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19 Smoothest Whiskeys You’ll Ever Taste

Whiskey is a distinguished and versatile drink. You can sip it neat to relax at the end of the day enjoying all its delicate nuances and flavors or blend it into cocktails on a night out. 

glass of smoothest whiskey with ice and a square decanter

There are many different styles and flavors of whiskey, some smoother than others. Experienced whiskey drinkers often prefer an aged classic because whiskeys can become smoother over time.

Here we will explore some of the smoothest whiskeys you can drink straight or on the rocks. 

The Smoothest Whiskey


If you’re looking for the smoothest whiskey, there is no shortage on the market, and this list includes some of the best of them. Whether you’re looking for light and fruity or bold and complex, there are whiskeys for every palate.

Experienced whiskey drinkers and those new to the genre will appreciate the smoothness of these whiskeys. 

Paul Kushner

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