcoholic beverages despite having previously said she does not drink.

j lo singing on stage

Some fans and followers have expressed confusion and disappointment, as they had believed Lopez to be sober. However, it is worth noting that Lopez has not explicitly stated that she is sober and has only mentioned in interviews that she rarely drinks.

There was also a bit of buzz around J-Lo starting her own brand of alcohol while her husband, Ben Affleck, is said to be in recovery for alcohol addiction, following several trips to rehab.

Despite the controversy, Delola’s initial offerings have received positive reviews from industry experts and consumers, with many praising the brand’s unique flavors and beautiful packaging.


The next time you see Delola in stores, be sure to give it a try! These tasty, ready-to-drink cocktails are a game-changer for convenient drinks at your next party.

Have you had the chance to try a Delola cocktail, yet? Let us know what you think about J-Lo’s new line of cocktails down in the comments below!

Please drink responsibly, be fully accountable with your alcohol consumption, and show others respect.

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