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12 Most Popular Malibu Mixers to Try

I’m all about keeping it simple and fun when it comes to drinks, especially with Malibu rum. These two-ingredient Malibu Mixers are perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a beach party, a chill session by the pool, or just kicking back after work. The simplicity of mixing coconut rum with one other ingredient brings out a taste that’s hard to beat, offering a quick and effortless way to enjoy those tropical vibes. For those who love a laid-back mixology vibe and the taste of summer, this roundup of drinks is spot-on. You’ll love these easy, flavorful options for your next gathering.

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Malibu & Pineapple Juice

Delicious pineapple juice in glass on white wooden table

Indulge in a taste of the tropics with this classic combination. The luscious sweetness of pineapple juice perfectly complements the smooth coconut flavor of Malibu rum. Sip this delightful concoction poolside, and let the soothing blend whisk you away to a beachfront paradise. The vibrant yellow hue and tropical aroma will transport you to your happy place, where worries melt away and relaxation takes center stage. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself dreaming of swaying palm trees and gentle ocean breezes. Cheers to a tropical escape in a glass!

Malibu & Orange Juice

Fresh orange juice

Tangy and tropical, the pairing of Malibu rum and orange juice creates a delightful symphony of flavors. The zesty citrus notes of the orange juice dance harmoniously with the creamy coconut essence of Malibu, delivering a enlivening burst of sunshine with every sip. This invigorating combination is the perfect pick-me-up for brunch gatherings or lazy Sunday afternoons. Close your eyes, take a sip, and let the vibrant flavors transport you to a sunny oasis. Embrace the zest for life and let this cocktail awaken your taste buds with a burst of tropical bliss.

Malibu & Lemonade

Traditional lemonade with lemon, mint and ice in a glass with metal straw on a gray concrete background.

When life gives you lemons, make a sensational cocktail! The marriage of Malibu rum and lemonade is a match made in mixology heaven. The crisp tartness of lemonade melds flawlessly with the smooth, creamy undertones of coconut, creating a tantalizing blend of sweet and sour. This pleasant drink is ideal for picnics, backyard barbecues, or any occasion that calls for a burst of vibrant flavor. Savor the invigorating tang and the hints of tropical paradise with every sip. Raise your glass and let this vibrant elixir transport you to a world of pure quenching and relaxation.

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Malibu & Coconut Water

organic coconut water in a glass jar with tubule on natural background

Quench your thirst and revitalize your senses with the harmonious union of Malibu rum and coconut water. This hydrating and rejuvenating concoction offers a delightful twist on the traditional tropical cocktail. The pure, revitalizing taste of coconut water perfectly complements the smooth, tropical flavors of Malibu. Resulting in a crisp and invigorating elixir that’s perfect for hot summer days or post-workout pick-me-ups. With every sip, you’ll be transported to a serene beachfront, feeling the cool ocean breeze on your face. Embrace the natural goodness and treat yourself to a revitalizing journey through paradise.

Malibu & Lemon Lime Soda

Plastic bottle of 7UP lemonade soda drink with fresh lemons and limes.

Elevate your taste buds with the fizzy fusion of Malibu rum and lemon-lime soda. The vibrant citrus flavors of the soda enhance the creamy coconut essence of Malibu, creating a harmonious symphony of taste sensations. This sparkling delight is an ideal choice for casual gatherings, where you can effortlessly impress your guests with its bubbly allure. Take a sip, and the tingling bubbles will awaken your senses, transporting you to a sunny beachside retreat. Embrace the fizz, embrace the fun, and let this lively drink elevate your spirits.

Malibu & Tonic

tonic water

Add a twist of sophistication to your cocktail repertoire with the refined pairing of Malibu rum and tonic water. This elegant concoction takes the tropical essence of Malibu and infuses it with the crisp, bitter notes of tonic water. The result is a refreshingly sophisticated drink that’s perfect for evenings of leisure or intimate gatherings. Sip this refined elixir, and let the subtle flavors transport you to a moonlit beach, where tranquility and sophistication coexist. Embrace the elegance and indulge in this effortlessly chic concoction that’s sure to impress even the most discerning palates.

