Our Favorite Effen Vodka Flavors Ranked

Vodka thought it had settled in a comfortable spot, but Holland had other plans.

Effen vodka pairs liquor enthusiasm with distillation know-how and a fresh approach to re-creating the spirit. 

Bottle of Effen Blood Orange Vodka and glass with ice

The brand makes a wide range of flavored vodkas, perfect for enjoying on ice or mixing into cocktails. In this article, we rank the most popular Effen vodka flavors, from blood orange to yuzu, and discuss the best uses for each bottle. 

Best Effen Vodka Flavors

These are the best Effen vodka flavors, ranked from best to less-best:


Effen vodka’s wide range of flavored spirits makes great solo sips and ideal cocktail mixers. The distillers capture tastes to delight every drinker. 

Now that you’ve seen the top Effen vodka flavors ranked, grab a drink and leave us a comment telling us if we missed any of your favorites. 

Please drink responsibly, be fully accountable with your alcohol consumption, and show others respect.

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