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Top 15 Funny Cocktails to Drink

I recommend trying out funny cocktails for a twist on your drink menu. These drinks mix humor with unique flavors, surprising guests with ingredients they never saw coming. I like them because they break the ice and make any gathering more enjoyable. From quirky mixes that play on traditional recipes to creations that are outright bizarre, these cocktails guarantee a good laugh while satisfying your thirst. They’re perfect for those looking to add a playful vibe to their party. Check out the roundup for some great ideas to serve at your next event.

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Salty Dog Cocktail

salty dog cocktail with vodka or gin and grapefruit juice

So simple and refreshing, the Salty Dog Cocktail is a vodka and grapefruit drink with a salted rim that gives you a punchy, sour note in every taste. Although it’s got a funny name, it’s a classic combination of citrus and vodka without the residual sweetness of orange juice, making it unexpected and fun.

Baby Yoda Margarita

baby yoda margarita cocktail

The perfect sip for the Baby Yoda lover in your life, this adorable cocktail looks just like everyone’s favorite Star Wars baby, with lime wedges for ears and big blueberry eyes. Of course, the flavors are all your standard margarita, but the presentation, complete with Baby Yoda’s robe, is what really sets this cocktail apart.

Blackberry Sage Margarita

Smoking Blackberry Sage Margarita

This Blackberry Sage Margarita is just the right thing to sip when the mercury drops. Full of grown-up, chilly-weather flavors and an excellent effect from the dry ice, it’s spooky and delicious. The drink gets its ruby color from silver tequila and blackberries, and the dry ice takes the presentation up several notches.

The Prison Bitch

enhanced buzz 21722 1381957424 10

This drink was inspired by “Orange is the New Black” and is a boozy and fruity sip featuring cranberry and orange juice, amaretto, Triple Sec, and vodka. The amaretto balances out the more assertive flavors nicely, lending the whole thing an almond-adjacent taste that’s super appealing.

Hanky Panky Cocktail

Hanky Panky cocktail

A fun cocktail with a cheeky name, the Hanky Panky Cocktail is a gin-based sip with a lot of character from the sweet vermouth. It’s slightly bitter, heavy on the citrus, and full of flavors that are unexpected and familiar at the same time. Plus, it’s just fun to say the name when offering one to your guests.

Beetlejuice Cocktail

Bettlejuice Cocktail HERO

This fully adult drink will definitely bring out the kid in everyone. Beetlejuice Cocktails are colorful drinks with a touch of unexpected flavors like melon and raspberry. Expect a refreshing, cooling beverage with just the right amount of tart kick at the end. Make unique cocktails so that the liquors don’t separate within the glass.

The Blackberry Raven Cocktail

Blackberry Raven thumbnail

This recipe uses Lambrusco, a type of Italian red wine, and is an utterly sophisticated spin on your typical after-dinner drink. Pair the Lambrusco with sake and Chambord for a fruity, lush foundation. Lychee juice and a touch of lemon add balance, lightness, and some tropical flair. Delicious.

Grumpy Old Man Drink

grumpy old man drink

You certainly don’t have to be a grumpy old man to enjoy this drink. The pleasing combination of Ginger Ale and bourbon will appeal to almost anyone, and a squeeze of lime ties it all together. The Ginger Ale lightens up the bourbon, playing off the sweetness of the liquor, and you can add lime to taste.

Sweet Tea Prosecco Cocktails

icedtea 11

Sweet tea Prosecco Cocktails are an inspired combination of light, bubbly Prosecco or champagne, your favorite tea, vodka, honey, and Grand Marnier. It’s fruity, slightly earthy from the tea, and full of celebratory fizz from the champagne. Serve ice-cold and garnished with lemon.

Windsor Garden


This herbaceous and citrusy drink has a funny name but is a simple, elegant presentation of fine ingredients and spirits. It’s gin-based, with a splash of simple herb syrup featuring garden favorites like mint, thyme, rosemary, and basil. Lemon juice ties the whole thing together beautifully.

Naked Lady Cocktail

Naked Lady Cocktail redo 6.jpg

Naked Lady Cocktails are a light peach hue, spiked with plenty of rum, vermouth, lemon, and apricot brandy. The combination is super potent and has many flavors going on, but surprisingly they don’t compete with each other. Instead, the apricot brandy shines through in every tasty sip.

Lick Her Right Cocktail

Lick Her Right Cocktail

This super fruity, naughtily-named cocktail is the perfect summertime pleaser with only four ingredients. Since three of them are alcoholic, it’s undoubtedly a potent cocktail, but you can tailor it to your tastes. It’s also colorful, thanks to the floating topper of blue raspberry vodka on top. Garnish with strawberries for extra appeal.

Monkey Gland Cocktail

monkey gland cocktail recipe 7593220 hero 5beae93646e0fb002d6e671c

Although this cocktail is a bit difficult to master, it will likely become one of your all-time favorites once you do. A combination of very strong absinthe, gin, and a touch of orange juice and grenadine, it’s a citrus-heavy, strong cocktail that you can actually light on fire before drinking.

Unicorn Kisses Cocktail

Unicorn Kisses Cocktail title.jpg

A bright purple, sparkly drink featuring blue raspberry vodka and strawberry lemonade, Unicorn Kisses Cocktail is a tart, sweet, magical drink perfect for your next girl’s night in. Plus, you can decorate it in all sorts of cute ways, with edible pearls or even glitter.

Blackberry Mojito

How to Make a Blackberry Mojito

A fun twist on a classic spring and summertime drink, this Blackberry Mojito is ideal for fancy brunches or simply sipping on the patio on a hot July day. Start with some white rum, simple blackberry syrup, and several blackberries to muddle at the bottom, add mint leaves, and finish with club soda. It’s tart and tasty.

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16 Funny Cocktail Recipes

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Check out these funny cocktails that will make you laugh and enjoy your drink.


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Top 15 Funny Cocktails to Drink
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