10 French Vodka Brands You Need to Try

Vodka provides the pure, clean backdrop to so many of my favorite cocktails. From a light vodka soda to a complex Moscow Mule, vodka is a perfect vehicle for many delicious flavors. 

glass of french vodkas lying on ice

Ultra-premium French vodkas use the highest-quality ingredients from some of the most legendary food and beverage regions of France. While I typically reach for cocktails, the brands below are so good I even sip these smooth vodkas straight up.

Below are my top 10 French vodkas. Some are easy to find, and others require more effort, but these varieties will deliver a spectacular cocktail.


French vodkas use the historic spirit-distilling history of the country with its unbeatable grapes, wheat, and water sources. These ingredients combine to develop some of the leading pure and flavored French vodkas available worldwide.

Did I miss your favorite French vodka? Comment below to inform us of your ideal French vodka.

Written by My Bartender

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