Top 4 Bahamas Rum Brands to Try

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Welcome to the Bahamas, where the vibrant spirit of the Caribbean comes alive in every bottle of rum. Whether you’re a seasoned rum enthusiast or a curious adventurer seeking a taste of paradise, these brands offer a delightful journey through the flavors and traditions of the Bahamas.

Picture yourself sipping on a smooth, tropical-infused concoction, or perhaps a bold, rich blend that transports you to the sun-soaked shores. From beachside bonfires to laid-back gatherings with friends, these rum brands are perfect for anyone looking to infuse their moments with a touch of island charm. So, grab your glass, kick back, and let the allure of Bahamian rum whisk you away to a world of relaxation and pure enjoyment.

John Watling’s Rum

John Watling's Rum

Situated in the heart of Nassau, John Watling’s Distillery produces a collection of premium rums that pay tribute to the islands’ storied past. Crafting each spirit with painstaking care, John Watling’s flagship offerings include Amber, Buena Vista, and Pale rums. Aged in white oak barrels, these rums boast a smooth, well-rounded flavor that reflects the warmth and spirit of the Bahamas. With a keen focus on quality and tradition, John Watling’s Rum has quickly become a favorite among both locals and visitors alike.

Ron Ricardo Rum

Ron Ricardo Rum

Born from the Bahamas Distillery Company, Ron Ricardo Rum has established itself as a purveyor of fine spirits with a diverse range of offerings. From Silver and Gold to Coconut and Spiced, each variation is designed to cater to different palates and preferences. Ron Ricardo rums are celebrated for their smoothness and refined taste, making them the perfect choice for sipping straight or mixing in cocktails. A true Bahamian treasure, Ron Ricardo brings a touch of island spirit to every glass.

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Ole Nassau Rum

Ole Nassau Rum

A tribute to the island’s capital city, Ole Nassau Rum is renowned for its rich flavor and exceptional quality. Produced using locally-sourced sugarcane and aged in oak barrels, this rum embodies the essence of the Bahamas in every sip. Available in a variety of expressions, including Gold, Light, and Coconut, Ole Nassau’s rums are perfect for savoring on their own or adding a Bahamian twist to classic cocktails. Experience the taste of the islands with Ole Nassau Rum.

Don Lorenzo Rum

Don Lorenzo Rum

Named in honor of the founder’s grandfather, Don Lorenzo Rum is a testament to the time-honored traditions of Bahamian rum-making. Distilled in small batches, this rum is aged for a minimum of five years, resulting in a smooth, full-bodied spirit with a distinctive character. The brand offers both a dark and spiced rum, providing an exceptional choice for those looking to explore the depth of Bahamian flavors. Don Lorenzo Rum is a must-try for anyone seeking an authentic taste of the Bahamas.

Please drink responsibly, be fully accountable with your alcohol consumption, and show others respect.

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