17 Mike’s Hard Lemonade Flavors Ranked

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Mike’s Hard Lemonade offers a variety of refreshing and flavorful options for those looking to enjoy a unique twist on the classic lemonade beverage. With a range of different flavors to choose from, there is something for everyone’s taste preferences. Whether you’re a fan of traditional lemonade or looking to try something new and exciting, Mike’s Hard Lemonade has a flavor that is sure to satisfy your cravings.

From the tangy and tart taste of classic lemonade to the sweet and fruity flavors like strawberry and black cherry, Mike’s Hard Lemonade provides a diverse selection of options to suit any occasion. Whether you’re relaxing at home, enjoying a day at the beach, or hosting a gathering with friends, the assortment of flavors from Mike’s Hard Lemonade offers a delicious and convenient way to enjoy a refreshing beverage.



Although not part of the original lineup, mango is a classic Mike’s hard flavor and a favorite for many. It has all the sweetness of a real mango without tasting syrupy or fake and offers a cool and refreshing taste. Mango lemonade is sweet and tart with the perfect amount of kick for a summer drink. 



Mike’s hard has been making Watermelon Lemonade for a while. Although it doesn’t seem like it would be a good flavor for a lemonade, it’s actually one of the most popular. The watermelon flavoring tastes like candy from your youth, and this flavor feels like a call-back to childhood summer afternoons. 



Of course, Peach lemonade is a classic combination. This is one of Mike’s original flavors and continues to be a best-seller. It offers the tanginess of Lemonade with the sweet, summery flavor of a fresh peach. If you’ve never had Mike’s Hard Lemonade, this is the flavor to try first! 

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Blue Freeze


Recently, Mike’s Hard has released a series of “Freezes” – hard lemonades modeled after classic slush flavors. Blue Freeze tastes like a blue raspberry slushie from the local movie theater and is an excellent addition to the lineup. Don’t worry – this drink won’t turn your tongue blue! 

Black Cherry


Another of Mike’s original lineup, black cherry lemonade, comes across with the tangy sweetness of dark cherry and the original taste of Lemonade. The alcohol is exceptionally hard to taste in this drink because it’s so sweet and ready to drink



Strawberry lemonade might be the most classic childhood summer drink, and Mike’s Hard Lemonade strives to bring back that taste with an adult twist. Even with the added alcohol, this drink is excellent for a hot summer afternoon, sipping by the pool. The strawberry and lemonade blend perfectly together. 



Who says Lemonade is only for summer? Cranberry is a classic fall or winter flavor, but it works well in one of Mike’s seasonal lemonades – Cranberry lemonade. It’s a little more festive, but the tart taste of cranberry and the underlying lemon flavor makes you ready for any season. 

Red Freeze


If you weren’t a fan of blue raspberry slushies as a kid, you likely got one of the only other options – the red cherry. This Red Freeze brings back the retro red cherry flavor of a classic slush and lives up to the legacy. Although your mouth won’t turn bright red drinking this, you might remember the slushies of your youth. 

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This list wouldn’t be complete without the flavor that started it all – hard Lemonade. Although Mike’s keeps adding new lines and flavors, the best-selling is still the original Lemonade. It’s a classic and remains popular for a good reason: it’s a delicious hard lemonade. There’d be no Mike’s without this flavor.

Black Raspberry


Although it doesn’t seem like black raspberry would be an iconic Mike’s flavor, it’s one of the more popular of the recent lineups. It has all the elements of the classic black cherry but adds a hint of raspberry to make it a little tarter. From college parties to backyard barbecues, this drink has become quite popular. 

Apple Pear


Although Mike’s doesn’t have a hard cider line, the apple pear flavor of Lemonade is often compared to a hard cider. It’s not quite the same – it still has Lemonade, and the pear sweetens the application considerably. However, if you love hard cider, you’ll likely still like this flavor option. 

White Freeze


Unlike the other freezes on the list, the white freeze doesn’t originate from a slush flavor; instead, it tastes like an orange creamsicle. With orange and cream soda flavors, this hard Lemonade is delicious and brings us back to drippy orange creamsicles and sticky fingers as children. 

Pineapple Mandarin


Pineapple is one of the sweetest fruits, so it makes sense that it’s paired with mandarin oranges, which add some tartness. The pineapple notes don’t overwhelm Mike’s hard flavor, allowing for the mandarin and lemon flavors to come through quite nicely. It’s still one of the sweetest on the list, however! 

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Pink Grapefruit


If you aren’t as big a fan of sweeter flavors, the pink grapefruit might be your new favorite Lemonade. In addition to the tartness of traditional Lemonade, this drink layers the extreme tartness and mild sweetness of a grapefruit. If you love grapefruits, you’ll like this drink (we certainly do!). 

Blackberry Pear

Mike’s has tried a lot of classic flavors over the years, but we love that the company has begun combining fruits to make excellent lemonade cocktails. One of the newest is the Blackberry Pear, which features soft pear notes and a strong blackberry body. It’s delicious! 

Pineapple Strawberry 


Pineapple strawberry is one of the most classic smoothie flavors, and it comes together nicely in this Lemonade. The pineapple’s sweetness pairs with the strawberry’s sweetness, but both have a little tartness to make up for it.

Pink Freeze


The last of the Freeze lineup, the pink freeze, has all the classic flavors of a pink lemonade slush. It offers the best of Mike’s Hard Lemonade, adds the pink color, and gives you a drink from your childhood. You can try this flavor on its own or as part of a freeze pack to get all of the flavors without the pain of a brain freeze. 

Please drink responsibly, be fully accountable with your alcohol consumption, and show others respect.

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