Japanese Vodka Brands You Need to Try

While vodka is not the most popular spirit in Japan, many premium vodka companies create excellent drinks worth a try.

ice cold  japanese vodka cocktail with lime

Some Japanese vodkas use rare ingredients resulting in a taste worth trying. The most special component would be Japanese rice.

Most Japanese vodkas include rice or wheat. Rice vodkas have a creamy and smooth flavor, while wheat vodkas taste crisp, light, and sweet.

Below are the top Japanese vodkas I recommend.

Best Japanese Vodkas


Japan has many distinct vodkas that are worth a try for their unique flavors and ingredients.

For the strongest taste, try Nikka Coffey vodka. If you are in the mood for a relaxing drink, you must try Ao Japanese vodka.

Japan is also well know for their whisky making skills. Check out our favorites here.

If you are seeking a unique experience, Ukiyo Rice is a newly released vodka that is worth a try.

Please drink responsibly, be fully accountable with your alcohol consumption, and show others respect.

Written by Rocco

Rocco is a Florida State University alumnus with years of bartending and hospitality experience. From slinging hundreds of vodka sodas a night in jam-packed college bars to serving carefully crafted cocktails in upscale restaurants, there’s not much he hasn’t done behind a bar. Now, Rocco shares his knowledge and passion for all things alcohol-related here on My Bartender for bibulous readers everywhere to enjoy.

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