Viski Pacific Tropical Tiki Glasses

I absolutely adore my tiki glass for sipping summer cocktails! Made from lead-free crystal, its crystal-clear quality makes every drink sparkle, capturing the vibrant essence of tropical concoctions. What truly sets it apart is the bold tiki face design etched into the glass, showcasing strong lines and deep angles. This design doesn’t just look good; it feels great in your hands, thanks to the satisfying heft and those distinct angles.

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And it’s not just about looks—these glasses are practical, too, with a 14 oz capacity that’s perfect for all my favorite drinks, from a Mai Tai to a Zombie. Plus, they’re not just any glasses; they’re professional quality barware that even comes in giftable packaging. Whether I’m mixing up something classic or trying out a new recipe, these glasses make the experience feel special.

zombie tiki drink
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