Malibu & Cranberry Juice

glass of cranberry juice with cranberries

Tantalize your taste buds with the vibrant Malibu & Cranberry Juice: Tantalize your taste buds with the vibrant fusion of Malibu rum and cranberry juice. This delightful combination strikes the perfect balance between sweet and tart, as the fruity tartness of cranberry juice harmonizes flawlessly with the smooth coconut undertones of Malibu. The result is a drink that’s as visually appealing as it is delicious—a deep ruby hue that captures the essence of indulgence. Sip this tantalizing elixir during lively gatherings or intimate evenings, and let the flavors transport you to a world where tropical charm meets a playful twist. Embrace the vibrant allure and discover why this cocktail is a beloved favorite.

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Malibu & Grapefruit Juice

grapefruit juice

Prepare to be invigorated by the invigorating fusion of Malibu rum and grapefruit juice. The bright, tangy flavors of grapefruit blend harmoniously with the tropical undertones of Malibu, creating a zesty and soothing concoction that tantalizes the senses. This citrus-infused elixir is perfect for sunny afternoons or as a pre-dinner aperitif, awakening the palate and setting the stage for a memorable dining experience. Savor the invigorating burst of flavor and let the citrusy goodness transport you to a sun-drenched orchard, where the vibrant flavors of nature envelop you. Raise your glass and embrace the zest!

Malibu & Ginger Beer

the ginger beer cocktails recipe

Spice up your cocktail repertoire with the enticing combination of Malibu rum and ginger beer. This unexpected twist on a tropical favorite brings together the smooth coconut notes of Malibu with the fiery kick of ginger beer. The result is a dynamic and invigorating drink that’s perfect for those who crave a little adventure. Sip this concoction during lively gatherings or when you’re in the mood for a bold and invigorating drink. Let the harmonious blend of flavors transport you to a place where tropical paradise meets a tantalizing hint of spice. Embrace the unexpected and ignite your taste buds with this captivating creation.

Malibu & Club Soda

glasses of club soda on the table

Experience the epitome of simplicity and elegance with the effortless combination of Malibu rum and club soda. This clean and crisp drink allows the smooth coconut flavors of Malibu to shine, while the sparkle of club soda adds a touch of sparkle to every sip. Perfect for those who appreciate the purity of flavors, this understated drink is a delightful choice for any occasion. Sip it during casual gatherings or unwind with it after a long day, and let the simplicity of the drink transport you to a place of pure relaxation. Embrace the uncomplicated beauty and toast to the art of simplicity.

Malibu & Coke

fresh cocktails with coke, ice, and lime

Take a walk on the wild side with the bold and spirited pairing of Malibu rum and cola. This classic combination adds a tropical twist to the beloved cola, as the smooth coconut essence of Malibu enhances the rich and caramel notes of the soda. The result is a drink that’s familiar yet exotic, perfect for those who seek a touch of adventure in their drinks. Sip it during lively parties or when you’re in the mood for a bold and indulgent treat. Let the flavors dance on your palate, and allow the tropical vibes to transport you to a place of unapologetic enjoyment.

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Malibu & Red Bull

red bull aluminum cans in freezer with ice cubes

Ignite your senses and unleash your energy with the electrifying fusion of Malibu rum and Red Bull. This vibrant combination infuses the tropical flavors of Malibu with the energizing kick of the famous energy drink. Perfect for late-night escapades or when you need an extra boost, this cocktail delivers a thrilling blend of flavors and invigorating sensations. Sip it during lively parties or when you want to embrace the night’s energy. Let the synergy of flavors and the stimulating effects elevate your experience and transport you to a realm where the dancefloor pulses with excitement and the night is filled with possibilities

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A Malibu with Pineapple Juice cocktail, served in a tall, slender glass. The drink is set against a tropical, beach-themed backdrop, with clear blue skies and palm trees. The vibrant yellow of the pineapple juice contrasts beautifully with the white of the Malibu rum, and the glass is garnished with a slice of pineapple and a small umbrella, adding to the summery, vacation vibe of the scene.

12 Two-Ingredient Malibu Drink Recipes

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Discover the best drinks to mix with Malibu for a refreshing and tropical taste.


  • Malibu & Pineapple Juice
  • Malibu & Orange Juice
  • Malibu & Lemonade
  • Malibu & Coconut Water
  • Malibu & Lemon Lime Soda
  • Malibu & Tonic
  • Malibu & Cranberry Juice
  • Malibu & Grapefruit Juice
  • Malibu & Ginger Beer
  • Malibu & Club Soda
  • Malibu & Coke
  • Malibu & Red Bull


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12 Most Popular Malibu Mixers to Try
Please drink responsibly, be fully accountable with your alcohol consumption, and show others respect.

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