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10 Must-Try Pastis Cocktails We Recommend

Welcome to the delightful world of pastis cocktails, where the aromatic blend of anise and other herbs creates a truly unique drinking experience. Best enjoyed on a warm summer day, these cocktails offer a refreshing and invigorating taste that’s sure to tantalize your palate.

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Whether you’re a seasoned mixologist or simply someone who appreciates a well-crafted drink, the allure of pastis cocktails is undeniable. With their versatile nature, these cocktails appeal to those who seek a balance of herbal, sweet, and slightly licorice-like notes in their beverages. So, grab your shaker and let’s explore the art of mixing up these delightful concoctions!

Celtic Frappé

The Celtic Frappé

This crowd-pleasing cocktail combines the herbal richness of pastis with a cooling sensation. Its flavor is bold, herbaceous, and alluring, with a touch of mint that adds an enlivening twist. Enjoy it on a warm summer day, sipping it slowly to fully appreciate its exhilarating character. Celtic Frappé is made with pastis and crushed ice, offering a unique way to savor the beloved French apéritif.
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Pastis Whisky Sour

The Pastis Whisky Sour

The Pastis Whisky Sour is a delightful fusion of robust whisky and the herbal complexity of pastis. Its flavor is bold, smoky, and subtly sweet, creating a harmonious balance. Savor its rich notes of anise, caramel, and citrus, enhanced by the velvety texture of egg white. Best enjoyed as a pre-dinner treat, this cocktail brings together the best of both worlds – the sophistication of whisky and the distinctive character of pastis.
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Watermelon Pastis

The Watermelon Pastis

This vibrant cocktail is a delightful mix of sweet watermelon and the herbal allure of pastis. Its flavor is juicy, fruity, and subtly licorice-infused, offering a playful and stimulating taste experience. Sip it poolside on a sunny day, allowing the watermelon’s natural sweetness to dance on your palate. Watermelon Pastis combines the vibrant essence of summer fruit with the traditional charm of pastis, creating a truly unique and enticing drink.
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French Pearl

The French Pearl

The French Pearl is an elegant cocktail that showcases the delicate flavors of pastis and absinthe. Its flavor is anise-forward, herbaceous, and mysteriously complex, with hints of wormwood and fennel. Sip it slowly after a meal, allowing its lingering, bittersweet notes to unfold. The combination of pastis and absinthe in the French Pearl creates an alluring blend of flavors, evoking the opulence and intrigue of vintage France.
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Sweet pastis Niçois cocktail

The Sweet pastis Niçois cocktail

This delightful concoction is a tribute to the enchanting city of Nice. Its flavor is sweet, citrusy, and subtly anise-infused, reminiscent of a Mediterranean breeze. Sip it leisurely during a sunset stroll along the promenade, letting the flavors transport you to the French Riviera. The Sweet Pastis Niçois Cocktail combines the sweetness of orange liqueur with the herbal charm of pastis, resulting in a delightful fusion of Mediterranean flavors.
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Mauresque Cocktail

The Mauresque Cocktail

The Mauresque Cocktail is a captivating blend of pastis and orgeat syrup. Its flavor is almond-forward, fragrant, and subtly anise-kissed, reminiscent of an indulgent dessert. Enjoy it in the late afternoon, taking in the ambiance of a lively café. The Mauresque Cocktail is a unique creation that combines the nutty sweetness of orgeat syrup with the iconic herbal notes of pastis, delivering a truly enchanting taste experience.
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The Ricard

Ricard is a beloved brand of pastis that encapsulates the authentic flavors of Provence. Its flavor is anise-forward, herbal, and subtly licorice-infused, creating a classic and timeless taste. Enjoy it as an apéritif, ideally with a splash of water to unlock its full aromatic potential. Ricard’s rich heritage and commitment to quality make it a go-to choice for pastis enthusiasts seeking an authentic and satisfying drink.
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Le Peruvien Pisco Cocktail

The Le Peruvien Pisco Cocktail

Le Peruvien Pisco Cocktail is a delightful blend of pisco, a Peruvian grape brandy, and the aromatic allure of pastis. Its flavor is grape-forward, herbaceous, and subtly anise-infused, offering a harmonious fusion of flavors. Sip it during a lively gathering, embracing the lively spirit of Peruvian culture. The combination of pisco and pastis in the Le Peruvien Pisco Cocktail showcases the versatility of both spirits, resulting in a captivating and unique cocktail.
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Color Me Dazzled

The Color Me Dazzled

Color Me Dazzled is a vibrant and playful cocktail that combines the sweet notes of cranberry juice with the herbal charm of pastis. Its flavor is fruity, tangy, and subtly anise-infused, creating a dazzling taste experience. Enjoy it during festive occasions or celebratory moments, allowing its vivid flavors to add a burst of joy to the festivities. Color Me Dazzled’s whimsical blend of cranberry and pastis makes it a truly dazzling choice for those seeking a vibrant and memorable drink.
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Millionaire Cocktail

The Millionaire Cocktail

The Millionaire Cocktail is a sophisticated blend of rum, apricot brandy, and the herbal allure of pastis. Its flavor is complex, rich, and subtly fruity, with hints of citrus and warm spices. Savor it in the evening, embracing the glamour of a lavish cocktail party. The Millionaire Cocktail’s opulent combination of rum, apricot brandy, and pastis elevates it to a luxurious drink that is sure to impress.
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A Pastis Cocktail served in a traditional, tall glass, symbolizing its French origin and anise-flavored profile. The drink should have a cloudy, pale color, characteristic of pastis mixed with water. A slice of lemon or a sprig of mint should garnish the glass, adding a touch of freshness and a hint of color contrast. The setting should be relaxed and Mediterranean-inspired, with the glass placed on an outdoor café table, evoking a sense of leisure and enjoyment. The background should be softly blurred, focusing the viewer's attention on the cocktail. Soft, ambient lighting should gently illuminate the drink, highlighting the unique, milky appearance and the casual elegance of the Pastis Cocktail.

10 Pastis Cocktail Recipes

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Savor the unique flavor of Pastis with 10 must-try cocktails!


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10 Must-Try Pastis Cocktails We Recommend
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