Top 15 Gluten-Free Tequila Brands

Enjoying tasty foods and drinks can be challenging if you’re trying to avoid gluten. For example, while the traditional tequila made from the blue agave plant is gluten-free, there are also mixto brands that combine various other ingredients.

salt-rimmed glasses of gluten free tequila and lemons

As such, it’s important to know which brands are trustworthy and offer gluten-free tequila.

For tequila lovers, there is no shortage of gluten free tequila! Try these lovely tequilas free of gluten and see which is your favorite. 

The following list features some of the best tequilas you can enjoy carefree, even if you have gluten sensitivity. They deliver a recognizable taste and a wide range of flavors to cater to anyone’s palate.

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