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Top 12 Captain Morgan Mixers to Try

You’ll love mixing drinks with Captain Morgan because it’s all about creating simple yet refreshing beverages. Mixing it up brings out a variety of flavors that cater to every taste, from sweet and tropical to classic and robust. The key lies in pairing the right mixer to enhance the rich, spiced notes of Captain Morgan. Perfect for any occasion, these mixes are straightforward and always hit the spot. With recipes that are easy to follow, you’re sure to find your next favorite drink. Check out the roundup for some great ideas.

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Captain Morgan & Coke

Captain Morgan & Coke Garnish with lime slice.

The Captain Morgan & Coke combination brings together the timeless appeal of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum with the classic cola, resulting in a drink that exudes warmth and indulgence. The spiced rum’s notes of vanilla, caramel, and hints of spice beautifully intertwine with the fizz and caramel undertones of the cola. The addition of a fresh lime slice adds a zesty brightness, balancing the richness of the drink. Served over ice, this drink is best enjoyed leisurely, allowing the flavors to mingle and unfold with each sip. Captain Morgan & Coke is a beloved choice for its smooth, harmonious taste, making it a go-to option for rum enthusiasts seeking a comforting and satisfying libation.

Captain Morgan & Ginger Ale

Captain Morgan & Ginger Ale garnish with lime wedge.

The Captain Morgan & Ginger Ale concoction is a refreshing blend that brings together the distinct flavors of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum, diet ginger ale, fresh mint sprigs, and lime wheels. The spiced rum adds a delightful depth with its notes of vanilla, caramel, and spices, while the ginger ale provides a lively effervescence and a subtle heat. The mint sprig lends a cool and herbaceous touch, enhancing the overall freshness of the drink, while the lime wheels add a zesty citrus twist. Combine these ingredients over ice for a truly invigorating experience. Raise your glass, savor the flavors, and embark on a taste adventure with this Captain Morgan & Ginger Ale delight. Cheers to bold and tantalizing sips!

Captain Morgan & Lemon Lime Soda

Captain Morgan & Lemon Lime Soda

The Captain Morgan & Lemon Lime Soda unites the smooth richness of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold with the tang of lemon-lime soda and a squeeze of lemon. This invigorating combination creates a vibrant, citrus-forward profile that perfectly balances the spiced rum’s warm undertones of vanilla and spices. With every sip, the drink tantalizes the taste buds with a delightful marriage of sweet and tangy flavors. This captivating blend is perfect for summer gatherings or laid-back moments, transporting you to the sun-soaked shores of the Caribbean, where Captain Morgan’s legendary rum originates. Indulge in this tropical delight and let your taste buds set sail on a truly tropical journey.

Captain Morgan & Cranberry Juice

Captain Morgan & Cranberry Juice garnish with lime wedge.

The Captain Morgan & Cranberry Juice combination is a simple and delightful drink that effortlessly blends the bold flavor of Captain Morgan® Original Rum with the tart and tangy notes of cranberry juice. This drink is incredibly easy to serve, requiring just a few ingredients and minimal preparation. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of palates, pleasing both rum enthusiasts and those who prefer fruit-forward drinks. To enjoy this delightful concoction, fill a glass with ice, add a measure of Captain Morgan® Original Rum, top it off with cranberry juice, and garnish with a lime wedge. Sip and savor the harmonious balance of flavors, making it the perfect choice for any occasion. Cheers to a simple yet satisfying libation!

Captain Morgan & Orange Juice

Captain Morgan & Orange Juice garnish with orange wedge.

Indulge in the captivating blend of Captain Morgan Dark Rum and orange juice, adorned with a vibrant slice of orange. The dark rum offers a rich and complex flavor profile of caramel, molasses, and subtle spices. The orange juice adds a bright, citrusy tang, perfectly complementing the rum’s depth with a burst of refreshing sweetness. When combined, the result is a harmonious symphony of flavors where the velvety smoothness of the dark rum intertwines with the zesty vibrancy of the orange juice. Savor this delightful blend and be transported to an oasis of tropical bliss. 

Captain Morgan & Pineapple Juice

Captain Morgan & Pineapple Juice

Indulge in the tropical harmony of Captain Morgan® Original Rum and luscious pineapple juice. This captivating combination showcases the rum’s smoothness with hints of caramel and vanilla, complemented by the vibrant sweetness and tang of pineapple juice. The flavors mingle and dance on the palate, creating a stimulating and tropical taste sensation that embodies the spirit of the Caribbean. Perfect for beach parties, summer gatherings, or any occasion that calls for a touch of tropical flair, the Captain Morgan & Pineapple Juice cocktail brings a taste of paradise to your glass. 

