20 Iconic American Beers to Try

best american beers brands

When it comes to American beers, there’s a diverse range of options to explore. From crisp lagers to hoppy IPAs and rich stouts, the best American beers offer a wide spectrum of flavors and styles to suit every palate.

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Whether you’re kicking back with friends at a barbecue, enjoying a relaxing evening at home, or exploring local breweries, American beers cater to a wide audience. With their unique characteristics and regional influences, these beers are sure to delight both casual drinkers and dedicated beer enthusiasts alike.

Toppling Goliath Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout

the toppling goliath kentucky brunch brand stout

The Toppling Goliath Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout stands as a shining example of why American beers have gained global recognition for their exceptional quality and innovation. This highly sought-after brew, often regarded as one of the best American beers, showcases the mastery and creativity of its creators. It embodies the spirit of exploration and experimentation that has made American brewers leaders in the global beer community, making it a must-try for any beer lover seeking the best the United States has to offer.

Goose Island Bourbon County Coffee Stout

The Goose Island Bourbon County

When it comes to the best American beers, the Goose Island Bourbon County Coffee Stout stands as a testament to the ingenuity and artistry of American brewers. Each sip reveals a symphony of flavors, where the robust bitterness of the coffee merges harmoniously with the velvety smoothness of the bourbon undertones. For those seeking an unforgettable beer experience, the Goose Island Bourbon County Coffee Stout delivers.

Russian River Pliny the Elder

the Russian River Pliny the Elder

Russian River Pliny the Elder has legitimately earned its reputation as one of the greatest American beers, securing its position among the top-tier brews. The palate is treated to a symphony of hop-forward ecstasy with each sip. It emerges with the fragrance of grapefruit and orange while also blending resinous pine notes with powerful citrus tones. This beer continues to be a brilliant example of what makes American beers genuinely unique, from its flawless flavor profile to its long-lasting influence on the industry.

Anchorage Brewing Blessed IPA

The Anchorage Brewing Blessed IPA

For beer connoisseurs, the flavor of Anchorage Brewing’s Blessed IPA is a celestial discovery. A burst of tropical fruit notes, reminiscent of ripe pineapple, juicy mango, and tangy citrus, greet the taste buds with each sip. A strong hop bitterness perfectly counterbalances the fruity sweetness, creating a delightful flavor interplay. Blessed IPA is a testimony to the skill and creativity that have made American beers renowned all over the world.

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Angry Chair Barrel Aged Adjunct Trail Imperial Stout

The Angry Chair Barrel Aged Adjunct Trail Imperial Stout

The flavor of Angry Chair Barrel Aged Adjunct Trail Imperial Stout is a memorable experience that pleases the senses. A flavorful balance of sweetness, bitterness, and roasted overtones is achieved by adding adjunct ingredients like cocoa, vanilla, or coffee. Each sip invites you to explore the depths of flavor, solidifying its reputation as a true masterpiece among beer enthusiasts.

Cigar City Double Barrel Hunahpu

Cigar City Double Barrel Hunahpu

Cigar City Double Barrel Hunahpu offers a taste experience that is rich, complex, and indulgent. Deep chocolate and roasted malt blend with delicate flavors of vanilla and oak from the double barrel aging process to create a flavorful mix of powerful and robust aromas. Cigar City Double Barrel Hunahpu satisfies the cravings of those seeking a full-bodied, flavorful brew that lingers on the tongue, making it a true delight for beer enthusiasts.

Alchemist Heady Topper

Alchemist Heady Topper

The exquisite harmony of tastes in Alchemist Heady Topper creates a really unique sensory experience. Grapefruit and pineapple flavors come through strongly in the texture and aroma. The bitterness is balanced by the sweetness of the malty base, making for an enjoyable overall flavor profile. Alchemist Heady Topper has established itself as a popular and well-respected beer thanks to its remarkable flavor and distinctive brewing methods.

Perennial Artisan Barrel Aged Abraxas

perennial barrel aged abraxas

Beer connoisseurs are delighted by the flawless flavor of Perennial Artisan Barrel Aged Abraxas, which is a perfect example of the mastery of balance and the creativity of brewing. Its unique blend of sweet and spicy flavors sets it apart, making it a must-try for those seeking an indulgent and unforgettable beer experience.

Vault Brewing Irish Potato Stout

The Vault Brewing Irish Potato Stout

Vault Brewing Irish Potato Stout is a standout among stouts, offering a delightful twist on traditional flavors. The initial sip reveals a rich and velvety smoothness, with hints of roasted malt that provide a pleasant depth. As the flavors develop, a delightful sweetness emerges, reminiscent of creamy potatoes and a touch of caramel. Its distinctive flavor profile, which combines a hint of sweetness with a little bitterness, makes it a fascinating option for beer connoisseurs and stout beer fans.

King JJJuliusss

The King JJJuliusss

King JJJuliusss is a delicious masterpiece that exemplifies a perfectly balanced combination of ingredients. These vivid fruit aromas offer a wonderful sweetness that is nicely balanced by a strong hop bitterness, for an amazing balance. The experience is enhanced by the beer’s medium body and silky texture, which let the flavors linger on the palate. Each sip of this exceptional brew will enthrall you with its vibrant flavors and invite you to embrace the royal experience.

