The Different Types of Gin

Embark on a spirited journey through the diverse world of gin, where juniper takes center stage but is accompanied by a symphony of botanicals. 

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From the classic London Dry to the exotic and innovative New Western styles, gin transcends boundaries, offering a palette of flavors to suit every taste. Unravel the rich history of this beloved spirit, from its medicinal roots to its celebrated presence in today’s craft cocktail renaissance. Explore the nuances of Old Tom, Navy Strength, and contemporary gins, each revealing a unique personality in a glass. Join us as we lift the veil on the captivating tapestry of gin varieties.

London Dry Gin

bottle of london dry gin backed by blue lighting

London Dry Gin, a quintessential icon in the gin realm, is celebrated for its crisp, juniper-forward profile. Born in the heart of London, it boasts a timeless elegance defined by a meticulous distillation process. A harmonious blend of botanicals, from citrus peels to angelica root, creates a remarkably balanced spirit. Renowned for its versatility, London Dry Gin is the cornerstone of classic cocktails, embodying the essence of a bygone era while remaining a beloved choice for contemporary mixology.

Dry Gin

Dry Gin

Dry Gin, a luminary in the gin family, showcases a refined simplicity. Distilled to high proof, it carries a clean, juniper-driven essence with subtle botanical undertones. Renowned for its versatility, dry gin serves as a blank canvas for mixologists, adapting seamlessly to various cocktail profiles. Its clarity and crispness make it a timeless choice, embodying the essence of classic cocktails while inviting innovation in the ever-evolving world of spirits.

Plymouth Gin


Plymouth Gin, a distinctive gem among spirits, hails from the historic naval town of Plymouth, England. Revered for its smoothness and unique, slightly sweet flavor profile, it’s distinct from London Dry. Crafted with Dartmoor water and a blend of seven botanicals, it has a refined character. Embraced by cocktail enthusiasts, Plymouth Gin is a nod to tradition yet remains a contemporary muse for mixologists, embodying the maritime spirit of its birthplace in every sip.

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Old Tom Gin

hayman brand of old tom gin bottles

Old Tom Gin, a fascinating chapter in the diverse world of gin, offers a bridge between the classic London Dry and the sweeter styles. With a touch of sweetness, it revives historical cocktail recipes and provides a nuanced alternative to modern mixology. Characterized by a more rounded flavor profile and a subtle sweetness, Old Tom Gin enriches the spectrum of gin varieties, inviting enthusiasts to explore its vintage charm and rediscover classic drinks with a delightful twist.

Sloe Gin

Colourful glass of sloe gin fizz cocktail made with Williams Aged Sloe Mulberry Gin.

Sloe Gin, a delightful deviation in the tapestry of gin varieties, introduces a burst of fruity exuberance. Infused with sloe berries, it marries the signature botanicals of gin with a luscious sweetness. A departure from traditional dry gins, Sloe Gin unveils a vibrant hue and a nuanced, berry-forward palate. Embraced for its versatility in both classic and contemporary cocktails, it adds a playful and fruity dimension to the world of gin, showcasing the spirit’s adaptability and endless possibilities.

Navy Strength Gin

navy strength gin bottles from four pillars

Navy Strength Gin, a powerhouse in the gin landscape, carries a legacy rooted in naval tradition. Distilled to a robust 57–58% alcohol by volume, it originated to withstand gunpowder’s potential dilution aboard naval ships. Beyond its higher proof, Navy Strength Gin boasts intense juniper notes complemented by a robust mix of botanicals. It’s a bold choice for cocktail enthusiasts seeking a spirit that commands attention, adding depth and potency to classic concoctions while honoring its seafaring origins.

Barrel Aged Gin

Barrel Aged Gin

Barrel Aged Gin, a captivating fusion of tradition and innovation, undergoes a maturation process in wooden casks, imparting a unique character. As the gin breathes within the confines of oak, it acquires rich, complex flavors, often reminiscent of whiskey. The aging process mellows the spirit, offering a harmonious balance of botanicals and the subtle influence of the barrel. Barrel Aged Gin stands as a testament to the creative evolution of gin, inviting enthusiasts to savor the marriage of gin’s vibrancy with the depth of barrel aging.

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Japanese Gin

a bottle of japanese gin with four glasses

Japanese Gin, a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, draws inspiration from traditional botanicals and the country’s cultural nuances. Embracing a delicate balance, it often features unique ingredients like yuzu, sakura blossoms, or Japanese peppercorns. Distilled with precision, Japanese gins exude a refined complexity, offering a subtle departure from traditional Western styles. Celebrated for their elegance and attention to detail, these gins showcase the artistry of Japanese distillers and provide a distinctive taste of the East in the global gin landscape.

Compound Gin

Compound Gin

Compound Gin, a simpler yet flavorful creation, distinguishes itself through a unique production method. Unlike distilled gins, it’s crafted by infusing botanicals directly into a neutral spirit without redistillation. This straightforward process results in a spirit that captures the essence of the botanicals without the complexity of multiple distillations. While it may lack the refinement of other gin styles, compound gin offers a straightforward and approachable option, perfect for those seeking a more direct botanical experience.

Genever Gin

a bottle and two glassees if genever gin with black currants

Genever Gin, a venerable ancestor in the gin family, traces its roots to 17th-century Holland. Distinct from its juniper-forward counterparts, Genever boasts a maltier foundation akin to whiskey, a nod to its historical genealogy. With a rich, nuanced flavor profile, it bridges the gap between gin and whiskey. Inviting enthusiasts to explore the spirit’s historical significance and savor the unique taste of a bygone era, making it a captivating chapter in the diverse narrative of gin varieties.

Cream Gin

Cream Gin

Cream Gin, an intriguing divergence in the world of gin, introduces a velvety and luxurious twist to the classic spirit. Enriched with a touch of cream, it delivers a smooth and indulgent experience that sets it apart from traditional dry gins. This unique variation adds a layer of decadence to cocktails, offering a luscious alternative for those seeking a more sumptuous gin experience. Cream Gin’s departure from convention invites enthusiasts to explore the boundaries of gin’s versatility and flavor possibilities.

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Please drink responsibly, be fully accountable with your alcohol consumption, and show others respect.

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