Captain Morgan & Club Soda

Captain Morgan & Club Soda

A drink that combines Captain Morgan & Club Soda features a blend of lemon, lime, sugar, ice cubes, spiced rum, and club soda. The lemon and lime add a zesty and citrusy tang, while the sugar adds a touch of sweetness to balance the flavors. Combined with the spiced rum and club soda, it creates a vibrant and invigorating drink. This drink is commonly served in a highball glass and offers a crisp and effervescent sensation on the palate. You’ll get a burst of citrus flavors with each sip, along with the subtle warmth of the spiced rum and sparkling club soda.

Captain Morgan & Cream Soda

Captain Morgan & Cream Soda

The Captain Morgan & Cream Soda drink combination is made with Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum and 7-Up soda, offering a unique twist compared to other traditional mixed drinks. The spiced rum infuses the beverage with its signature warmth and complexity, while the cream soda provides a creamy and sweet flavor profile, resulting in a delightful fusion of rich and indulgent tastes. Served cold, this cocktail delivers a refreshing and smooth experience. With each sip, you’ll encounter a harmonious blend of the spiced rum’s enticing notes accompanied by the creamy sweetness of the soda, creating a luscious and satisfying sensation that tantalizes the taste buds. Indulge in the rich and velvety flavors, and let the creamy sweetness take you on a blissful journey.

Captain Morgan & Tonic

Captain Morgan & Tonic on the ledge of a pier.

The Captain Morgan & Tonic combination brings together the distinctive flavor of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum with the crisp and effervescent tonic water. This delightful pairing offers a refreshing and invigorating experience. The spiced rum’s warm notes of vanilla and spices perfectly complement the bitterness and carbonation of the tonic water, resulting in a harmonious balance of flavors. To enjoy this drink, pour Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum over ice and top it off with tonic water. The resulting drink is best savored slowly, allowing the flavors to mingle and unfold with each sip. The Captain Morgan & Tonic is a favored choice for its ability to refresh and invigorate the palate, making it a versatile and enjoyable option for any occasion.

Captain Morgan & Grapefruit Juice

Captain Morgan & Grapefruit Juice garnish with grapefruit wedge.

The Captain Morgan & Grapefruit Juice combination is a tantalizing blend of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum, ginger beer, grapefruit soda, fresh lime juice. And a garnish of grapefruit wedges dipped in sugar and ground ginger. Each ingredient plays a crucial role in crafting this delightful drink. The spiced rum adds depth with its warm notes of vanilla and spices, while the ginger beer brings a spicy kick. The grapefruit soda and fresh lime juice contribute a vibrant citrus tang, perfectly balancing the flavors. Garnished with a sugar and ginger-coated grapefruit wedge, this drink is a visual and sensory delight. Sip and savor the harmonious fusion of flavors, transporting you to a realm of tropical bliss.

Captain Morgan & Ginger Beer

Captain Morgan & Ginger Beer and lime wedge.

The Captain Morgan & Ginger Beer combination offers a tantalizing taste experience, blending the smooth and rich Captain Morgan® Original Rum with the fiery kick of ginger beer. This delightful concoction is elevated with a squeeze of lime, adding a bright and citrusy tang. The rum’s depth, coupled with the spicy warmth of ginger beer and the refreshing burst of lime, creates a harmonious balance of flavors. Sip this invigorating drink and let the vibrant flavors transport you to sun-soaked shores and tropical bliss. Cheers to a truly satisfying and enjoyable experience!

Captain Morgan & Root Beer

Captain Morgan & Root Beer

The Captain Morgan & Root Beer combination is a simple and delightful cocktail that brings together the iconic flavors of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and the classic taste of IBC Root Beer. This combination is incredibly easy to serve, requiring just two ingredients poured over ice. The resulting drink offers a nostalgic and comforting flavor profile with the spiced rum’s warmth and the sweet and creamy notes of root beer. This cocktail is enjoyed by many and is a great choice for those who appreciate a hint of spice in their libations. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the Captain Morgan & Root Beer over ice for a delightful and satisfying treat.

A Captain Morgan with Ginger Ale, served in a highball glass on a contemporary wooden bar counter. The drink exudes a light, golden hue, indicating the smooth mix of spiced rum and the fizzy, spicy ginger ale. A slice of lime and a cinnamon stick garnish the drink, adding a touch of zest and warmth. The background features a modern bar setting with a laid-back vibe, ambient lighting, and a selection of high-end spirits, creating an inviting and casual atmosphere.

12 Two-Ingredient Captain Morgan Drink Recipes

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Check out this list of the best mixers for Captain Morgan and take your cocktails to the next level.


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Top 12 Captain Morgan Mixers to Try
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