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Vodka Red Bull

Although Vodka Red Bull might not be the fanciest cocktail around, it will give you a double dose of energy and alcohol mixed together in one glass. Although this drink might be a party-time favorite, you can still enjoy it on a less than rowdy night if you want to.


This humble drink can go from the halls of your favorite frat house straight to a fine restaurant and everywhere in between. Since the Red Bull gives you a substantial kick, it is considered to be a great drink if you want a fun night out without having to worry too much about getting tired. As an added bonus, you couldn’t mess up this drink if you tried. It’s literally only two tough ingredients that will keep you boozed up and having fun all night long.


Customize To Your Taste

You can drink this beverage a few ways, the most popular being as a shot or over ice in a skinny tall glass. Alternately, you can turn it into a “bomb,” where you have a glass of Red Bull that you drop a shot of vodka into and drink as quickly as you can. As you can imagine, consuming the drink this way is risky business.


As for taste, expect this drink to feature the flavors of Red Bull. Vodka usually takes on the taste of whatever you are combining it with anyway, so unless you are using a flavored vodka, you will probably not be able to taste it at all. Although caffeine is what most people are after when they put this combination together, Red Bull also has a few other key ingredients that can help your hangover the next day. Notably, it has a lot of B vitamins and Taurine in it, which can make you feel less groggy the morning after a long night.


Vodka Red Bull Ingredients 

  • 1-2 ounces of vodka
  • A can of Red Bull

You can use any type of vodka that you want to, but you might experience fewer problems the next day if you opt for a premium or higher-end one. Generally speaking, the smoother the vodka, the better off you will be after a night of fun.



  1. Fill a highball glass halfway with crushed ice
  2. Add your vodka
  3. Pour in the Red Bull and give the whole drink a good stir


Although Vodka Red Bull might not be the first thing that you reach for if you want a fancy drink, don’t make the mistake of thinking that this beverage is just for the college set. It is actually a fairly refreshing combination that could even give you a little bit of energy the morning after a night out. The only caveat with this drink is that you can hardly taste the vodka, making it really easy to overdo if you are not careful. To avoid problems, it’s a good idea always to measure your vodka for each drink rather than eyeballing it. Other than that, you are good to go!

Written by My Bartender

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