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Top 12 Chinese Cocktails to Try

I love recommending Chinese cocktails because they blend traditional flavors with innovative mixing. These drinks mix lychee, green tea, ginger, and Chinese herbs, creating a flavor that’s both familiar and surprising. They’re perfect for those looking to explore beyond the usual and enjoy a taste that’s rich and multifaceted. Every sip brings something new, making these cocktails a favorite among those who appreciate depth in their drinks. For anyone eager to explore a fresh twist on cocktails, this roundup is a must-see.

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Glass of Lion's Tail cocktail decorated with orange at bar counter background.

The Lion’s Tail Cocktail

This long standing cocktail has been wowing taste buds since the 1930s, blending smokey bourbon with lime juice, simple syrup, and allspice dram. Allspice is a popular additive to most Chinese dishes, and it pairs well with smokey bourbon and sweet simple syrup. This is a sophisticated cocktail with a beautiful burgundy hue.
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Asian Pear

This Asian-inspired cocktail uses many of the far East’s tastiest ingredients, including fresh pairs and a Japanese spirit called Shochu. This recipe has you blend whole pear slices with lemon juice and Shochu, straining the liquid into a delicate yet concentrated pear-forward flavor palate with a strong alcoholic finish.
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orange blossom cocktail 16

The Orange Blossom Cocktail

This botanical and citrusy Orange Blossom Cocktail is the perfect drink to ring in the Chinese New Year. The Orange Blossom cocktail blends gin with citrus juice, orange bitters, and orange blossom simple syrup for a rich orange flavor with hints of juniper. The piece de resistance is bubbly wine that adds a dry and crisp finish.
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Chinese Whisper

A key aromatic in Asian food and drink is ginger, and the Chinese Whisper cocktail has a double dose of it. It has a glorious flavor profile of spicy ginger, sweet lychee liqueur, and Citroen vodka with a much-needed squeeze of tart lime. This Chinese cocktail doesn’t whisper, it sings with rich Asian flavors.
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chinese new year green tea mint martini11

Green Tea Martini

This Chinese spiked tea recipe is fresh and comforting. It spikes freshly brewed, iced green tea with vodka and lime juice. If you like your Green Tea Martini sweet, you can add a dash of honey or honey simple syrup. If it’s cold outside, you could always spike hot green tea for a hot toddy which is Chinese-inspired.
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Orange Oasis 950

Orange Oasis Chinese Cocktail

You’ll definitely find a tranquil and zen oasis in this rich Orange Oasis Chinese cocktail, blending cherry brandy and gin with orange juice. Cherry and orange flavors get a floral kick from the gin, and the bubbly ginger ale topper ties everything together with a spicy and bubbly finish. This cocktail pairs well with pork dumplings.
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chit cha toddy 1200x628 email fe007fbebb234b1c85f4d72412deb53e

Chit-Cha Toddy

This sophisticated cocktail comes from a professional mixologist who sought to honor his Chinese and Taiwanese heritage. If you’re up for a challenge, this Chit-Cha Toddy recipe takes several steps and has you create cocktail cups out of hollowed-out pumpkins! Chit Cha Toddy is a blend of oolong tea, rye whiskey, and Benedictine liqueur with plenty of rich ginger.
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Sesame Old Fashioned

Savory cocktail lovers rejoice, the Sesame Old Fashioned is the epitome of the Asian-born umami flavor. While the Old Fashioned is a classic whiskey cocktail, the Sesame Old Fashioned is a cognac-based cocktail that requires you to infuse a high-end cognac with a miso, tahini, and butter mixture. Simple syrup and bitters compliment the miso and nutty tahini. You won’t find a more unexpected yet delicious mix than this!
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Wing Lei Year Of The Rabbit Red

Year of the Rabbit Cocktail

A dainty and elegant cocktail for your next fall dinner party, the Year of the Rabbit cocktail is a fruity gin drink with pear liqueur and rich, velvety pomegranate juice. Ginger and lemongrass syrup gives the perfect aromatic sweetness to complement the floral Sapphire gin.
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Lychee Martini thumbnail square

The Elegant Sake Lychee Martini

This simple two-ingredient martini combines Japanese sake and lychee juice in a cocktail shaker for a rich and balanced cocktail that will wow your dinner party guests. Lychee is sweet and tropical, while sake is dry and alcohol-forward. You’ll be surprised at how well the juicy lychee hydrates and softens the sake.
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C0073 chinese ny margarita.jpghe889245ditokgcd5tuwn

Chinese NY Margarita

This super alcoholic Chinese NY Margarita swaps lime juice for the Chinese yuzu and adds the strong Chinese spirit Baiju to the classic tequila and orange liqueur duo. The result is a stronger alcoholic taste with a sweeter citrus profile, thanks to the Yuzu. This margarita would pair well with fried wonton chips or crab rangoon.
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china blue drink fb

China Blue

This pastel blue cocktail is a luscious blend of blue curacao, lychee liqueur, and white grapefruit juice. It is a simple three-ingredient cocktail that has low alcohol by volume. You thus get concentrated fruity flavors of lychee and orange that get a nice bitter finish from the white grapefruit juice.
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A Chinese cocktail in a traditional Chinese garden setting. The cocktail is an exquisite blend of Chinese ingredients like baijiu or rice wine, infused with flavors like lychee, osmanthus, or green tea, served in an elegant, decorative glass. The drink has a delicate and appealing color palette, garnished with an orchid or a small bamboo skewer of fruits. The background features a serene traditional Chinese garden, with classic pavilions, stone paths, blooming flowers, and tranquil ponds, reflecting the rich cultural heritage and aesthetic of China.

12 Chinese Cocktail Recipes

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Explore Chinese cocktails – a fresh blend of traditional ingredients and modern flair. Perfect for the adventurous palate. Click for the roundup!


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Top 12 Chinese Cocktails to Try
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