Top 12 Hard Seltzer Brands to Try

Hard seltzer brands have been making waves in the beverage world, offering a refreshing and light alternative to traditional alcoholic drinks. These fizzy, low-calorie beverages are perfect for those looking for a crisp and flavorful option to enjoy during social gatherings, outdoor activities, or simply unwinding after a long day.

With a wide range of flavors and varying levels of sweetness, there’s a hard seltzer out there for everyone, whether you prefer a tangy citrus burst or a juicy berry sensation. If you’re someone who enjoys experimenting with different flavors and finding the perfect drink to complement any occasion, exploring the world of hard seltzer brands might just be your next delightful adventure.

White Claw


White Claw is the quintessential hard seltzer brand, with many people treating White Claw as a synonym for hard seltzers in general. White Claw is available in dozens of fruit flavors. Most of the products are low in sugar and contain five percent alcohol. However, if you want a strong hard seltzer, White Claw also has a line of drinks that have eight percent alcohol. 

Truly Hard Seltzer


Truly Hard Seltzer is another popular hard seltzer brand. When it comes to flavor options, it doesn’t get much better than Truly. The brand offers over 30 flavors, pulling inspiration from fruit, iced tea, and more. All of the seltzers contain five percent alcohol, but if you want a stronger drink, Truly also produces a flavored vodka

High Noon Hard Seltzer


Unlike some other hard seltzer brands, High Noon makes all of its products with vodka. For this reason, High Noon is a good option for folks who prefer to stick with a familiar form of alcohol. Plus, with only 4.5 percent alcohol, a High Noon is perfect for easy drinking. 

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Vizzy Hard Seltzer


Vizzy Hard Seltzer has similar features to other major hard seltzer brands, but it offers an extra perk in the form of vitamin C. The brand has several variety packs, including a yummy hard lemonade pack that comes with multiple fun lemon flavors.

Spindrift Spiked


If you find yourself longing for a hard seltzer brand with the simplicity of a regular seltzer, check out Spindrift Spiked. Spindrift Spiked has all of the great qualities of the Spindrift brand, including fresh, natural ingredients. This hard seltzer uses real fruit juice and only contains four percent alcohol.

Topo Chico


Topo Chico is a nice hard seltzer brand for people who prefer plain or lightly flavored seltzersTopo Chico makes its seltzer with Mexican mineral water, producing a deliciously fresh taste. You can also get it in a few subtle flavors, including lime, tangerine, and grapefruit.

Bon V!V Hard Seltzer


Bon V!V Hard Seltzer stands out for having unique, classy flavors. Instead of straightforward fruity flavors, Bon V!V offers fancy options such as pear elderflower or clementine hibiscus. The brand uses champagne yeast to produce alcohol, which produces light, floral notes.

Willie’s Superbrew

willie's superbrew

If you appreciate craft brewing, you’ll enjoy Willie’s Superbrew. Willie’s Superbrew uses real fruit and a diverse blend of spices to produce distinctive hard seltzers. Folks who want a hard seltzer that leans heavily on fruit juice should try the Juicy-Hazy-Hopped Superbrew, which is almost a quarter tropical fruit juice

Corona Hard Seltzer


Not every beer brand can pull off a quality hard seltzer line, but Corona Hard Seltzer is quite impressive. The brand has tropical and berry flavors, including some unique concepts, such as spicy pineapple. Corona Hard Seltzer is particularly light and refreshing, making it a nice beverage to pair with a savory meal. 

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Bud Light Seltzer


Bud Light might be known as the “Champagne of Beers,” but its entry into the seltzer world isn’t too shabby, either. Bud Light crafts its seltzers through a special 5-step process to filter water before carbonating it, which eliminates any unpleasant taste. Bud Light Seltzer lovers can enjoy the beverage in a bevy of flavors, including watermelon, cherry limeade, and cola.

Wild Basin Boozy Sparkling Water


When you purchase a Wild Basin Boozy Sparkling Water, you get to give back to the environment. A portion of Wild Basin’s profits goes toward beach cleanups and other water resources. These hard seltzers are well-balanced, creating a refreshing seltzer with subtle but satisfying fruit flavors

Flying Embers Hard Seltzer

Flying Embers Low Carb Hard Seltzers

Flying Embers’ hard seltzers strive for a delicious taste with minimal added sugar. Even better, the company’s seltzer line has a more diverse array of flavors than most seltzer brands. In addition to the sharp, clean taste you know and love from any seltzer, Flying Embers offers both “sweet and hot” seltzers like watermelon chili and “botanical and bitters” seltzers like black lime juniper.”

Top 12 Hard Seltzer Brands to Try
Please drink responsibly, be fully accountable with your alcohol consumption, and show others respect.

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