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12 Sweet Vermouth Cocktails to Try

Sweet vermouth shines in my bar for its rich herbal notes and mellow sweetness, making every cocktail stand out. I love how it blends seamlessly with different spirits to create versatile drinks suitable for any occasion. It’s not just about the alcohol; it’s about enhancing flavors and creating memorable moments. The recipes I’ve curated mix tradition with innovation, offering something for everyone. From refreshing aperitifs to soothing nightcaps, these sweet vermouth cocktails embody the essence of sophistication without being pretentious. If you’re looking to explore flavorful cocktails, this roundup is a must-try.

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manhattan cocktail

When it comes to the realm of sweet vermouth cocktails, few can rival the elegance and timeless allure of a perfectly crafted Manhattan. This classic libation, known for its harmonious blend of flavors, has earned its place among the best sweet vermouth cocktails, captivating cocktail enthusiasts for decades. Served over ice, this masterpiece of mixology is garnished with a Luxardo cherry, a jewel-like finale that adds a burst of sweet and tangy perfection.

Negroni Sbagliato

negroni sbagliato cocktail

Within the realm of sweet vermouth cocktails, the Negroni Sbagliato reigns as a refreshing and unexpected twist on the classic Negroni. The Negroni Sbagliato starts with sweet vermouth, which is known for having a rich and complex flavor. The interplay between the sweet vermouth and Campari creates a symphony of flavors, with each sip revealing a delicate balance between sweetness and bitterness. It’s a strong candidate for the greatest sweet vermouth drink because of its fizz and balanced taste profile.


a glass of Americano cocktail

The Americano, a timeless classic among sweet vermouth cocktails, captures the essence of sophistication and refreshment in every sip. The smooth sweetness of the sweet vermouth harmonizes with the bitter notes of the Campari to make a well-balanced and appealing symphony of flavors. To add a light and effervescent touch, the Americano is topped with club soda, which imparts a refreshing fizz to the cocktail. The drink’s remarkable balance and refreshing nature make it a beloved choice for those seeking the best sweet vermouth cocktail experience.


a glass of boulevardier cocktail

Among the pantheon of sweet vermouth cocktails, the Boulevardier shines as a true gem, captivating aficionados with its bold and enticing flavors. The perfect union of bourbon, Campari, and sweet vermouth is on full display in this drink, which has earned acclaim as one of the greatest sweet vermouth cocktails. With every sip, the Boulevardier captures the essence of refined indulgence and confirms its place among the most revered and celebrated sweet vermouth cocktails.

Vieux Carré

Vieux Carre Cocktail

Elevating the realm of sweet vermouth cocktails to new heights, the Vieux Carré stands proudly as a masterpiece of mixology. The rich, smooth sweetness of the sweet vermouth complements the whiskey, and the cognac adds a touch of refined sophistication. Bénédictine, a French herbal liqueur, adds a layer of complexity and depth to the Vieux Carré. It is a testament to the versatility and depth that sweet vermouth brings to the realm of cocktails, making it an unforgettable choice for discerning enthusiasts.

Hanky Panky 

Boozy Classic Hanky Panky Cocktail with Gin and an Orange Garnish

A particularly enthralling flavor experience may be found in the Hanky Panky cocktail, a wonderful mixture made from the union of sweet vermouth, gin, and Fernet-Branca. The drink gets its main flavor from the sweet vermouth, which gives it a silky texture and a hint of sweetness. It enriches the dish with a flavor that lingers on the tongue and soothes the senses. Garnished with a twist of orange peel, the Hanky Panky brings a bright and citrusy essence to the forefront, enhancing the flavors with a refreshing burst of aroma.


orange negroni cocktail on countertop

A timeless classic in the world of mixed drinks, the Negroni has a distinctive flavor profile that strikes a delicate balance of sweetness, bitterness, and complexity. This drink, which is made from a straightforward yet beautiful blend of gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth, offers an enthralling sensory experience. It is a cocktail that offers a refined indulgence, capturing the essence of sophistication and timeless appeal.


Martinez Cocktail With Gin, Vermouth And Orange Peel

The Martinez cocktail, a delightful blend of gin, sweet vermouth, maraschino liqueur, and a dash of Angostura bitters, offers a truly captivating taste experience. The gin provides a base that is both fresh and herbal, giving the drink a lively and invigorating flavor, while the sweet vermouth is the star of the show, adding a hint of exquisite sweetness and a silky smooth texture. As you savor each sip, you’ll experience a delightful blend of botanicals, sweetness, and a touch of bitterness, culminating in a refined and satisfying finish.

Rob Roy

rob roy cocktail

The Rob Roy is a traditional cocktail that takes your taste buds on an adventure with its blend of sweet vermouth, Scotch whiskey, bitters, and maraschino cherries. Allow yourself to be transported to a world of refined indulgence with the Rob Roy, where the sweet vermouth adds a touch of elegance and enhances the overall taste experience of this timeless cocktail.


greenpoint cocktail garnish with lemon twist

Greenpoint is a sophisticated and pleasurable beverage to drink. This cocktail is a delicious demonstration of the adaptability and attractiveness of sweet vermouth in mixology, with its balanced tastes. Indulge in Greenpoint and discover a world where the artistry of mixology flourishes and sweet vermouth reigns supreme.

Blood and Sand

Homemade Smokey Blood and Sand Cocktail with Orange Juice and Scotch

The Blood and Sand cocktail, a fine concoction that ranks among the greatest sweet vermouth concoctions, delivers a seductive combination of tastes that will captivate your palate. This cocktail is an excellent example of the adaptability and allure of sweet vermouth in mixology since it is made with smooth Scotch whisky, sweet vermouth, Cherry Heering liqueur, and a dash of fresh orange juice. Discover the enticing taste of sweet vermouth as it blends with the other ingredients to create an exquisite and satisfying symphony of flavor by immersing yourself in the realm of blood and sand.

Orange Blossom

Fresh tall glass of Orange Blossom Cocktail

The Orange Blossom cocktail, a pleasant addition to the best sweet vermouth drinks, delivers a mild, zesty taste that will take you to shady orchards. The combination of gin, sweet vermouth, and orange juice creates a symphony of taste that is both invigorating and satisfying. The Orange Blossom is a cocktail that exudes the essence of summer, offering a delightful interplay of sweet vermouth and citrus.

A Sweet Vermouth Cocktail placed on a bar counter. The cocktail is in an elegant glass, garnished with a twist of orange peel and a cherry. The background shows a blur of bar shelves filled with various bottles of spirits and liqueurs, softly illuminated by ambient, warm lighting.

12 Sweet Vermouth Cocktails Recipes

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12 Sweet Vermouth Cocktails to Try
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