Top 10 Canadian Beers to Try

I’m excited to share my knowledge and experience on Canadian beers with you as a beer enthusiast.

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With a long history of brewing and a wide variety of styles and flavors to choose from, Canada has a rich and varied beer culture.

Everyone can find a favorite beer in Canada’s diverse beer scene, which features everything from traditional lagers and ales to innovative specialty brews.

So fetch a cold drink, and let’s get started!

La Fin Du Monde

I urge you to try La Fin du Monde, which is an excellent beer.

La Fin Du Monde beer

It is a robust Belgian-style lager with a complex and flavorful taste that was brewed by Unibroue in Quebec. It smells faintly sweet and fruity with hints of yeast and spices. There are undertones of coriander, orange zest, and caramel in the full-bodied, rich flavor.

Despite having a high alcohol content (9% ABV), it is surprisingly simple to consume and has a balanced, smooth aftertaste.

La Fin du Monde is a great beer to enjoy on its own or paired with a meal, and it’s definitely one of my personal favorites!


You can’t go wrong with Moosehead if you’re searching for a traditional Canadian beer.

Moosehead lager beer

Since 1867, this beer has been produced in New Brunswick, and it is still popular today. It is simple to consume, has a crisp, refreshing flavor with a mild hop bitterness, and is ideal for any situation.

Moosehead is a fantastic option whether you’re barbecuing in the backyard or just hanging out with friends. It’s a versatile beer that goes well with a variety of meals, including pizza, burgers, seafood, and spicy foods.

You won’t be let down if you try Moosehead!


I strongly advise trying Kokanee if you’re searching for a light and refreshing Canadian beer.

This beer, which was brewed in British Columbia, has a crisp, clear flavor with a touch of sweetness.

It’s a fantastic option for a steamy summer day or when you want to have a chill night in with friends.

The versatile beer Kokanee goes well with everything from bar fare to grilled meats and seafood. So pop open a cold Kokanee and savor every sip of the flavor of nature!

Steam Whistle Pilsner

You must taste Steam Whistle if you enjoy pilsner-style beers.

Steam Whistle Pilsner

The only four natural ingredients used in the brewing of this Czech-style pilsner in Ontario give it a crisp, refreshing flavor with a light hop bitterness.

It’s a great beer to drink on its own or with food, and beer fans who value its sustainable and eco-friendly brewing methods frequently choose it.

You’ll notice it on the shelf thanks to its distinctive green bottle and vintage branding, and after you sample it, you’ll see why Canadian beer enthusiasts love Steam Whistle.

Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale

Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale is a great choice if you want a flavorful and hopped beverage.

This Nova Scotian beer has a deep golden hue and a strong, citrusy flavor. It goes well with spicy foods or strong flavors and is ideal for those who like a little touch of bitterness in their brew.

Alexander Keith’s is a favorite among beer enthusiasts and is a wonderful way to sample some of Canadian culture through its delicious beer thanks to its distinctive branding and history.

You won’t regret trying it, so give it a shot!

Labatt Blue

Beer drinkers have been enjoying Labatt Blue, a traditional Canadian pilsner, for decades.

Labatt Blue

It was brewed by Labatt in Ontario, has a mild hop bitterness, and is simple to consume and appropriate for any situation.

It’s a wonderful beer to sip while relaxing with friends or on a hot summer day. Additionally, Labatt Blue is a versatile brew that goes well with a range of dishes, including pizza and pub fare.

It’s no surprise that Labatt Blue is a favorite among Canadians and beer enthusiasts equally given its distinctive flavor and lengthy history. Try it out to find out why!

Molson Canadian

Since 1959, Molson Canadian, a traditional Canadian lager, has been brewed.

This beer has a crisp and refreshing taste with a mild hop bitterness that’s easy to drink and perfect for any occasion. It’s a wonderful beer to sip while socializing with friends or watching a hockey game.

In addition, Molson Canadian is a versatile beer that goes well with a wide range of meals, including seafood, spicy foods, burgers, and pizza.

Molson Canadian, a beloved icon of Canadian culture known for its distinctive red and white can and long history, is a must-try for beer enthusiasts worldwide. Raise a glass to Canada and give it a shot!

Mill Street Tankhouse Ale

For those who enjoy a robust ale with a rich, malty flavor, Mill Street Tankhouse Ale is an excellent choice.

It was brewed by the Ontario-based Mill Street Brewery, and it has a dark golden hue and a balanced flavor that blends the bitterness of hops with the sweetness of caramel malt.

It’s a fantastic brew to sip on your own or with a hearty dish like steak or barbecue.

One of my particular favorites, the beer is well-liked by Canadian beer drinkers for its distinctive flavor and silky finish. Get a taste of a real Canadian classic by trying Mill Street Tankhouse Ale!

Sleeman Cream Ale

For those who prefer a milder brew, the smooth and creamy Sleeman Cream Ale is ideal.

It is easily drank, has a light and refreshing flavor with a touch of sweetness, and was brewed by Sleeman in Ontario.

It’s a wonderful beer to sip while dining or to relax with after a long day. Additionally, a range of meals, such as burgers, fries, seafood, and salads, go well with Sleeman Cream Ale.

Sleeman Cream Ale is a fantastic option for those looking for a traditional Canadian beer that won’t overpower their taste buds because of its unique flavor and smooth finish. Try it out and experience the creamy deliciousness!

Great Western Pilsner

Anyone who likes a crisp, refreshing lager should try Great Western Pilsner, which is a fantastic beer.

This easy-to-drink pilsner from Saskatchewan’s Great Western Brewing Company has a light golden color and a mild hop bitterness that makes it ideal for any event.

It goes well with a wide range of foods, from pizza to grilled meats and vegetables, and it has a crisp, refreshing flavor that is perfect for sweltering summer days. Beer fans everywhere should try Great Western Pilsner because of its crisp flavor and smooth finish.

Try it and experience the real flavor of Canada!


The finest Canadian beers, their distinctive qualities, and what makes them stand out from other brews around the globe will all be covered in this article.

I hope you will find this guide to be educational, thought-provoking, and enjoyable, regardless of whether you are an experienced beer enthusiast or simply seeking to try something new.

Please drink responsibly, be fully accountable with your alcohol consumption, and show others respect.

Written by My Bartender

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