15 Cheap Vodka Brands That Won’t Break the Bank

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When it comes to finding the best cheap vodka, it’s all about striking that perfect balance between quality and affordability. Whether you’re a college student on a budget, a mixologist experimenting with new cocktail recipes, or simply someone who enjoys a good vodka-based drink without breaking the bank, finding the right affordable vodka can be a game-changer.

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The best cheap vodkas are those that offer a smooth and clean taste, making them versatile for mixing in a variety of cocktails. From classic vodka-based drinks to trendy new concoctions, having a reliable and budget-friendly vodka in your liquor cabinet can open up a world of cocktail possibilities. So, if you’re looking to elevate your mixology game without emptying your wallet, the world of best cheap vodkas is definitely worth exploring.

Pinnacle Vodka


Pinnacle vodka proves a spirit doesn’t need to be expensive to win prizes. The five-times distilled liquor’s smooth flavor has earned Pinnacle multiple awards. Pinnacle makes a wide array of vodkas, both plain and flavored. The spirits come in 27 varieties providing liquor for every taste. The average cost of a bottle of Pinnacle vodka is $17.99.

Deep Eddy Vodka


Deep Eddy makes Texas’s finest vodka. The company distills its small batch spirit ten times before bottling it. The gluten-free liquor comes in a variety of flavors. In addition to the original vodka, Deep Eddy comes in six fruit flavors, a sweet tea variety, and vodka and canned soda cocktails. The vodka costs around $14.71 on average. 

New Amsterdam

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Before New York became New York, the city was called New Amsterdam. New Amsterdam vodka shares the area’s name and its sense of effortless cool. The brand distills its spirits five times to achieve maximum smoothness. The triple-filtered vodka doesn’t sacrifice quality in its pursuit of economy. New Amsterdam has won multiple awards. The vodka, running between 15 and 20 dollars per bottle, comes in 12 flavors and a classic variety. 

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svedka vodka bottles in different flavors

Despite the Swedish name, Svedka’s an all-American vodka brand. The spirit is smooth and clean. Svedka comes in nine flavors, as well as the classic variety, as well as hard seltzer cans. The vodka drinks well over ice but makes superior cocktails—Svedka’s smooth taste and reasonable price tag-generally, around 16 dollars-makes it a popular choice. 

Sobieski Vodka

Sobieski Vodka

Sobieski is Polish vodka named after one of the country’s most celebrated monarchs. The distillery, founded in 1846, crafts its signature spirit from 100 percent rye. In addition to its classic vodka, Sobieski makes seven flavored varieties ranging from vanilla to classic fruit. The vodka costs around eleven dollars a bottle, making it an affordable ingredient for your favorite cocktails. 

Hangar 1

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Hangar 1 produces its fresh, distinct vodka in California. The spirit captures the essence of bright, west coast optimism by using in-season ingredients. Hangar 1 makes innovative vodka flavors that defy drinkers’ expectations. In addition to a classic vodka, Hangar 1 makes five uniquely flavored varieties. Created in 2002, bottles of Hanger 1 cost as little as 15 dollars. 

Smirnoff Vodka

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Smirnoff is one of the most universally recognized vodkas. Even those who don’t partake have heard the name. Smirnoff began producing vodka in 1864, becoming the world’s best-selling vodka. Smirnoff owes its longevity and omnipresence to consistent quality. The incredibly smooth spirit comes in three non-flavored varieties, 22 flavors, and four sugar-free options. A bottle of Smirnoff generally costs less than 20 dollars. 


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Reyka makes a uniquely Icelandic splash in the vodka world. The distiller makes its spirit from incredibly pure spring water drawn from a glacier. The water passes through a 4,000-year-old lava field. This unique path provides more than a cool backstory; the fabled water lays the foundation for pure, delicious vodka. Reyka is a smooth vodka that sips beautifully over ice. The spirit makes delicious cocktails and runs around 20 dollars a bottle.

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UV Vodka

UV Blue 750mL Unactivated

UV makes American vodka with a colorful American flair. The distiller uses all-natural ingredients to flavor its award-winning spirits. In addition to a classic, straightforward vodka variety, UV makes eight flavored options, ranging from fruit classics like cherry to unconventional choices like cake. Each bottle costs around twelve dollars. 

Wódka Vodka


Wodka vodka emphasizes simplicity. Wodka vodka emphasizes simplicity. The Polish distiller makes its spirit from locally grown rye, which is commonly used to make whiskey. Wodka distills its vodka five times before bottling the liquid. As of 2022, Wodka’s spirit has won nine awards. The average cost of a Wodka vodka bottle is 15 dollars. 

Luksusowa Vodka

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Luksusowa began making superior potato vodka in 1928. The spirit lives up to its name, meaning “luxurious.” Luksusowa makes its award-winning vodka from local water. The distiller dominates fully ten percent of Poland’s vodka output. Luksusowa comes in three flavors beyond the classic variety. Most bottles of the vodka cost less than 20 dollars. 

Skyy Vodka

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Skyy vodka originated in San Francisco in 1992.  California lends the spirit a bright, sunny flavor. The foundational water contains pacific minerals, and the distillers filter the spirit through California-sourced limestone. Smooth and delicious, Skyy vodka comes in four flavors in addition to the classic variety. Skyy vodka costs less than 15 dollars a bottle.

Tower Vodka


Tower vodka is a multiple-award-winning Texas spirit. The distillers make the vodka from corn. They then distill the liquid six times. The resulting vodka is smooth and crisp, with a pleasant mouthfeel. Tower vodka is gluten-free. The spirit comes in only one flavor that tastes great over ice or mixed into a martini. A full liter of Tower vodka costs only 26 dollars. 

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Finlandia Vodka


Finlandia became the first American-sold Scandinavian vodka in 1971. The distillers make the spirit from thousand-year-old glacier spring water. Golden suomi barley, a unique grain that can endure Finland’s difficult ecosystem, provides a distinct and crisp flavor. In addition to the classic Finnish flavor, Finlandia makes four flavored vodkas. A standard-sized Finlandia bottle costs about 15 dollars. 

Seagram’s Vodka

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Seagram’s is one of the most visible vodka brands on the market. The spirit provides the base for many wine coolers and seltzer beverages. The American brand began distilling vodka in 1857. Seagram’s spirits have won multiple awards. In addition to the classic variety, Seagram’s makes nine flavored options. Most bottles of Seagram’s cost just under 15 dollars.

Please drink responsibly, be fully accountable with your alcohol consumption, and show others respect.

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