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Toppling Goliath Vanilla Bean Assassin 

assassin vanilla bean beer

Toppling Goliath Vanilla Bean Assassin is the undisputed champion of beers because of its remarkable flavor and expert brewing. The beer is infused with an opulent richness that is both comfortable and scrumptious, and the predominant vanilla bean taste takes center stage. A perfect balancing of sweetness with a mild bitterness ensures a full-bodied and delightful flavor. The amazing flavor profile of the Toppling Goliath Vanilla Bean Assassin will captivate your senses and leave you wanting more.

Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout

founders kbs

Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout (KBS) is a tantalizing elixir that promises to whisk you away on a flavorful journey. The smooth coffee and roasted malt undertones are a pleasant addition to the dominant aromas of rich and velvety chocolate. The addition of bourbon barrel aging infuses the beer with a subtle warmth and gentle vanilla undertones. Prepare to be transported to a realm of flavor and sensory delight with every sip of this extraordinary stout.

Bell’s Black Note Stout

The Bell’s Black Note Stout

Imperial stout and beer aged in bourbon barrels combine to create Bell’s Black Note Stout, a beer that gives an opulent and decadent flavor experience. Dark chocolate and roasted malt give this drink an intense, velvety richness, while caramel and toffee offer a subtle, sweet finish. The aging process in bourbon barrels imparts a pleasant warmth and soft vanilla notes to the beer. Drinking Bell’s Black Note Stout is like indulging in a decadent dessert, evoking a sense of satisfaction and comfort.

Dark Lord Marshmallow Handjee

The Dark Lord Marshmallow Handjee

Dark Lord Marshmallow Handjee is a beer that promises to transport you to a world of sweet indulgence and delightful flavors. Combining the strong flavor of Dark Lord Imperial Stout with the sweet, fluffy texture of marshmallows, this amazing brew is the epitome of decadence. Every taste of this one-of-a-kind beverage is sure to enchant you with its opulent blend of sweet, savory, and smooth flavors.

North Coast Old Rasputin

The North Coast Old Rasputin

A traditional Russian imperial stout, North Coast Old Rasputin is a beer that captures the spirit of the style while showing a powerful and rich taste profile. Old Rasputin strikes a perfect balance between sweetness and bitterness, with a pronounced bitterness that complements the richness of the stout without overpowering it. It’s a beer to be sipped and relished because it carries you away to a state of indulgence and relaxation.

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Urban Village Girard Jamz 

Urban Village Girard Jamz is an outstanding addition to the lineup of the best American beers. The prominent notes of ripe berries, such as raspberries and blackberries, burst onto the palate, creating a vibrant and refreshing sensation. These juicy fruit flavors are perfectly balanced, neither too sweet nor overpowering, allowing for a well-rounded and enjoyable taste experience. Whether you’re a fan of fruit-infused brews or simply seeking a delicious and well-crafted beverage, Girard Jamz will leave you impressed.

Tree House Very GGGreennn

The Tree House Very GGGreennn

One of the top American beers are Tree House Very GGGreennn, which stands out amid the competition by exhibiting the remarkable skill and commitment to excellence that have made Tree House Brewing Company a household brand in the business. Very GGGreennn is a beer that demands attention, with its full-bodied mouthfeel and smooth finish adding to the overall enjoyment. Beer drinkers who appreciate a robust and multifaceted hop taste will appreciate this brew. 

Three Floyds Zombie Dust

The Three Floyds Zombie Dust

When it comes to the best American beers, Three Floyds Zombie Dust stands out as a true gem. The hoppy character adds a satisfying amount of bitterness that is neither overpowering nor harsh, while the pronounced notes of grapefruit and orange zest add a refreshing sharpness. Its exceptional flavor, balanced profile, and overall quality have earned it a well-deserved reputation as one of the best American beers.

Deschutes The Abyss

The Deschutes The Abyss

One of the finest American beers is Deschutes The Abyss. Dark chocolate, roasted malt, espresso, molasses sweetness, and undertones of vanilla and wood from bourbon barrel aging characterize the complex characteristics of this imperial stout. Its bitter and silky qualities are harmonious, making an indelible impression. Deschutes The Abyss, brewed with care and ingenuity, is a top pick for beer connoisseurs looking for a one-of-a-kind beverage.

Maine Dinner

The Maine Dinner

Maine Dinner is a remarkable choice for beer enthusiasts seeking an extraordinary taste adventure. The assertive grapefruit character intertwines with tropical fruit undertones, creating a refreshing and invigorating experience. Enjoy the unique beer-drinking experience that Maine Dinner provides by indulging in its alluring essence, where hop bitterness and zesty citrus aromas collide. Maine Dinner is a remarkable choice for beer enthusiasts seeking an extraordinary taste adventure.

Please drink responsibly, be fully accountable with your alcohol consumption, and show others respect.

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