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10 Tonic Water Cocktails to Try

Crafting tonic water cocktails offers a refreshing twist on classic drinks, blending the distinct bitterness of quinine with a sweet zest. These mixes range from the timeless Gin and Tonic to more intricate combinations, appealing to every palate. They’re ideal for those craving a drink that’s both invigorating and slightly sweet, catering to seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers alike. This collection of tonic water cocktails is my go-to for anyone seeking a blend of classic and innovative flavors. Don’t miss out on the roundup for some top-notch mixes.

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Cold cocktail with lime, tonic water, vodka and ice

Vodka Tonic

One of the most classic pairings for tonic water is vodka. This simple, two-ingredient vodka tonic cocktail adds tonic to vodka in a three-to-one ratio over ice. Vodka is a near-tasteless spirit, so this cocktail highlights the tonic water’s flavor. No vodka and tonic cocktail is complete without a squeeze of lime to add a tart balance to the bittersweet soda.
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gin and tonic water drink

Gin & Tonic

The only tonic water cocktail more iconic than vodka tonic is gin and tonic. While this classic cocktail is a simple combination of gin and tonic water, the ratio of spirit to tonic is controversial and subjective. Consequently, this recipe doesn’t specify a ratio but instead asks the mixologist to experiment.
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Rum and Tonic

Rum & Tonic

Tonic water is a crucial ingredient that provides ample flavor as a stand-alone pairing for any spirit. Rum and Tonic may be less ubiquitous than vodka or gin tonic cocktails, but it’s worthy of classic status. This recipe recommends pairing aged dark rum with tonic water and a squeeze of lime for a luxuriously rich cocktail.
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tequila and tonic drink fb

Tequila and Tonic Drink

This zesty and spicy tequila and tonic drink is a sophisticated and easy alternative to the typical tequila favorites like margaritas and Palomas. It uses the younger silver tequila with its harsher, spirit-forward flavor, which pairs well with the bittersweet taste of tonic water. Tonic water has a bittersweetness that mirrors grapefruit in my opinion, which is a key ingredient in Palomas. It follows that tequila and tonic work well together.
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summer tonic 1200x628 email a70f8b69490a4225b0339916e884b276

Summer Tonic

This beautifully pink summer tonic cocktail is a rum drink, combining lemon juice and Amaro bitters with Fever-Tree tonic water. Rum’s rich flavor gets a botanical boost with Fever Tree aromatic tonic. Aptly named for its Malaria-remedy origins, Fever-Tree aromatic tonic water mixes quinine with several other aromatics like cardamom, pimento berry, and ginger.
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sunday in brooklyn green goddess vertical crdt eric medsker

Green Goddess

Not to be confused with the salad dressing, Green Goddess is a tequila-spiked green juice infused with vanilla. Tequila Blanco goes into an intriguing mix of sweet, tart, and savory juices. Topping this sweet and savory tequila cocktail off with tonic water adds a bitter fizzy finish.
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grapefruit vodka tonic recipe twitter

Grapefruit Vodka Tonic

Tonic water and grapefruit juice are perfect complementary ingredients, doubling the bittersweet flavor with a bright, tart citrus finish. This vodka tonic recipe is heavier on grapefruit juice, using tonic to intensify the bittersweet quinine while providing a fizzy finish. Serving this clear drink with a giant wedge of fresh grapefruit will differentiate it from its classic counterpart.
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two glasses of aperol tonic surrounded by fresh oranged and thyme

Aperol Tonic Cocktail

Another light and refreshing summer cocktail, the Aperol Tonic Cocktail blends this favorite Italian bitter with prosecco and tonic water. Additionally, you can choose between three ingredient lists that span the flavor gamut from extra dry to slightly sweet. I recommend taking the middle ground and using a low-sugar light tonic with Prosecco for equal proportions of dry and sweet.
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St Clemence

If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic tonic water cocktail, St Clements is a refreshing and sophisticated drink to enjoy with a summer meal. It combines fresh orange juice with bitter lemon tonic water. The bitter lemon tonic water combines lemon extract with quinine and sugar, creating a bitter fizzy lemonade beverage that’s delicious on its own.
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WP Punch Tonic Cubano Cocktail

Tonic Cubano

This cocktail combines two famous Cuban rum cocktails into a delightfully herbal and tart drink. Like the mojito, the Tonic Cubano has you muddle lime juice and mint. Like a Cuba Libre, the Tonic Cubano calls for aged dark rum. The tonic water is a happy medium between neutral soda and sweet cola.
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A Tonic Water Cocktail, served in a tall, slender glass. The cocktail is effervescent and crystal clear, showcasing the purity of the tonic water. It's garnished with a slice of lemon and a sprig of fresh mint, adding a splash of green and yellow colors to the drink. The setting is an outdoor terrace during the day, with natural sunlight filtering through, giving the cocktail a sparkling appearance. The drink is placed on a table with a light-colored tablecloth, surrounded by a few potted plants, creating a fresh and inviting atmosphere.

10 Tonic Water Cocktail Recipes

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10 Tonic Water Cocktails to Try
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