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Mary Pickford Cocktail

The Mary Pickford is as legendary as the Hollywood starlet who inspired the concoction.

Fresh cocktail glass on glass table in night club restaurant. Alcohol cocktail drink, close-up. Retro alcoholic beverage

The original “America’s Sweetheart,” Pickford couldn’t have been a more fitting namesake for this sweet and playful drink. Emerging from Cuba in the early 1920s, the Mary Pickford remains a classic cocktail today.

History of the Mary Pickford Cocktail

Prohibition-era Havana saw a flood of American bartenders who suddenly found themselves without jobs in the U.S. after January 17, 1920. It was out of this scene that several famous classic cocktails emerged, including the Mary Pickford. 

The origin story of the cocktail named in Mary Pickford’s honor is somewhat fuzzy. It starts at the Hotel Nacional in 1920’s Havana.

The drink was conceived, allegedly, by American ex-patriot bartender Eddie Woelke (also credited as the creator of the El Presidente cocktail) and English-born Fred Kaufman. Whether one or the other was more or less responsible for the creation is a point of debate.

As far as Miss Pickford’s involvement, this too is unclear. Legend has it that she and Fairbanks were in Havana shooting a movie together. Some accounts place Charlie Chaplin there as well, the three frequenting the bar at the Hotel Nacional. It was there that the fruity, pink Martini first came to be. 

There are several variations on this story questioning the precise location where the cocktail was first poured, whether Chaplin was present, and which of the two bartenders deserves more credit. 

A recent in-depth Vanity Fair article debunks many of the essential details of the story. Most significantly, whether or not Pickford and Fairbanks were even present when the drink was created. Whatever the origin, the Mary Pickford is a tribute to The Girl With The Curls – one of her several nicknames.   

How to Make a Mary Pickford Cocktail

The recipe for the Mary Pickford was first printed in Basil Woon’s book When It’s Cocktail Time in Cuba, 1928. The modern version is light and sweet with a bit of a kick. It has evolved but remains true to its Caribbean origin.

Fresh cocktail glass on glass table in night club restaurant. Alcohol cocktail drink, close-up. Retro alcoholic beverage

Mary Pickford

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

As recorded in Woon’s 1928 Book, the original recipe calls for two parts pineapple juice, 1 part rum, and a teaspoon of grenadine.

The balanced ratio of rum and juice and the addition of maraschino liqueur took place in years since. 


  • 1 ½ oz White Rum
  • 1 ½ oz Pineapple Juice
  • 1 tsp Grenadine
  • Dash of Maraschino liqueur
  • 1 Maraschino Cherry Garnish


  1. Combine all the ingredients except for the cherry into a cocktail shaker. Add ice.
  2. Shake vigorously and strain up in a coupe glass
  3. Garnish with the maraschino cherry

Did you make this recipe?

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For a more authentic take, some bartenders recommend using fresh pineapple juice or muddled chunks, homemade grenadine, Luxardo cocktail cherries, and a premium white rum (the recipe highlights the flavor of the rum rather than masking it). 

No matter how you make it, a Mary Pickford is always a great choice!

Mary Pickford Cocktail
Please drink responsibly, be fully accountable with your alcohol consumption, and show others respect.

Written by Paul Kushner

I have always had a deep interest in the restaurant and bar industry. My restaurant experience began in 1997 at the age of 14 as a bus boy. By the time I turned 17 I was serving tables, and by 19 I was bartending/bar managing 6-7 nights a week.

In 2012, after a decade and a half of learning all facets of the industry, I opened my first restaurant/bar. In 2015, a second location followed, the latter being featured on The Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

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